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Pony In Distress: 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe


“My little pony, my little pony, I comb and brush her hair. My little pony, my little pony, I tie a ribbon to show how much I care.”


“My little pony, my little pony, I take her wherever I go! My little pony, my little pony, Oh I love her so!” If you were around in the 1980s and remember that commercial for the children’s toy from Hasbro, then I gotcha. You may not be able to get that song-jingle out of your head for the rest of the day now.


But this little pony needs your help! It’s located in Hillsboro, Missouri, and is priced at just $650. No one can ever accuse us of not taking care of our budget-minded car enthusiasts here at Barn Finds. Something for everyone! It appears here on craigslist, and has the industry-standard photos to prove it. And if I had room for this car…oh, the heck with it! In how many posts have I said that? Maybe I should have my name changed to that. If I had unlimited funds, I’d own my own Western state and I’d fill it with old cars! I wouldn’t have to double-stack them for a few years. What’s that? Oh, yes, OK, back to this one.


The seller has it listed as a parts car, but the body on it looks relatively decent. As we all know, reproduction Mustang parts are cheap and easy to get. It has no title, and this will scare off many buyers who would otherwise love to have it. There will be lots of time spent removing surface rust, but to me, this car still looks do-able.


Here’s a photo of the inline 6 cylinder engine, which appears to have not been run in years. But with the simplicity of this one, it might take an hour or two to get it going again. This view is from the wrong angle, so maybe the hood hinges are missing. The red and white Missouri license plate visible on the front of the car, is 1980s vintage, so it would probably be reasonable to assume this car has been sitting that long. Which makes the start-up all that more interesting and rewarding.


Nobody said it wasn’t going to need some interior work. Be prepared to spend money like you mean it. And I’m not playin’ here. But the work is done to your standard, and you get to pick the color. So what do you say? Can you tie a ribbon in her hair to show how much you care? Is there room in your stable for this little pony?


  1. Red'sResto

    I have a thing for ’68 Fastbacks, and I’d save one in this condition. However, given the number of coupes available in much better shape I don’t think this one is worth the effort, especially considering that it’s a straight 6. The Fastback I have appeared to be in better shape but was a mess of rust once we had it all apart. I have a feeling this one would be the same. It’s amazing how much water gets into these cars.

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  2. grant

    We know WAY too much about you now, Marty.

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  3. kuzspike

    I had a 68 6-cyl. auto Mustang coupe that I passed my first drivers test in. It was Brittany blue. I dont seem to remember the motor in mine to have been painted yellow like this one.

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  4. JW

    Well if the under carriage is in as decent shape as the rest of the body this could be a nice father/son/daughter project for their first car. It’s cheap enough and swapmeets are full of parts for these along with Mustang vendors catalogs. I did a 67 coupe 6 banger for my wife back in the 80’s and replaced most of the sheetmetal but the drivetrain was great but after paying the bodyshop it’s final cost to me with my interior work was 10K. It was beautiful blue with black interior and she was happy as can be said. This one featured may not cost that much if it runs / shifts / stops with a little work but sitting where it is I would worry about those framerails and floors.

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  5. Don

    What no P word

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  6. Everett Lanier Member

    I got my license in a Mustang like that in 68!

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  7. Ags290 Member

    The yellow valve covers were on 1960’s Mercurys with inline sixes.

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  8. Mike Williams

    that Mustang is beyond help.

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  9. David Miraglia

    my brother owns a 1968 fully restored. This would make a excellent parts car.

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  10. Brad

    The valve covers would be orange if I am not mistaken – at least they were in the earlier Mustangs

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  11. Brad

    I stand corrected… Ford Blue

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