Porch Find: 1968 Porsche 912 Project

It’s amazing what a good set of wheels can do for an otherwise poorly represented car on craigslist. This 1968 Porsche 912 appears to be parked on a porch, with no engine and no mention of whether it’s a complete rust bucket underneath. The seller is asking $10K and I have to admit, the cool period gold mesh wheels make me want it. Find the 912 here on craigslist, located somewhere in the vicinity of Austin.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F. for the find. Details are scarce in the listing, but I have to hope the Texas location means the 912 remains dry underneath. No word on whether the paint remains original, but the air vents inboard of the turn signals look to have been painted over when they should have exposed chrome around the edges. The parking location is curious, as it really does look like the 912 has been left on the porch or deck.

This is the only other picture provided, which reinforces there’s no motor. With the aftermarket wheels already mounted, this 912 is begging for a mild restomod treatment, with a slightly worked motor and lowered suspension. Price-wise, this seems strong for a car with no motor, but rust-free rollers with the transmission and suspension still mounted are always worth a look when it comes to vintage 911s and 912s.


  1. Euromoto Member

    I literally just posted on BAT this comment for a ’69 black 912 in similar condition:

    “I bid a bagillion dollars because…well…Porsche, long-hood.”

    When will the madness end? $10k for this piece of crap?

    I’m done.

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  2. MotorWinder

    Once again, another great contribution for a reality TV show … those with money to burn …
    At least there could have been some interior pics to help bolster the big bucks for a shell : (

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  3. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff


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  4. H5mind

    I had to laugh when I read the title, because in the small town where I lived I was one of the few “porch” owners. Anyone who has owned either a 911 or 912 knows that engine and drivetrain is where the big bucks are; roller shells are maybe $5K for a nice one (which this one is not). But if you’re going to dream, dream big!

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  5. Brad

    He has a couple of different 2.7 engines for sale also.
    He posted those on a separate ad.

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  6. sluggo

    Car is outside my comfort zone, but always lusted after the road race versions over the years. (Sears Point, Laguna, PIR, SIR)
    But I just signed in to say I LOVE the old gold honey comb wheels. I got some for a GM bolt pattern and dont have a project that I will use them on, but couldnt pass them up at a swap meet for a great price. I enjoy looking at them, But it does say something to buy wheels and not have the car to put them on.
    (I used to have a 4 lug set on a 72 BMW 2002 years back)

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  7. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    At least the porch/deck kept the floorpans from touching the ground and possibly rusting into oblivion. Not sure these wheels are actually termed “honeycomb.”

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    • sluggo

      These style Gold mesh/Honey Comb BBS wheels look good on the right car IMHO,, However the “Snowflake” wheels on Trans Ams and such not so much, again, IMHO. Those are the terms people used around where I grew up. In the 1970s and 80s, there was the American Muscle car guys, and then there was the early versions of the Asian cars. Then there was the guys into European imports. I liked all of them to a degree. I like the road race look on the imports and these wheels are common on many road race type cars. Even seen them used on road race Corvettes and Camaros at PIR, SIR, Sears Point. SCCA trans Am series,, (The gold chain comment is just harsh) Heres a Merkur with the race versions (No Guidos in sight)

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      • Cranky Cobra Guy

        Yo, Tony! Just kidding, Sluggo! By the way, I also seem to recall the term “welded-wire” for this style of wheel, but maybe that was a different style. In any event, this Porsche is located in Austin, TX…we rural Texans refer to Austin as “305 square miles surrounded by reality.” Why has nobody posted comments about installing a Chevy 350 in this car?

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      • sluggo

        Speaking of Texas (and Oregon) Portland Oregon ripped off Austin Tx for their “Keep Portland(Austin) Weird!) slogan. I know some great bands/musicians that came from both, However the man bun hipsters that also populate both can get tiresome. I spent a year in Dallas area in early 1980s on delayed enlistment in the military. The rest of the country was deep in a recession but Texas had money to burn. I found it interesting the car culture in Texas. Millions of pickups and millions of those convertible Mercedes (And not ALL women driving the chick cars either!) But so many people moved to Texas for the economy there was a common bumper sticker…
        “Help Beautify Texas! Put a Yankee on the Bus!” Many people commented on my Oregon plates.

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  8. Cranky Cobra Guy

    Had a set of these gold bling BBS wheels on my ’84 Carrera…couldn’t wait to remove them to install a “proper” set of OEM Fuchs. Always thought when one purchased a set of this style wheels, whether it was for the Pontiac Trash Ams, BMWs, or Porsches, they came with free gold chains to wear around one’s neck.

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  9. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    Hmm. Your description “welded wires” actually refers to the company Weld. As in, these types of rims are called WELD (brand) WIRE (spoke wheels). Someone chime in to correct me. Sluggo, nice Merkur racer and love the big STROH on the door!

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