Potential Bargain? 1971 Jensen Interceptor

$9,000 seems like a fair shake for a Jensen Interceptor that isn’t a complete rust bucket. This example is a 1971 model that sports a Chrysler-built 383 and has a clean interior with seemingly all the major original details preserved. The seller says it is ready for restoration but doesn’t spell out what its immediate needs are; from a computer screen on the other side of the country, it looks fairly presentable as-is. The Jensen has been with its current owner since 1987 and is listed here on craigslist in Seattle.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco B. for the find. We have seen numerous Interceptors come across these pages in all manners of disrepair, with the most serious among them being cars with severe cancer. This example doesn’t appear to suffer from such issues, and most of the classics we see from the Pacific Northwest are delightfully well preserved, even if they bear the scars of regular use. The huge glass canopy over the rear hatch area shows no signs of cracks, and the chrome sections of the body all look perfectly usable as-is. The exhausts look to be aftermarket and likely sound great.

The cabin looks quite nice, aside from the tan carpets that show soiling. If this Jensen has been used semi-regularly since 1987, that’s not surprising, and hopefully a steam cleaner can get out most of the caked-in muck. The seats look quite nice, although the driver’s seat foam may be collapsing a bit. The large center console appears to be crack-free, like the dash and steering wheel. This generation of the Interceptor saw changes made to the interior to satisfy U.S. regulations, and air conditioning became optional on this second-generation model.

The engine bay looks tired, and the air cleaner has been removed. The listing is nicely descriptive of the Interceptor model in general but doesn’t highlight any known issues or whether the Jensen even runs. Given the asking price, I’d assume it doesn’t run, or at least doesn’t run well. The good news is that the next owner likely won’t have to worry about much in the way of cosmetic restoration, assuming the photos don’t lie about the car’s lack of rust. Those exhausts are dying to roar again, so hopefully, this Italian-styled, British-built, and American-powered cruiser will ride again.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Same guy with the ’61 Olds wagon.

  2. redwagon

    An automatic which kind of stinks and beige is not the most enticing of colors but the fact that this is the nicest non-rusty Jensen Interceptor I have ever seen makes it interesting. $9k doesn’t seem out of line – if it is as nice and drives as nicely as it looks.

  3. jerry z

    Body and interior look decent. Change the 383 to a 5.7/6.1/6.4 hemi with OD trans and this will be a blast to drive!

  4. cold340t


  5. jimmy the orphan

    The one on Bat. for 23k plus plus is the best one I’ve ever seen. later………………………………….JIMMY

  6. Del

    Bad advert.

    Running condition etc

    Not worth 10 grand if seller cannot even clean the carpets

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