Pristine 1973 Ford Bronco

1973 Ford Bronco

This stunning 1973 Ford Bronco still retains most of its original charm according to the seller. It is located in Monument, Colorado. The seller has an asking price of $45,900 for this 4×4. Sadly, this iconic SUV has no miles or VIN listed. The seller notes a website in the description, but it has no more details that the listing. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1973 Ford Bronco

One thing the seller does note is that the 302 cubic inch V8 is the original numbers matching engine to the truck. It has recently been rebuilt and it is connected to a three-speed automatic transmission. The seller claims that the truck is so original that a full restoration was not even a consideration. All the claims listed about the truck are said to be verified by a Marti report if that is something of importance.

1973 Ford Bronco

Inside, according to the listing, everything is original. If that is, in fact, true this truck is stunning and it is a wonder how and why it ended up on Craigslist. The sales tactics are quite shady and leave you wondering just enough to question the authenticity of things. It might be wise to pay this truck a visit in person before any exchange of money happens. Especially with the amount of funds that would be handed over.

1973 Ford Bronco

However, if everything does check out, this might be an incredible deal for an amazing truck. Considering the popularity of the 4×4 market right now, and other competitors to these trucks also commanding a high price for great examples, this truck can easily join those ranks. What do you think? Is there enough information for you to bite at this Bronco or are you backing off and letting someone else be braver?


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  1. TimS Member

    If I could ban the word “iconic” I would. Great color combo but I like bright colors. As happens every time something comes along in green, orange or yellow, someone will come along and say how he wishes it was black, gray or white.

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    • Freddie

      The one thing I don’t like is the color wish it was black, gray or white.

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    • CCFisher

      I don’t mind the use of the word “iconic,” but I don’t understand how likening a vehicle to those little images you click on your computer desktop is a positive thing.

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    • dave brennan

      Cd buy 5 (or more) good cars for that money!! Under hood paint looks thin and several different colors.

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  2. PaulG

    So we have a dealer posting a vehicle for 45+K on Craigslist under for sale by owner…too cheap to pay the fee.
    I’m a bit skeptical on this only because it’s a dealer who likely doesn’t know the true history.

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  3. Don H

    Blue spray can engine rebild🆒

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  4. Bob McK Member

    My goodness, are these things actually selling for that kind of money? It is really cool… Best to the new owner.

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  5. RayT Member

    I say resto, not original. Look at the carpet and engine. Neither would like like this unless they had spent the last 46 years in a nitrogen bubble.

    The seat inserts, on the other hand, look like they’re about to split at the seams, so they may be original.

    I like early Broncos, would dig to have one. But this is all the money in the world for such a car, and more. The color grabs me, though. Even if I think it’s a respray.

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  6. TimM

    This is a really nice example of this vehicle and the color is great!! Not a color seen a lot back then or now!! I still find it hard to believe that these sell for this kind of money!! Good looking truck!! Take that second mortgage!!!

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  7. AndyinMA

    This and the Toyota listed before it – crazy prices. I guess there is always someone that will pay.

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  8. jerry z

    Cleanest farm truck I’ve ever seen! Never left the barn? Doesn’t mention mileage, mmmmm…..

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  9. Todd Zuercher

    About the going rate for one of these units in such nice shape these days. Of course we need more pictures of all the rust prone areas to see if this one is as good as they say it is.

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  10. PeteMcGee

    Sharp looking rig. Color code 4 on the glovebox trim tag decodes to “Bright Lime”, though it looks more yellow here.

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  11. Paul Huffman

    SOLD for asking. Thanks for the great comments!

  12. Chris

    Yes have to agree 45k is steep price to pay though it is a nice truck from the pics. The B.J.& Mecum auctions are the reason the prices are as high as they are now. I’ve seen a few run through said auctions & sell as high as 90k crazy but if there are those who will pay these prices dont see them dropping any time soon.

  13. lbpa18

    As fads go, this is another. Ive had an original rust free 72 bronco since 75, uncut and original save wheels and tires. I like it as a maybe $15K truck. More than that just seems ridiculous even for this beautiful example. I know there are those who go to those auctions and pay those ridiculous prices but I cant believe they set the market price elsewhere. I can think of no other reason for this fad than wanting to be seen in it as a status symbol.

  14. chrlsful

    No not sold Paul (esp on CL) just “this item deleted by owner”.
    Don’t worry Ibpa the bronk just fell offa its pedestal (clime to the top model sales, and…ta da!…the Cherokee has it now). Least that’s the last car writer article on these BaT/BF type issues I seen…
    I’m starting to go dwn a generation frm me now (a new development). Stackin up the foxbody (2 dor & 4 dor, even that wagon) now B4 they raise in price. Puttin in bent 8, freshen up interiors, etc…
    Let me know if U see a wagon in the North East – just put an aol on the end of my name…

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