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Pristine First-Gen: 1987 Toyota 4Runner

I remember the old UPS slogan, “What can Brown do for you?” (apparently, damage packages and miss delivery dates) every time I see a vintage ride that looks like a rolling coffee bean. That’s not to say it was a particularly successful ad campaign, but it does remind me that vehicles wearing colors not seen very much anymore will always be an attention-grabber. That’s especially the case with this 1987 Toyota 4Runner, which has just over 60,000 original miles and appears to be in outstanding original condition, right down to the original graphics on the side and the accessory gauge cluster atop the dash. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $43,995 and the option to submit a best offer.

The 4Runner hails from the golden era of Toyota SUVs, built to withstand exceedingly high levels of abuse while offering bulletproof reliability. The 4Runner of this generation also featured the must-have removable top, which made this Radwood-friendly SUV even cooler. The 4Runner of this generation was well-suited for both off-road excursions and hauling the family to the beach, making it an incredibly versatile vehicle – and, you wouldn’t be afraid to use it as a daily driver, either. The fact that this truck doesn’t have obscenely low mileage like 25K and still looks this good is a testament to the owner(s) that clearly loved taking care of it.

We’ve seen plenty of vehicles with 60,000 miles look like they were left to the elements on the second day of ownership, and still others that were overall fine but clearly sporting the battle scars of daily use. This 4Runner looks like it never spent a day parked outside or a weekend where it wasn’t washed and waxed and parked in the shade. The cosmetics are incredibly nice, inside and out, and the interior really is pretty close to being a time-warp. The cloth, dash, carpets, and leather surfaces around the shifter are all in mint condition. And that three-pod gauge cluster up top? It still works, and it’s worth a bloody fortune to Toyota enthusiasts.

The engine in the 4Runner was never considered exotic, but it will run forever. The 22R engine is about as bulletproof as it gets, and with just a tick over 60,000 miles, it’s got a lot of living left to do. This 4Runner is optioned with the SR5 package along with chrome bumpers, cruise control, sport seats, cassette deck, chrome wheels, and more. This is the 4Runner you got if you asked the salesperson for one with every option box ticked off. The seller is asking for all the money for this one, but the option to submit a best offer usually means there’s some room for negotiation. What would you be willing to pay for this pristine 4Runner?


  1. Howard A Member

    Ha! The ding-a-ling that lives above me, has this exact truck. I’m simply amazed at what it must have looked like new, as it is a total POS now, with a piece of plywood for a back window BUT, he did buy it new( his 2nd ever vehicle) and has couple hundred grand on it. These 2 door 4 runners are very popular here. I bet there’s at least a dozen or more, just in town, most still being driven. I also had a 2 door, but a V6 that was really tired, but would love another, just not the guys upstairs. Oh,,,can’t forget the price,,they’re nuts, they can be had all day for $5g’s around here and almost as nice too.

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    • Rich

      Well said Howard. A neat old beautiful truck, very well taken care of. But agree 100% on the price. Am starting to think the entire country has covid brain. Reality is not just a concept folks but apparently common sense and reality do not always walk side by side these days. When folks pay this kind of money it encourages all the weasels to pay attention, and then we all end up with tons of crap on the market for insane asking prices. (until the money supply dries up.) As my Mom used to say, “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Someone will always come along and throw common sense out the window.

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      • Keenan

        Totally agree with your observation on covid brain. That’s what’s happening with 80 series Land Cruisers right now as well, lots of people looking to cash in heavily on what appears to be a rising tide. A 1997 80 series with 39k miles sold on BaT recently for $77,500. And it was from Ohio, so they had to take some black spray paint to the underside.

    • ace10

      Almost as nice as this one for $5K?


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      • Eric B

        I know….I always love reading these guy’s comments that are stuck in 2010 or even earlier.

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      • Howard A Member

        Good, because I go a heck of a lot farther back than 2010, before you were born, I’m sure. When I say “almost as good for $5g’s”, obviously they aren’t going to be this nice, but you want to spend this on a vehicle that is going to go downhill the minute you drive it, by all means, go right ahead. Just hope you don’t need a kidney someday, or your house burns to the ground, that the ins. co. denied claim for some reason, like in Bill’s case, but don’t worry, we still have that $44,000 Toyota 4 Runner,,,see how silly this all is?

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      • Eric B

        “Oh,,,can’t forget the price,,they’re nuts, they can be had all day for $5g’s around here and almost as nice too.”

        I’m not going to say it isn’t overpriced. But, you’re comment is the exact opposite end of the spectrum and further from realty.

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      • ace10

        “Almost as good”
        What an absolutely absurd metric.
        This is a #1 condition truck. Anything you see driving around will be a #3, at best.
        If you don’t like them, that’s you’re prerogative. But making absurd claims deserves to be called out.

  2. Bud Lee

    Best SUV or just vehicle ever made .

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  3. Frank Sumatra

    Is that price for a quantity of 5?

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    • Doug from MD.

      When these sold new you could have gotten 3 for the asking price now. Clean truck but no way would I pay the price. Good luck to the seller though.

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  4. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Wow, that is stiff but I guess if it’s your thing.

  5. Gunner

    Super nice example of a first generation. I sold my very nice 87 SR5 last year for $6500 and was very happy with it, especially since it was a automatic. There was just not enough power. I have seen examples like this one for sale for in the $12-15K range this past year. His price to me says “it is for sale, but I really don’t want to sell it, and just want to show it off”. Best of luck in any case. The year to own is a ’85, which was the first year of fuel injection, and the last year for the solid axle.

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    • stu

      He is just fishing to see if he gets a sucker….way to steep…

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  6. ace10

    Not the most desirable year or color, but the condition appears to be outstanding.

    Probably mid $30s is where she needs to be in order to find a new home.

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  7. rex m Member

    Have an 85 that needs restoration…

  8. terra nova

    @Howard A – If you can buy dead stock, “almost as nice” 4Runners of this vintage “all day” for five grand, please let us know what forgotten corner of the planet you live on… better yet, please post a couple of them.

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  9. John

    Don’t care about the truck, Jeff, but your comment about UPS is right on. That is one outfit that has declined, I think because of the quality of their new driver hires. Some of these kids just don’t care.

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  10. Steve Clinton

    I always thought these looked like a badly executed pick-up conversion. The later models were 100% better looking!

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    • Rich

      Agree 100% Steve. These look like the early attempts to provide transportation to members of the Taliban. Just take off the top in back to mount your machine gun, or rocket launcher…

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  11. Mood-O

    Looks to be in fine condition.
    As for the asking price, just what it is…
    Asking and Dreamin is free also!
    UPS lost their way when it went Public…
    Kinda like what’s goin on in the world today folks
    Follow the money
    BTW my brother just retired a couple years ago from “Big Brown” and is glad he’s out…
    Diesel wrench for 30+ years

  12. Rod Plapp

    I had a blue1986 bought new for $11,000 in the DLX non SR5 package so that price seems a bit much.

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