Pristine SR5 with 501K Miles! 1988 Toyota Pickup

I had to double-check my screen when seeing this super clean 1988 Toyota Pickup has over 500,000 miles on the clock. The seller says not to be nervous about that mileage, however, as he has effectively rebuilt any major mechanical systems that may be affected by such a monstrous odometer reading. While not mentioning anything about a repaint, the cosmetics look shockingly good for the mileage. Find it here on eBay with bids to $6,600 and the reserve unmet.

It’s amazing to see a bid amount that high for a vehicle with some serious mileage under its tires. But this is a Toyota from one of their golden eras of over-engineering, and the seller points out how he is the original owner of a truck purchased upon his completion of grad school. This means the truck comes with extensive maintenance documentation, including all of the work he’s overseen to reach this impressive mileage – such as an engine rebuild 75K miles ago.

The seller notes that while he has made it a goal to use OEM Toyota replacement parts whenever possible, there are still some aftermarket modifications to disclose – but he contends these are features Toyota would have incorporated themselves at the time. This includes a Smittybilt padded role cage, heavy duty bumpers, period-correct IPF off-road projector lights, and more. Despite the off-road friendly equipment, the seller contends it’s never been based over rocks.

Despite not being a rock-crawler, the seller still opted to add ARB lockers front and rear while the rear end was rebuilt. As mentioned, the engine was rebuilt, and with just 75,000 miles of use since then, the rebuild may as well have been completed yesterday by Toyota’s standards. Finding a vintage Toyota truck with huge mileage is not hard; finding one that’s still with the original owner, and that has been carefully upgraded and preserved over time, is.


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  1. nycbjr Member

    Woah half a million miles!! Looks great wow.

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  2. Stangalang

    Looks great …mileage is almost unbelievable the owner obviously babies this truck

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  3. Ralph

    This is a good example of why to be careful when you see some great classics with LOW MILES. As you can see here, this Toyota looks like a 20,000-mile vehicle when in fact, it’s 500,000. Some are legit low mile classics but this Toyota sure shows how low mileage claims can be untrue.

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  4. sparkster

    always interesting that they mentioned that no “rock crawling” was ever done in this truck, yet, they have taken the time to install a roll cage ?

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  5. fred W

    Only a Toyota could wear 500K miles as a badge of honor!

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  6. Rx-7 TurboII

    Marty McFly would be proud!
    ( I pray you all get that joke! ) lol

    But seriously, that’s one heck of a good looking 500k mile truck! Love it❤

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  7. Bob C.

    A true testimony to Toyota. Best vehicles on the planet.

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  8. bob

    Looks can be deceiving. 500k miles is still big time miles and there are alot of wear out parts on a 4×4 that will still need to be replaced. Owner sez don’t worry about, that’s a good one. Might be an ok buy at maybe a third of asking price but even then that’s a maybe. Sorry, I vote buyer beware.

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  9. Billy

    Pretty amazing to get 425k on a V6 before a rebuild. Didn’t those early V6s eat head gaskets?

    Would not be one bit out of the ordinary for the 22r 4 cyl however.

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  10. Car Nut Tacoma

    Wow! 500k original miles on a Toyota! Impressive that it’s still in pristine condition! Who would’ve thunk! But then Toyotas do have a reputation of lasting a long time, with careful maintenance and even more careful driving habits. Hopefully the new buyer takes even better care, so that it’ll reach 1,000,000 miles! We look forward to hearing about it. :)

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  11. Icee3

    They did not come with a 6 only with a 22re motor. I have had a number of 80’s Toyota trucks and taken care of they can easily do 500K. The only problem I have with these trucks is they get stolen. ( yep, I even had one chained to the ground) .

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I could be mistaken, but I don’t think they came with a V6 for the truck until 1990 or 1991.

      • Burger

        You are mistaken. They were available with the V6. Not sure when it was first offered (right about this time), but I have seen quite a few trucks and Forerunners equipped with them. I only know this because I am always a disappointed when found in wrecking yards, because they lack the parts I want for the 22r.

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      • Billy

        I had an ‘89 long bed and it had the V6.

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  12. Burger

    I have well north of 400K on my 86 and with decent maintenance, it will keep going forever. Yes, the 6 was problematic, but the 22r is a very solid and reliable design. The only real predictable weak point is the head, that could use a heavier deck. The good news is such a head is readily available in the aftermarket and pretty much kills that problem of warping/blowing head gaskets.
    I’ll be under the hood in 200 miles to do a routine check of head bolt torques and valve lash.

    My biggest gripe about this truck, and this includes ANY post-1970 vehicle, is all the unnecessary plumbing for “smog”. Once mine fell off the age requirement for emissions testing, I yarded a shopping cart worth of BS off the the engine, and it now gets 25% better fuel economy and goes like a scalded dog, compared to before. I love this truck and am buying up dead ones for parts to ensure I can drive this until I die.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      That’s what it takes for a car to still be running for over 500k miles. Whether you drive a Toyota, or a Nissan, or Mitsubishi, etc.

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  13. Billy

    @Icee3 – the listing photos clearly show it’s a V6.

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  14. Stevieg

    When I had my little used car lot, I always drove the vehicle with the highest miles off the lot. High mile vehicles tend to be better maintained than low mile vehicles, & often are highway driven. Highway driving is the easiest miles there are on a vehicle.
    I would much rather have this truck than the exact same truck as a 5,000 mile “creampuff”.
    Nice truck!

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  15. Bob McK Member

    I wonder why the original owner would ever sell this. Owned since new with half a million miles. He should keep it forever just for bragging rights.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I agree. If it still runs and drives, why not keep it?

  16. Stevieg

    I agree Bob. That’s what I would do!

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  17. Bakyrdhero

    Seller states he’s owned it for 32 years and is selling because he has too many vehicles and refuses to put this one out in the elements.
    Auction ended at $6,600 with the reserve not met. I wonder how much he/she wants?

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      $6,600 sounds like a good price. You can still afford to have the vehicle inspected, to make sure everything works like they should.

  18. Burger

    Google “84-88 Toyota Hilux Pickup” and see what these are selling for. $6600 is 1/3 what similar condition trucks are selling for. It does have the disadvantage of the V-6, but still ….

    You can find “beater” examples like mine, … non-creampuff trucks that get used, for 6-12K, but one should not expect to find a pampered example for anything under 12-15K, unless someone sells theirs, unaware of current market values.

    These were the last REALLY good Toyota trucks. Perhaps better stated, they were the pinnacle of Toyota’s small truck evolution. And while good trucks followed, by degrees they became more and more complicated, and less and less user/maintenance friendly as time went on. They are not making them anymore, and if a person wants a nice one, the supply is only getting smaller.
    I bought mine in 2007 for $1700, needing everything. Going through the mechanicals and doing a full body and paint job, I was down $4500, which was the going rate then for a nice one. Wish I could find them for money like that now!

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