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Project 1957 Triumph TR3 Barn Find


The owner of this 1957 Triumph TR3 is no longer able to store the car in the barn it is currently parked in, as a result they are having to sell the car. They are offering it here on eBay without a reserve. It is going to be a big project, but if bidding doesn’t go crazy it could make for a fun project.


It appears this TR3 is complete, but it will need to be restored. The floors are rusted through and will need to be replaced. However, the body looks straight and solid. The seller claims the motor turns freely, but that’s all the information they offer about the mechanical condition of the car. While this TR3 is interesting, I want to know more about the Porsche in the background and what’s going to happen to it.


Besides having the TR3 and the Porsche, they also have two 1970 Triumph GT6s. They are selling the GT6s as a package deal with both cars and all the extra parts they have. They are also being offered without a reserve and can be found here on eBay. This could be a great chance to pick up a Triumph or two for a summer project. Anyone ambitious enough to take on all three?


  1. Robert J

    TR3’s on Ebay always go for a very high sale price at the end…Watch this one climb and climb.

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  2. Michael Rogers

    Big project HUH? Looks whole and even if the engine is duff, parts are plentiful and the drive train is very strong! The car has a frame so the floors aren’t critical so anyone with with a
    $100 Harbor freight welder can replace them.
    Anyone that can read and reliably tell which end of a screwdriver to hold onto can deal with these simple cars!

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  3. Blind marc

    My mother had a GT6 same color as the one pictured, except with wire wheels. Would love to have them.

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  4. fred

    looks like a tr 2

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    • John

      it is a TR-2

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    • paul

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing , small mouth.
      It is hard to see these pictures are dark, I’m not sure if this is better or worse then the Bug Eye from the other day, for sure the Bug Eye had some rust thru , but you don’t know if this had any of the same issues.

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    • Jesse Mortensen

      The early TR3s did have the small-mouth grill, but now that you mention it, it does look more like a TR2…

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  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I would be interested to know more about the 911, 912?, in the background. I owned 1 Triumph, ’70 Spitfire(it did), 71 MGBGT, 70 Midget, and have had enough with the electrics to last me a lifetime.

    Know why the English drink warm beer? Lucas refrigerators.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Agree with Jesse—the early TR3 had the small mouth.

    Not the best listing for the car, unfortunately. Not clear when the car needs to be out of the barn (“no later than the last day in April”, or “with in 2 weeks of auction close” ).

    A bigger problem might be the title question (“Original Invoice & Title from new. You will get A Bill of Sale from me – the Title was not submitted because I wanted to keep the original!”). Does a title come with the car, or is the seller going to keep it?

    Has a new Diehard battery, so someone must have tried to start the engine, but the description says “I was told it runs without smoke…but I am not making that representation.” Engine condition is not clear.

    Pics show lots of rust, with lots of work and interior parts required.

    Bottom line, I would spend more now for a decent driver, and be happier sooner, and for less money overall.

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  7. Bernie H

    Hey, I have a nearly new “square hole” radiator for this car, CHEAP!. Its been lying around my shop for a few years and I dont have any Truimphs. Fire sale deal to someone.

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  8. Richard V

    Hmmm… Looks like I see an overdrive transmission for the GT6. They were interesting cars, not my favorite. They are basically an upgraded Spitfire, the most “rattley” car to come across the pond. They were fun to drive but there was always a feeling of insecurity in their construction.

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    • paul

      I had a 69 Spit, drove the crap out of it, while my friend had a 69 GT6 that every time he dumped the clutch he would tear out more of the chassis or the donuts or something else because the factory didn’t beef up anything for the added torque of a 6. I had the better deal.

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  9. Tricky Dickie Member

    The warm beer thing has always been misunderstood about English beer, and the rest of Europe for that matter. Its always COOL but not ice cold as are American beers, and not as heavily carbonated so it does go down more easily. Ask a European traveling in the USA…..they don’t like American beers.

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  10. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Sold for $4,305.

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