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Project GTI Arrives in Florida


You may have noticed that I have been MIA for a while now. The task of moving is very much like that of a restoration. It always takes longer and costs more than you originally anticipated. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, so I wanted to get everyone caught up on some important news. If you have been following the site then you know that we sold our GTI project back in February. It went to one of our readers in Florida. His name is Doug M and he was kind enough to send a photo from when it arrived a few weeks ago. He was happy with the car and is going to keep us updated on his progress. We are all excited to see what becomes of the little lil’ black beast! Thanks Doug!


  1. Mark E

    Good luck Doug! Keep the flame burning!!

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  2. Brian

    Happy Driving, Doug! Jesse, after the big move calms down, you need to track down a replacement! Any ideas yet?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We are needing to find a replacement! I already found a daily driver and may do a post about that, but the next BF project car is still up in the air…

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  3. Don Andreina

    Good luck Doug!

    Jesse, sometimes the chase is more fun than the capture. Take your time but keep us in the loop.

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  4. Jim-Bob

    Wow! It’s right in my back yard! (Well….state…) Maybe I’ll see ya on the road! At any rate, good luck.

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  5. jim s

    i hope the gti enjoys Florida and Doug M enjoys the car. please keep us updated. any chance you will be autocrossing/racing the car?

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  6. jim s

    i always found moving to be a pain but in the process i always found things i forgot i had. please do a write up on the cars you both own/drive. on the new BF project car, the maita with the Jag V12 i sent in didn’t interest you! maybe this or would work

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That Miata was a good one Jim! Not sure if everyone would appreciate it as much as us though. I like Sprint too, but I have a feeling that more people could connect with a V8 powered Bugeye! Good find.

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    • Elizabeth

      A Miata with a Jag V12!??
      Link, please :)

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  7. Bryan Cohn

    I drove and looked seriously at the Sprint Turbo back when they were new for use as our next racing car for SCCA Showroom Stock.

    It was quite a fun little thing handled well and shifted nicely. Its downfall was power. It had no torque due to its 3 cylinder engine and turbo lag from the tiniest turbo you ever saw in your life. I suspect if one turned up the boost it would just destroy the turbo in short order. We bought a 91 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo instead.

    The Sprint would be a fun, somewhat cheap car for your means. Be different. Get out on the edge of the box, the weather is great out here!

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    • Brian

      My mother bought a used Sprint in the late 80s. It was fun to drive, you were not going nearly as fast as you felt you were but the car was so small, it seems like your flying. Her’s was a non turbo with AT. It was a dog as a car, it had been wrecked and plastered back together. Ate rear brakes. The body leaked when it rained and the interior would mold from all the water! Some parts were difficult to obtain, even from a Chev dealer. That was nearly 30 years ago, so I would image parts would be unobtainable now?

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  8. Doug M

    Hi all,
    finally an update on the GTI, had to prep the garage and make room.
    My brother, an old VW SSC racer and ASE mechanic has arrived and has been finding all sorts of little bugaboos. Primarily the FI had been “toyed” with a few times too many in it’s life and after a fuel pressure test, wamup/contol pressure regulator rebuild, timing check, bad injector, little tweaks here and there the engine seems about 95%. We may still have a weak accumulator and leaking metering unit check vave but were close. Left front bearing, hub, and contol arm arm ball joint; rear wheel cylinders, drums turned and new rear shoes gives us a pretty solid chassis now to become a daily driver. Enough so that I think I’ll find kayak racks for it! I’ve also started prepping the sunroof for gasket/seal replacement if I can find these OEM. The headliner press board is out and will be off to a local interior shop, I don’t have the patience…..Thru, I got a referral to a GTI afficianado not far from me who is willing to part with a complete GTI interior, all but the door panels. Once the inside is near to completion I’ll start working on the bumps and dents 30 years provided to the body. I used to work for VOA/PA back in the 70’s and 80’s
    so this is certainly bringing back fond memories. I’d post pics except nothing new to show on the outside yet!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Wow Doug! Sounds like you are making some real progress! Glad you figured out what was going on with the fuel injection. We were worried that someone had monkeyed with things and that it would be hard to get right unless you knew what you were doing. Sounds like you found the right guy to help out. Also, very exciting about the interior! That was one of our major concerns because interior bits in good condition are getting scarce. I’m excited to run an update about all the work you have done once you send over a few photos!

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