Project or Donor? 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

It appears that the owner of this 1970 Mustang Mach 1 loves his Mustangs because there are at least five other examples visible in the supplied photos of our feature car. This one is a pretty sad sight, and it is debatable whether it would make a viable project, or whether its ultimate fate is as a donor car. Located in Mount Hope, West Virginia, you will find the Mach 1 listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $3,500, but the option is available to make an offer.

When you see a ’70 Mach 1 advertised at such a low price, there’s a fair chance that it is going to require more than a bit of work, and that’s certainly the case with this one. The owner is quite candid about the car’s condition, but it’s pretty well all there for us to see. There are major rust issues with the car, and these have impacted on most areas, including the front frame rails. The fact that it looks like it has spent plenty of time outside with little glass or protection from the elements doesn’t auger well for areas like the torque boxes. There are a few body components that could be refurbished, and there is still some glass present that could be reused. The dash VIN tag is present, as is the apron partial VIN stamp, so it might be a candidate as a donor. The other issue to consider is the fact that if the buyer chooses the BIN option, it will come with a transferable registration. Otherwise, the car will only be sold with a Bill of Sale.

The Mach 1 is being sold without an engine or transmission, but the original 9″ rear end is still present. Originally gracing the engine bay was a 290hp M-Code 351ci V8, but it isn’t clear what transmission backed this. There are also some interior trim components that could potentially be utilized in a project, such as the rear seat, but the remainder of the interior components are either gone, or have deteriorated beyond salvation.

This 1970 Mustang Mach 1 has deteriorated to the point where there is precious little of the original steel in the car that would be suitable for reuse. It is my belief that the ultimate fate for this car lies in being a donor, and at the BIN price, it isn’t the cheapest candidate for such a role. It is also not the dearest such car that we’ve seen here at Barn Finds. I can remember seeing a Mustang in a similar state listed last year, and the owner managed to sell that for $10,000. So maybe, that makes this one look like a pretty reasonable buy at the BIN price.

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  1. Steve R

    This is listed by the same seller as the crusty 1966 Mustang that was written up earlier today. I’d say it’s an overpriced parts car, too.

    Steve R

    • WGT

      Guess the owner of both cars had a slow day, kill some time and put these rides for sale and see if anyone takes the bait! $175 for both Ponies!

      • PatrickM

        Yikes!! I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole. Crush it! There are too many other, better looking, better equipped options available. Yeah, we would have to pay… But, we could be on the road immediately, instead of all this heartache.

  2. Stangalang

    I understand why he’s trying to sell it good lord!!.. so would I. But I’d be afraid to pull it on a rollback. Looks like it might break

  3. bobhess bobhess Member


    • Harry A Hodson

      Fools and their money are soon parted.
      Here’s one for the crusher.

  4. Chas358 Chasman358 Member

    Poster for why we need tetanus shots.

    • Stangalang

      Hey Chasman358 what year is that foxbody

      • Chas358 Chasman358 Member

        1991, with a Tremec 6 speed behind a Vortec supercharged 351 Windsor.

        On pump gas it made 616 HP at the rear wheels.

    • Ted

      Neither project or donor. The owner should take it to the nearest landfill and give it last rites and a proper burial.

  5. Stangalang

    We’ve all seen worse..sometimes you just gotta love people trying to sell junk

  6. Stangalang

    Sweet..I got a 2003 new edge

    • Chas358 Chasman358 Member

      Is it stock?

      • Stangalang

        Trying to upload

      • Stangalang

        No not stock of course

  7. Chas358 Chasman358 Member

    I love the looks of new edge cars 👍I’ll look for the picture.

  8. Stangalang

    I’m not a member can I post a photo

  9. Mark

    There’s a reason why there is a fence around this thing, and the fear of theft ain’t it. My guess it’s due to some zoning ordinance like that of requiring a fence around a swimming pool to prevent small children from wandering too close.

  10. JBP

    Is there at all any donor parts in that POS.? he has so many, so is selling his junk… what About a crusher??

  11. Rube Goldberg Member

    There’s a guy down the block from me that has several E body Chryslers, and yesterday, came home from NC, I think he said, with a hulk of a Cuda on a trailer, that looked just like this, except it had a disassembled motor. He said it was an original 440 six pak 4 speed car, although you’d never know by looking at it. So some people are buying these things.

  12. FordGuy1972

    This is a donor car that’s been stripped of most of it’s salvageable/valuable parts and the owner is now looking for someone with very deep pockets. I know almost everything is reproduced for these cars but let’s be honest here; there’s not much to start with.

    If someone does buy this car to restore, he should grab his Mustang catalog, call them up and just order one of everything.

  13. Arthell64 Member

    Somebody needs to start a gofundme account for whoever buys this nugget. The car is in critical condition making your billfold DOA if you restored it.

  14. rpol35

    “It appears that the owner of this 1970 Mustang Mach 1 loves his Mustangs because there are at least five other examples visible in the supplied photos of our feature car. ”

    Not too much love bestowed on this one

    • Dickie F.

      I agree. And please do not mention donor, sadly it is just crush worthy.
      And while I am on a roll, I just revived a 70 Mach 1 from a 25 year slumber. Original with genuine 67k. This car needed the normal replacement parts, fuel, cooling and braking systems etc and some cosmetics. The mechanical replacement parts fitted fine but the cosmetics did not. Lots of the replacement parts were inferior to the originals from Ford.

      • Jimmy

        You can thank China for those inferior parts.

  15. Troy s

    Kinda a hard to believe this Mustang was someone’s new pride and joy nearly a half a century ago. Look at it now, actually, I’m more interested in that blue one way back in the second photo, just for curiosities sake. This one here is finished.

  16. Jimmy

    The seller of this pile of crusty metal has been hitting the crack pipe too often !!!

  17. Don

    This car is the reason why people buy Dynacorn bodies……lol

  18. TimM

    Sand blast it and there won’t be anything left but a pile of sand!! I can get sand cheaper than $ 6500!!!

  19. Benjy58

    Hey the scrapper only offered 100.00 for it. I think I can get More.

  20. Kevin McGoff

    “The other issue to consider is the fact that if the buyer chooses the BIN option, it will come with a transferable registration. Otherwise, the car will only be sold with a Bill of Sale.”
    Why is that? Why would someone sell a car but hang on to the registration?

  21. JagManBill

    Nothing left to part out so that has to make it a project car…right?

  22. jimmy the orphan

    Same dude. Now 3.5k because it use to be a car ? When will it end ? moving on …………………………JIMMY

  23. skibum2

    Hahahahahahaha… what a junker… 3.5K? hahahahahahaha

  24. canadainmarkseh Member

    I’m sure that at this point there enough after mark part available to just buy and build a whole mustang so why buy this POS. This will never be a numbers matching car anyways so buy the dynacorn body and go from there. This car should be crushed vin tag and all.

  25. Gaspumpchas

    Moss growing under the hood. Misc juck covered in pine needles. I don’t get it. This ol’ grey hair is out of the loop. The BJ syndrome knows no boundaries!

  26. Keith

    Wow! Dude must have been huffing on the glass pipe HARD with he posted this ad!

  27. grant

    Pretty sure this car’s already been used as a donor for the sellers other 5 projects.

  28. NovaTom

    Seriously – anyone offering this scrap for sale deserves the mockery

  29. Dougie Member

    Ya know I think this guy is is leaning back in his rocker laughing his a__ off. He’s obviously a troll. He’s posted the ultimate absurdity and gotten the most replies I’ve seen on BF (myself included). Good job, my man. King troll for a day! lmao

  30. Kenny

    This guy is a flipper. He is buying whatever he finds and puts them on eBay all the time.

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