Purple Parts Car: 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

It’s amazing to see how fall some high-dollar cars can fall once their pricey infrastructure begins to bleed owners dry. This 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur may have retailed for an eye-watering amount when new, but now its future as a roadgoing vehicle seems questionable. Find this project-grade Rolls here on eBay in Florida with an opening bid of $8,500 and no takers yet. 

Wearing cheap aftermarket rims and sitting on collapsed air suspension is never a good look for a Rolls-Royce or Bentley of this vintage, but seeing as this car seems more likely to be found at a pawn shop than a classic dealership, it’s not surprising, either. The tinted glass also screams “baller on a budget” along with the color-matched center caps. I have my doubts this is original paint, but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

Here’s another tell-tale sign: the aftermarket video entertainment in the dash. This type of modification always drives me nuts, primarily because it never looks good and what’s the point of a mini TV by the driver’s seat? Pay no mind to the completely waterlogged or sun damaged wood veneers; that’s the least of your worries for now. Also worth mentioning is that this Silver Spur is currently parked due to a cracked manifold and bad starter.

The paint is sprouting all sorts of ugliness due to long-term sun exposure, and the car was damaged while parked. The front end – grill and headlights – are not original and are from a later model, so purists may want to avoid this one. However, there’s always someone trying to keep a Rolls or Bentley of this vintage on the road, it seems, so there’s definitely some value in parts here. However, I think the opening bid would have to drop by about $3K to make it tempting as a part-out.


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  1. Maestro1

    Even if one were to attempt this it’s maybe a $1000.00 car. You are looking at North of $50,000 to resurrect this.

    • Steve R

      Exactly. A quick search of eBay shows a couple of decent drivers in much better shape that have sold recently, one for $5,000, the other for $6,200.

      This seller is dreaming.

      Steve R


    Rip the guts out…and go electric…but only if you can get it for a coupla’ three grand.

  3. Charles

    Homeboy didn’t maintain it. Must have picked it up cheap.

  4. Bab

    No grey poupon for this car. LS-1 out if a wrexk and coilovers along with a muncie

  5. JimmyJ

    My names Willy Tucker not silly f#%€ker!

  6. Classix Steel

    The queen said off with its head and crush it! Seriously it’s a parts car or a future retro rod due to years of abuse.

    Maybe some redneck is looking for a body to put on their 4×4 to finish the sad tale of abuse given to this rolls Royce !

  7. DJS

    Sad to see a Rolls in that shape but they were a rolling money pit when new part it out !!!!!!

  8. Dovi65

    How sad that this once elegant cruiser is now nothing more than a source of parts. They were money-hungry cars, but if you could afford this one when it was new, then money wasn’t much of an issue for you.

  9. Mark

    RUN FAR – RUN FAST. The air ride suspension on these are a nightmare.

    • Brakeservo

      No air suspension – it’s Citroenesque hydraulics – doesn’t anyone fact check this junk er commentary?

  10. giorgtd

    Engineers at Crewe did not design for Florida heat. This one looks nasty in so many ways and the way it was treated makes me suspect anyone foolish enough to try to get this back on the road will encounter some surprise obstacles. Asking price way too high as this is a donor/parts car…


    Mom said if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. So all I can say is,

    • Mark

      You’re right, I apologize.

  12. Madmatt

    Dash wood veneer is cracked and bad also,
    I’ve never seen paint bubble from sun/heat unless,
    car was not prepped for paint correctly,
    or it was in a building fire..,and was really near the heat,
    which this doesn’t appear to have suffered that fate.
    This seams to be quite a bit over priced..?, since they mention
    “car doesn’t drive”….what could that mean?.
    .bad tranny/engine problems….electrical…?..
    an Elegant MONEY PIT!
    I’d rather spend that much on an older Rollz.

  13. Cmarv

    It’s going for $5.65 / 100#’s around here .

  14. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I guess sellers dream big too!


    Get a pistol and put the car out of its misery.

  16. PeterK

    The cheapest Rolls paid for will be the most expensive car you ever own. If it were me, I would remove the air suspension and give it a spring/shock set up, get rid of the hideous thing in the dash, put a set of steelies on it, decent tires, strip the paint and re do it in flat black. This is a 500$ car and would be perfect for the 24 hours Lemons race….

  17. Pete

    Them rust bubbles are a pretty common sight in Florida. You get a hole in your paint and this is what happens down there. This car looks like a Hurricaine survivor. Well actually it didn’t survive it died in the storm. If it is the original seller he really loved this car and sank ungodly amounts of money it and wants most of it back. Like someone who buys a Harley then adds 5K worth of bling to it and puts 40K miles on it and wants to sell it for what they paid for it plus all the parts they bought for it. The difference is you can still rise the Harley. LOL.

  18. Donek

    What sort of air suspension are we talking about here??

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