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Putting the S in Sport: 1967 Porsche 911S

1967 Porsche 911S Discovered

In the Porsche world, the 1967 911S is the Holy Grail for aficionados. It might not be as rare as a Carrera RS, but without the 911S we might not have all the other high performance variations of the 911 that followed. It was the first factory upgraded 911 and set the bar for Porsche. Anyone who has driven one can tell you the extra 20 horses made it a wicked machine to drive and that it isn’t for the faint of heart. Reader Ralph S recently sent us photos of this ’67 911S that was discovered in this barn. It had been hiding there since 1987 and has only seen 39k miles in its entire life. Last month it was pulled from the barn and has since been cleaned up. Now we are just waiting to find out what is going to happen to it next.

1967 Porsche 911S cleaned up

Ralph gave us some of the details about this Porsche, but didn’t tell us whether this was his find or what is going to be done with it. We have reached out to him and will hopefully get more info soon. For the time being, let’s read what he had to say about it and bask in the glory of all these photos!

1967 Porsche 911S Barn FindThis 1967 Porsche 911S has been sitting in the same barn since 1987. The car has only 39,000 original miles and the 2nd owner (a lady), bought it in ‘87 from the first owner and put the car, after driving only 100 miles, into the barn. It didn’t come out of the barn until a month ago and was in really perfect and original condition, exceptional for a ‘67 911 and exceptional for a barn find! The original interior, down to the original radio, is flawless and shows almost no sign of wear. The Engine is the original one and the transmission as well (matching numbers). The doors and the deck lid are matching numbers. It still has its original floors and are rock solid. The paint was originally Irish Green. This is a real 1967 911S, the most desirable 911S ever.

We are glad that Ralph documented the entire process of getting this 911S back to the road. It looks to be in stunning condition and we can’t wait to hear back from him. We still can’t believe how valuable these have become, but perhaps if we could go for a spin in this one we would understand. We want to thank Ralph for sharing this discovery with us!



  1. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Depending on the price paid for this, it would be like finding a winning lottery ticket just laying on the ground.

    I gotta find better barns to look in.

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  2. Somer

    Still a fair amount of work to do. Clean tank, seals etc but a great preservation candidate.

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  3. Slim Chance

    The front fenders carry the last 3 of the VIN in the headlight bucket too. It has an incorrect front “S” valence which is probably fiberglass. Look closely to see if the front has been replaced. Fenders on the SWB cars are a different profile and the “S” spoiler/valence didn’t come along until ’72.

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  4. Ralph Schreuder

    Our intentions are to bring this 67er S back to live and keep it as original as possible.
    Engine, gearbox and suspension will be overhauled.
    The car is black now, but will be brought back to Irish green, its original colour.
    The interior is in a really good condition, we’re certainly not going to “over-restore” this 911.
    Slim did already noticed it: the wrong fenders and bumper will be replaced by the original ones.
    We’ll keep you posted…

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  5. Kerner

    What a find! Been regretting selling my ’69 911E and could only wish I was lucky enough to find an early S to replace it with. :)

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    • Mark E

      No kidding!! I had a ’69 911s with a sunroof back in ’78-9. Every time I see an article about a 1960s S I wish I’d have put it in a garage till now rather than sold it! Still, the thing I remember about that car is the way the tail would like to come around under power. That and its seemingly voracious appetite for fuel. Just driving around town for 45 mins would take a quarter tank of gas… >_<

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  6. Mark E

    The title could very well be: Puts the S in $$$! I’m sure somebody made (or is going to make) a lot of money here. Admittedly Por$che parts are not cheap but this IS a very desirable car and will be worth a great deal when restored…

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  7. Dolphin Member

    If it is a geniune ‘S’ with only 38K miles then I would think that most ‘S’ fans would put the current value at somewhere north of $250K and climbing, even with the replaced front end sheet metal. These will probably just keep on appreciating, and a future value of $1 million is not hard to imagine for an original ’67 S even if it wasn’t owned by Steve McQueen. These are better than money in the bank because they are appreciating every day, and bank-account money isn’t.

    The 911 is the most successful sports car of all time, and the model is still going strong after 50+ years. I think it’s one of the best looking designs of all time. However………..

    I am not too surprised to hear that the 2nd owner gave up driving it after 100 miles. I too wanted a 911—-until I drove one, or half a dozen in test drives, actually. There are all kinds of really quirky things about them that have you asking “Wait….$XX,000 for this?!! I don’t think so.”

    But personal views aside, I hope that Ralph S or whoever the owner ends up being enjoys it. No question it is a rare and special sportscar.

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  8. jim s

    i would be interested to know why in the past it needed a new nose, front fenders and a paint job. still a great find. looking forward to more updates. thanks for sharing.

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  9. pauline

    all it needed was some soap and water.

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  10. Rancho Bella

    Yep…….I had a ’71S………..even with wider S wheels going around sweeps was iffy.
    No, I had no training in driving rear engine cars but man………….., the upside is…..they sure is pretty…………….

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  11. ConservativesDefeated

    Just when I was thinking my near original sunroof ’70 911 T was sweet along comes a 67 S! Damn. The front clip is definitely a mishmash of years. Wonder why? Arguably the now owner is savy enough to have already checked the numbers wth the S Registry.

    I can’t recall but I dont see the S package bits like the deco bumpers or the machine turned bits insde or the chrome rockers….maybe those came later as they did on my car.

    Drive a lowly sunroof T without sway bars.as I do……and you need to mind your p’s and q’s on the twisties. I agree with those that say its one of the most beautiful automotive designs ever.

    For once I didn’t sell a car!

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  12. Don Andreina


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