Quantity Or Quality?

You probably noticed that we featured a lot more finds yesterday. We have been busy experimenting with the right combination of story length and quantity and just wanted to get your guys feedback on what we are doing. You are the ones who read and comment on these features so it only makes sense to cater it to what you like. We had tried the “Reader Finds”, but some of you mentioned that it was confusing and that there was no way to comment. We added that feature, but then thought, why don’t we just write them all up as short posts? We would be able to feature more cars, but most of the stories would be shorter and not as in depth. So, please let us know if you would rather see more finds or longer write ups!


WANTED 1964-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS… Nova SS… Chevy II SS Looking for SS ONLY.. project car or needing work preferred but will look at all… NATIONWIDE Contact

WANTED 86-93 Ford Mustang Coupe I am looking for a low mile bone stock 1996-1993 STOCKmustang coupe to add to my private collection. Contact

WANTED 1976 Dodge Colt ISO any condition 2 door 4spd preferred complete car. Located in FL will travel. Contact

WANTED 1983-1986 Pontiac Grand Prix Looking for (White) preferably Grand Prix – Bucket Seats – Console – Maroon interior – Original Contact

WANTED 1945-50’s Ford Pickups Has engine and transmission Contact

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  1. fbm

    More finds!

    • Bob Baird

      I’d say to put as many cars on as you get and then do as many detailed descriptions as time allows. I know a few things about a few cars, but reading what others know about cars that I am not as familiar with is great!

      Another recommendation: You should warn people when they sign up for BarnFinds to make sure they wear a bib. Or several! I just bought the 1958 Berkeley race car that you had on a little while back!

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Way to go, Bob!!! :-)

    • Patrick

      Better more finds and less text. Keep up the good work

  2. Wayne Palmer

    Whatever you send is great by me! If it is something that doesn’t interest me, I simply delete it, so I would rather have you send to many, rather than miss one that really piques my interest. Thank you, wlp

    • St.Ramone de V8

      Agree. Send lots of stuff to us. We have varied interests, so if something doesn’t interest us, we move on. If it does, a detailed report is welcomed. We comment on, and follow the stuff we want to. No issue with just moving on…

  3. L.M.K. Member

    If I really must choose, shorter write ups , more cars !

  4. John Newell

    I agree with Wayne. In addition, the shots I want to see are both sides, front, back, engine and interior front. If possible taken from the back seat. Obviously some shots from the back seat, you’d fall through the floor. But rear quarters are important to be seen since in most cases they aren’t removed from the car and can’t be purchased after-market.

  5. GOPAR

    Thanks for asking. You send the quantity, we’ll choose the quality according to our personal preferences. Just keep ’em comin’!

  6. Paul

    I prefer the depth of the longer posts. And as I already get 200 emails a day at work, I had a little panic when I saw so many emails when I got home yesterday.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The flood of emails is a major concern for us. We were thinking of just moving everyone to a daily email to help with the issue. Would you even miss the instant alerts? Or we could even limit it to one email per 3 finds or something similar.

      • The Walrus

        While we all have different reasons for subscribing, I think the instant alert availability is a great option. While I have not ‘jumped on’ any of the finds to date, a couple hours could make all the difference if the right car came along. Even receiving the list in real time there are occasional craigslist posts that were gone by the time e-mail was opened.

  7. Sunbeamdon

    I generally agree with Wayne’s comment; I do like some in depth posts, but, a picture is worth a thousand words, give or take a few hundred. I scan the pics and “click-through” any which catch my attention – like the ’72 Duster, the ’66 Goat or most other hot-rods of that era, and delete the rest.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Vince Habel

    I would rather have quality.

  9. Sunbeamdon

    Vince – quality ranks up there with “unobtanium” – I’m still lookin’ for that diamond in the rough, so quantity counts. But there most certainly is room for both.

  10. Aktifspeed

    More finds please…

  11. Mike A

    I say roll with the quantity. Looking at a few select imports is boring as hell. Shotgun every rusty POS in the USA baby !

  12. Larry

    Another vote for quality over quantity. Too many emails already, not enough time to peruse through so many finds. I appreciate the depth and insight provided in the longer write-ups. Reader finds could be more and shorter, I guess, but in general I’d prefer better content.

    I suspect I’m not the only one here who subscribes to several of these sites, so I’ve already got more content than I can focus on. I’d rather read more about the cars that really pique my interest, instead of feeling like, “Oh look, here’s a few pictures and a quick blurb about yet another interesting car for sale.”

  13. Howard Member

    Being the “new guy”, I really like the site as is. I’m just amazed at the cars available for regular joes (or josephines), and not these auction cars seen on other sites that we’ll never be able to afford. I guess if I had to choose, it would be more cars, as I never know what’s going to be next. Having dealt with hundreds of cars in my life, usually every one hits home, in one way or another. Thanks for a great site, and who knows, mayhaps some day I might even find one to actually buy!

  14. celline

    more, more, more…

  15. cory

    I would say 3-5 spread out through the day is a good number. Its a great way to break up the day at work. I really enjoy the research and knowledge into the history of the cars, and the companies. if there is a great story attached to the find, even better. what makes this site great is most of the cars can be bought, although the odds of me actually laying out cash for anything are pretty slim, I can dream right? the comments are great, and it is great to hear peoples personal stories of their interactions with these vehicles. I also believe you have a good mix of writers, who represent different groups of enthusiasts quite well.

  16. Stu Member

    More cars.

    We learn the most from each other’s comments. Collectively, we have more depth and experience than any one author.

  17. RiverRoadFlash

    More quantity please, since readers of this site probably know a great deal about automobiles’ specifics, but are looking for acquisition candidates.

  18. Dan Mooney

    My vote is for quality. I enjoy reading about any of the cars that strike my interest. I also enjoy the instant updates because some times it gives me a nice little break at work lol.. I’m afraid if you move towards quantity it will just turn into a picture show. While the pictures are nice I really do enjoy reading the longer write ups on the cars I am interested in..

  19. Thomas

    More quality!


  20. tom999p

    I’d say more cars too, I just delete the cars I’m not interested in (like the British cars). I really like the fact that you post the common cars as well as the rare cars. In my opinion, a 1974 Datsun 610 is just as interesting as a Maserati Merak, but in differing ways. Regarding the pictures that people have requested above, I though that the pictures were taken off of ads already posted in the internet, so you, therefore, would have no control over the amount and quality of the pictures….

  21. John W.H. Busch

    More quantity please.

  22. Chris

    The short write-ups about the vehicles are the reason I started following Barn Finds. I prefer learning some interesting facts and history about these discovered vehicles I wouldn’t otherwise know. I’m much less interested if Barn Finds becomes simply a pointer to available, old cars for sale. I can see more cars than I can handle searching the internet on my own.

  23. tom999p

    Cut out the flippers, because they are more about making $$ than they are into the cars themselves. By posting flippers ads on here, you’re only making them more money by giving them free advertising. I’m sure you know the cars I’m talking about, the ones that are already listed on ebay before they’re even unloaded off the trailer….

  24. Jay

    I like the more finds with shorter write ups.

  25. Roland

    Do your cars, but I do like write-up as to condition, etc. I guess quality

  26. junkman Member

    Odd ball, orphaned, neglected, with a bit of back round about the brand or piece. Quantity gives us the choice to decide what quality is or is not. Great site keep um coming.

  27. Robert R. Member

    I will continue to send them in until you say “stop”. All the best and keep looking, Robert R.

  28. bcavileer

    keep em coming! there is nothing of value on television so i have time to peruse just before passing out at night. And it gives me a reason just to grunt at the conversations…
    i am busy reading something! sorry dear.

  29. 1998redwagon

    whatever you decide to do please include the ‘read more’ link at the end of your first paragraph.

  30. Rob

    Whatever you decide, please err on the side that keeps you from having this become a drudge. What you do is excellent. I’m happy with either more cars or more details, but I’d be very unhappy with you deciding not to do this!

  31. John H

    First of all congrats for Barn Finds. It is an entertaining daily that I never miss. As for choice, I love the quantity. The best of both worlds would be a couple of detailed write ups complemented with additional shorts. Kinda like burgers with an occasional 24oz Porterhouse steak.

    Thanks again for a great site.

  32. bobsmyuncle

    I agree that instant notices could really make the difference to a potential buyer. Perhaps let us choose (though I thought I did have that choice when I subscribed)?

    Volume is great, but content is what gives the site its character.

  33. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Guess we are not helping much, as the advice looks pretty even on both sides! Personally, I prefer a single email with lots of action, maybe give on length (quality) to allow more time to post a variety of finds…. but that’s just me :)

  34. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I think everyone’s feedback was very helpful. It seems that a good mix of things would be the best solution. So, more finds – some with long write ups, others short. Also, by featuring more cars we would be more likely to hit the target when it comes to everyone’s personal tastes.

  35. Gary

    I vote for the more finds and shorter write ups. If it is something I have no interest in seeing or reading about I simply delete and move on. Keep up the great work, you guys rock!

  36. Andrew Minney

    I’m with Wayne on this one.
    I look at all posts and delete what is of no interest to me.
    Being from England Euro cars are common place and of no real interest to me. Having said that I have filed a few posts that interested me.
    However I love American iron – preferably from the mid 30s to 1960. Bring ’em on, brother!
    I like stock race hot rods custom cars and dragsters.
    Just keep them coming!


  37. Addicted to BF

    I look forward to the BF email everyday. I feel like I have missed something when I fall behind! With that being said, I enjoy both! Great help, huh? I like the writers input, I like the pictures, and I love the readers comments. ALL are extremely insightful in their own way! As some have proposed, how about a mix? Longer write ups on the rare or interstest backstory vehicles and shorter articles on the “run of the mill” vehicles. I also sort of agree with regard to “flippers” but I unfortunately can find those interesting also. Good luck on your deciphering all the different opinions! Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for all the hard work!

  38. Matt

    Fewer finds and more quality.

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