Questionable Project: 1936 Dodge Barn Find

Please read entire add don’t ask stupid questions…” So commands the seller of this 1936 Dodge coupe. Considering the literary quality of the listing, I’d be inclined to ask a lot of what would probably be considered “stupid questions” but I’ll try to do the deciphering so you don’t have to. This Dodge project is located in Malaga, Washington and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $10,000.

So, as near as I can figure, the seller bought this car, separated the body from the frame, and then “Was going to do s10 frame swap bought 1987 s10 v6 4speed transmission 67000 miles s10 now read for swap“. There are no images of the S10 frame and engine so stupid question number one is, are those items included in the sale? The seller adds, “Then I find a 1924 dodge to start on can’t do both my loss your gain want to sell as a package deal but would split up for the right deal price is OBO not in a hurry to sell don’t waste my time with is this available add is I still have”.  OK, so now I have to worry about wasting this guy’s time as well as asking stupid questions. I think he’s trying to say that he’ll split up the 1987 S10 components and this Dodge Coupe, or sell them as a “package deal” but I can’t tell with certainty and I don’t want to ask stupid questions or waste anybody’s time!

OK, so this ’36 Dodge Coupe (they were offered with and without a rumble seat and the Dodge sales brochure suggests that “Here is the ideal car for businessmen or a personal car for women“) was built with an 87 HP, 212 CI, in-line, six-cylinder flathead engine and a three-speed “Synchro-Silent” manual transmission. Both may be missing, there is no reference to either, and that would require another questionable question. But the differential and suspension are both still attached.

The body appears to be in reasonable shape and not suffering from significant rot though the seller states that there were rust spots on the floor and battery box. There are forward sections of the floor (toe board) that have been removed but it’s not clear if they are usable or need fabricated replacements – and I’m not asking. All of the trim and external parts have supposedly been saved. In spite of the confusion with the listing, the disassembly and steel removal that has occurred appears to have been well facilitated and the shop looks to be appointed with the proper equipment for such a project undertaking.

There are no images of the interior before deconstruction, so there’s no telling what one might have, or have had, to work with on that front. It’s best to assume that it will need a complete and total redo.

The good? It’s a stylish ’36 Dodge and not the uber common Ford or fairly available Chevrolet from that era. The bad? Besides the price, pretty much everything else thanks to the listing and attitude. There may be something here with which to work but I’m not about to poke the bear, how about you?

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    First April “you’ve got to be kidding award”!

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    • Steve Smith

      Is the extended vehicle warranty still active……lol

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  2. mike b

    “Do you have a dog?”

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  3. Pat

    My first question would be; “Does that $10,000 include the garage?”

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  4. Vegaman Dan

    Can I take it for a test drive?

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  5. Arby

    Does the sign refer to the car?

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  6. Joe Machado

    Got a Hemi? What color are the pistons? Are the valves bakelite? Can I tighten everything with fingers? Or do I need a hi or lo torque wrench? Is it best to use water wetter in the oil? Can I pay with quiet cash so wife does not hear I bought it? Crap, she caught me and said, no no no, you no gonnabuy dis. Ok. Cancel all questions

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  7. Frank

    It’s nice to know it’s 99% complete. Complete what, I don’t know. Destroyed maybe.

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  8. Rodney - GSM

    The owner is Dog. To be safe, Mr. Dog to you.

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  9. Francisco

    Did you flunk grade school English?

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  10. junkman Member

    I’m happy to live on the East Coast just as far from this “person” as possible.

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  11. bobH Member

    If it were free…. No, that would be too much.

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  12. JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

    The best thing to do is hand over the ten big ones and stand back and see what gets put on your trailer, when he looks at you and grunts take off with whatever you have.

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  13. Howard A Member

    Facebook, I can say without any hesitation, is the smoking gun for why our society has gotten to where it is today. It gives arrogant nobodies a place where they are not alone. I can’t think of a single entity that has ruined our relationship with our fellow man more than Facebook. “Don’t ask stupid questions”, in my line of work, there were no “stupid questions”, and I asked my fair share, it made me a better driver. “Marketplace” has become the new “Craigslist”, and is becoming the place to go for a more honest sale than CL, but this person thinks everybody is stupid but them, typical of FB. That opening line was a complete turnoff ( even though they thought it would have merit, and maybe on the west coast, it does) and don’t care about the car, whatever they are selling.
    Note to BF’s, I’m not sure people that don’t have FB can view these ads, and with people like this, maybe it’s just as well. Don’t “pollute” a great site like BF’s with these attitudes.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      HoA- The internet in general, besides bringing us great car sites like BF, have opened the spigot on ignorance, misinformation and stupidity. As I said in the beginning, if and when Facebook changes its name to Azzcrack I’ll consider handing over my existence to be mined by their digital dirt devils.

      Until then, no bueno

  14. HC

    Buying someone else’s disassembled project in boxes and pieces is more than a scary proposition, so lots of stupid questions should be expected.

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  15. bone

    What a shame, that coupe looked like a pretty solid restoration project before it was torn apart for yet another hack job S10 swap . A best hope for it now would be a street rod ; hopefully using the original frame as it would have been done in the past , but since the buyer didn’t take it apart I’m sure even that would be a major undertaking

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  16. Gerard Frederick

    The deplorable attitude of the seller is equalled by the deplorable offering.

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  17. Arthur

    I see this as a candidate for an Art Morrison chassis swap myself, especially since such a chassis could take the power of a 3G Hemi, whether it’s a 5.7 or a 6.2 Hellcat.

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  18. Bunky

    Would have been nice to find this car before the current owner, who, besides being rude and semiliterate, has evidently only figured out how to engage the “Lefty Lucy” position on his ratchet. (Quite common these days)
    Let’s review: Rude seller, incomplete basket case, exorbitant asking price. Pass.

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  19. Johnny C.

    My advice: Never buy a car from a moron.

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  20. Steve Clinton

    “Considering the literary quality of the listing, I’d be inclined to ask a lot of what would probably be considered “stupid questions”.”

    From the FB ad: “price is OBO not in a hurry to sell don’t waste my time with is this available add is I still have.” Say WHAT?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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  21. DuesenbergDino

    I agree that this individual’s grammar and rough stance make it a no go for me. Not to bash him but I want to be excited about a project, not turned off by the buying process. Torn apart and left for dead is not a good premise to have the “take it or leave it” attitude when selling a pile of questionable parts.

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  22. Bob the mech.

    I can play the “if game” all day, but I will say it anyway: That car is, now I can use the word “was” a deco era coupe. Restoring it may not have been in the cards, but the option of doing a sensible resto-mod certainly would have been possible. My estimate for such an effort is about $15,000.00 to $17,000.00, which would yield a good reliable and attractive auto. No show winner but a fun to drive classy machine. Unfortunately in it’s current state of mindless disassembly a buyer would be crazy to pay over $1,500.00 for the car and every part, piece, nut and bolt laying about in that ramshackle chicken coop of a garage/lean-to. I get very angry when I see a person butcher an automobile into unusable scrap.

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    • Anton

      Hellcat restomod?

  23. robert pantaleo

    I just conducted a Google Earth of the general area. Aside from the small town of Malaga, Washington, there are mostly rural and isolated (but beautiful) areas where no one can hear you scream.

    What a shame, as this would be a nice acquisition and an unusual one at that due to the rarity of the model. I’m a little too creeped to even make an inquiry.

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  24. LRP

    This may be a stupid question, but why did “BF”
    even consider this listing ? The comical factor, I’m guessing.
    Made me smile.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Hey, no stupid questions, remember? :-)

      The comical factor, I’m guessing. Made me smile“. Bingo!


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  25. Chirripo

    “He who asks a question may appear ignorant for a moment, but he who never asks will remain ignorant forever”

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    • Howard A Member

      Um, from the Master Po in Kung Fu?

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      • Chirripo

        “Never ask a question unless the answer makes a difference.”

  26. JoeBob

    I like the overall looks of a 1936 Dodge Coupe, but I thought the “Beware the Dog” sign was a warning about the car.

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    I just bought a 38 Dodge coupe 750 miles from my home and probably could have driven it home and paid less, where do people come up with prices like this on disassembled messes. $2000 should buy it and because of his attitude I would not even give him that.

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  28. john douglas muldoon

    Hmm, Canadian and US products had many different applications during that significant time frame. Chasing rainbows would be difficult in tracking parts. A resto-mod might be the best way to go with this specific vehicle as he has already tampered with the originality. Not so sure if I would use the s-10 frame configuration and engine. A Plymouth truck motor 6 cylinder might be better suited with twin carbs. Frame is highly adaptable to swapping engines from both Canadian made and US engines of Chrysler vintage.

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  29. Ray

    Nice ADD.
    Maybe he has ADD.

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  30. HC

    Yeah, having a bad attitude and being semi literate in a listing is 2 strikes against a seller. But being a butcher of these cars and saying not to ask any questions is just a run away moment.

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  31. Frank

    Why did he throw the original frame in a ditch?

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  32. Kenn

    Numbers Matching? Original Miles? Without these I am not interested. ( Boy, I’ve learned a lot on this site.)

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      Numbers matching what? the number on the engine was only on the engine, but sometimes used on titles. The body number did not match anything and there was a serial number also, but was not the engine number LOL!

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  33. Rex Kahrs Member


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  34. Flavio junior

    In fact , that would be a stupid purchase.IMO.

  35. Bob Mck Member

    BF..thanks for listing this. I have been very entertained by all of the spot on comments . This is such a great group of gear heads!

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  36. Engident

    Stupid question #1: Could mounting an antique Dodge on an over-romanticized 1/4 ton Chevy chassis possibly be the answer to a stupid question no one ever asked?

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  37. Kevin Mcnamara Member

    I sent him, “You’re famous now!” And, a link to this BF write up, an awesome write up with great comments. Maybe they’ll get a clue.

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    • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

      He took it down & hopefully learned his lesson.

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