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Nicest One Left: 1990 Maserati 430

The coupe-bodied Biturbo is almost a running joke around here, but the rare sedan-bodied 430 strikes me as a handsome alternative to the era’s Mercedes and BMW saloons. This particular car appears to be part of a collection I’d personally love to tour, and the seller comes off as the type of enthusiast you’d want to buy a potentially risky car from. Find the 430 here on eBay with a $14,999 Buy-It-Now. 

This particular example shows under 70,000 miles from new and wears original paint. The 430 was the company’s flagship back in the day, but are seen rarely compared to the prevalence of the coupes found on shady used car lots and the depths of craigslist hell. Personally, I like this era of the 430 the most, which is considered a “pre-facelift” model. It looks suitably 80s with those gorgeous flat-face alloy wheels and generous chin spoiler.

Really, the interior is where this 430 shines the most for me. Maserati packed these cars with wood trim and leather-everything, and this one is excellent. So many of them are let down by the interiors because years of neglect tend to make expensive materials look like a severely distorted art project – not here. The wood-trim steering wheel and dash inlays are exclusive to the 430 interior, and the seller notes those surfaces and the leather seating are excellent.

The 430 received the largest 2.8L version of the famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) Maserati Biturbo mill. The seller notes that this particular engine underwent a complete tear-down and rebuild, with every serviceable item receiving attention. The 430 also came with an LSD and twin front-mounted intercoolers, so it’s likely a blast to drive. If the 430 doesn’t light your fire, what else in the seller’s collection does?


  1. JimmyJ

    Nice car was hoping for the 4 cam v8 but with a newly rebuilt biturbo it should be good for 10,000 trouble free miles if you’re lucky!

  2. Maestro1 Member

    Masers are lovely complicated cars, primarily because of parts issues and trained wrenches to do the work in the US. When they run well they are magnificent, I have a 3500 Coupe, but they are finicky. Some upside potential.

  3. Fiete T.

    Best thing to come out of the bowels of Maserati- in regards to driveability and durability- circa 1990 is the Chrysler TC. Y ou can hate on me all you want, but the Mitsu 3L/Chryco A604 were indestructible compared to the home team’s offerings

    • Pa Tina

      “Best thing to come out of the bowels of Maserati”
      Could not have said it better myself.

      Like 1
    • Doc

      An ugly Le Baron with Maserati badges is still an ugly Le Baron.

  4. MikeG

    The 2800 is not infamous for anything except being a very reliable engine. Man, you people are like a dog with a bone regarding these cars….

  5. Coventrycat

    Still looks like a Biturbo, and nobody will look twice at it going down the road.

  6. boxdin

    At least its better than the earlier model w pressureized carbs.

  7. Hank Derksen

    Maserati created the TC for Iacocca…
    Therefore putting a 707 hp Hellcat
    crate engine into this beautiful 430
    seems to be a great idea to me!

    Hemi God Hank
    Vancouver Canada

  8. angliagt angliagt Member

    What’s the Red car to the left of it?
    Those are interesting looking wheels on it.

  9. Larry B.

    The Chrysler TC was exactly that, a Chrysler. It was built in De Tomaso’s Innocenti plant just as the Cadillac Allante was built by Pininfarina. Except for the first 500 with the “Maserati” labeled (but Cosworth built) head, it is just another K-car. You might as well get a Camry. The 430 and the 228i next to it in the picture were the best developed of the Biturbos sold in the US, although development continued in Europe. My son has a five-speed 430 and I really like it. It is much quicker than my QP3 or even my Bora, on a par with the 944 Turbo of the same era. I loved my old 944T, but I think I would like the Q-car factor of a fast four door even more.

  10. SubGothius

    As noted above, it was the early carb’d versions that gave these most of their bad rap. If you’re gonna roll the dice on any Biturbo variant, the ’87-on models with EFI are the ones to get, and the later (and better-maintained), the better — “get the very best one you can find and afford” is particularly applicable here. They can even be surprisingly reliable — case in point:

  11. SubGothius

    BTW, the red one next to it is a Maserati 228, of which only 469 were ever made; think of it as a 2-door sedan variant of the 430 distinct from the usual Biturbo coupes, as it was built on the sedan’s longer floorpan with unique body panels all its own.

    • angliagt angliagt Member

      Thanks.I thought the lines looked similiar.

  12. glen

    Good or bad, I could look at that engine all day!

  13. Mark

    I never warmed to the pig-snout front end treatment, but that’s why there is more than one car company. For half the price, I’d lean more toward an Alfa 164 or a Milano Verde, both sporting a gem of an DOHC. V-6 and better handling chops- and a manual transmission to boot.

    • CARFREAK Member

      I own a 228 and a MILANO Verde. The only similarity is they’re both Italian. Each has a distinct character and both are a blast to drive! Also both will eat 944, BMW and Corvettes from the same era on a good road course.

  14. tomw

    Alot of negative judges of the Chrysler TC on here. Fyi, the whole car was made in Milan. No panels of the TC fit on a LeBaron. I don’t know how anyone could look at the interior and say it’s a LeBaron…

    Regarding The nicest one left”, I had the nicest one left, a red 430 with 3850 original miles. It still had the window sticker on the window, plastic on the seats and smelled brand new. It also had a ZF 5 speed trans. I sold it a few years ago to a collector in Beverly Hills.

  15. Nick

    I have a 1989 430 for sale. Original owner. 58,000 miles. Professionally maintained. 5-speed transmission. Beautiful condition, runs great, FAST. Located in the Seattle, WA area. Will consider offers in the $10,000 range.

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Hi Nick,
      Nice Maserati! If you’d like to list it for sale on the site, you can get more info about doing so here:

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