Racing And Family History: 1955 Austin-Healey 100/4

By Nathan Avots-Smith

I will be the first to tell you that I know next to nothing about racing, in pretty much any form. I’m just more of a history guy, I guess. So what struck me about this 1955 Austin-Healey 100/4 with an SCCA racing history going back to 1961 wasn’t all the modifications that have been done to keep it competitive over the years—although they sound cool, and you can read all about them in the impressively detailed craigslist ad for the car—but rather the love that shone through of the seller for his father, who owned and ran the car for most of those years. Knowing that Dad wanted the car to stay active more regularly than the current owner has time for, it’s available in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a $28,000 asking price. Thanks to Bill Walters for sharing the ad with us!

Historical photos of the old cars we see for sale are like catnip around here, and long-term, one-family ownership probably makes them easier to come by, so props to the seller for including this shot of Dad with the car, in what looks to be sometime from the mid-60s to possibly the early ’70s.

Admittedly, the more recent shots of the car in action also make it look like a lot of fun, as does the linked video of an autocross run earlier this year. The seller also notes that the car could be a good candidate for restoration back to stock; the original windshield and non-flared fenders, as well as many of the mechanical components that have been upgraded for motorsport, are all included in the sale, although the fenders are rusty. Some minimal rust on the undercarriage is noted as well; personally, given that the seller’s father’s wishes were for the car to continue to race, I’d rather see this Healey’s story continue to evolve, rather than go back in time.

The Superman graphic in the grille is a little goofy, but I’d like to think that it conveys how this seller felt about his Dad, and keeping it out there tearing up the track would be another great tribute.

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  1. Paul

    Love the look of this big Healey!
    Race it!

  2. vanman34

    What a treat to see this car in the “original” state as I remember seeing it back when Craig Anderson was campaigning the car. I knew Craig back in his Ohio days before he moved to Washington and always loved what he had done to the Healey and the way he drove it. And, as far as the Superman S in the grill goes, that was Craig. He was a larger than life guy, often dressing in his Scotsman Kilt when doing auctions at Healey events and other fun things. I’m glad to see the car has been kept the way Craig ran it and even more excited just to see it again. I hope it goes to a good home and someone who will appreciate the history of the car and the more amazing history of its owner and creator.

  3. Martin Horrocks

    This is fabulous. And very good value.

    Someone buy it and cherish, please, rather than restore to factory for profit.

    This is Superman´s Healey. An original, as opposed to boringly and obsessively original.

    Rock on, Craig!

  4. don lemelin

    What a little ripper. Sweet car.

  5. drake

    would love to see some shots of the undercarriage, the rust issues aside these Healey’s are a ton of fun to drive. We have a few here in Pittsburgh for this weekends Vintage Gran Prix, this Healey would fit right in.

  6. Mike

    Bring a Trailer had this posted 3 weeks ago. Usually Barn Finds beats BaT to the punch on a lot of cars.

  7. Jack Quantrill

    One of the finest designs of all-time, even in racing clothes!

  8. Paul

    Fabulous thing!

  9. Ric Parrish

    I had a nice one of these while in Engineering school in Iowa City. It was light blue, lost it in a sportscar shop fire. The last time I saw it some guys were rolling the carcass into a dry creek bed.


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