Racing Pedigree? 1973 Porsche 911S

An interesting long-hood Porsche 911 popped up on social media this week, prompting a firestorm of comments on the rarity and proposed value of an already pricey project with some desirable competition components still attached. The hood-mounted fog lamps and roll cage all point to a checkered-flag past. Find it here on the Abandoned and Neglected Cars Facebook page, courtesy of a group member in Georgia. 

As we already know, early 911s are among the most desirable you can find. While the Porsche bubble is subsiding ever-so-slightly, the best of the breed still command top dollar. This example, as an S model that is still largely preserved despite the extent of surface rust, would command a fair price even in its current state. Factor in the extremely valuable hood-mounted driving lamps, Fuchs alloy wheels, and what’s likely to be a competition-grade roll cage, and you have a car with a desirability factor that just jumped by 10x due to a possible racing pedigree.

Does it need everything? Of course it needs everything. There’s rust puncturing the sheet metal in places and I’ll bet the owner has said it “ran when parked” more than once. But as a 911 S-package car that’s still wearing clues to its time spent on the track or hammering through the woods on rally stages, there’s no question it should be restored where needed and preserved when possible. Obviously, the location of this car and whether it’s even for sale is a mystery, but perhaps one of our readers in Georgia has spotted this long-hood in their travels.

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  1. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    You can bet the Porsche enthusiasts are trying to find that little jewell. Me on the other hand, I would love to have that green Impala SS parked beside it.

    • Chris In Australia

      As would I. I prefer my engines within the wheelbase, not hung out behind the rear axle.

  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    A 911S is worth some $$$ if it has the original drivetrain. It will take a lot, no doubt, to get it back to life but this is a pinnacle of longhood Porsches.

    As far as the engine out and over the rear, it’s a great design. And as Dr Porsche liked to say, if the engine is light enough it doesn’t matter where it is…you can stick it on the roof.

  3. George

    Personally, I’d rather have the late model Impala SS next to the Porsche🙄, or even the Caprice Classic in the background!

  4. bill freeman

    This very much like a European 1973 911S I owned about 30 years ago. It was a yellow Coupe with no sunroof and the same driving lights on the hood. I was rusty back then but it still had it’s mechanical fuel injection. I adjusted on the injection one Saturday for about three hours. Upon completion the car ran great.
    At the time it was one of the quickest 911’s I had owned and I had owned a few.
    Had it not been for the rust I would have kept the car. At least for a longer period of time. What a rare S it would be today.

  5. rapple

    Racing Pedigree?
    Really?? You guys let your imaginations run wild at times. Why is it “likely” to have a ..”competition-grade roll cage..”?
    What evidence do you have that “ have a car with a desirability factor that just jumped by 10x due to a possible racing pedigree.”? Emphasis on the word “possible”. Maybe if you could PROVE that it was raced by Peter Gregg or that it won the Monte Carlo Rallye, but otherwise it’s just another rusty Porsche waiting for a speculative restoration.

  6. Burzel

    No reason whatsoever to think this car has a competition history, based on the description here. The Facebook group is closed so no info to be had there. But please be aware that hood lights and welded cage do not a special-stage-monster/Le Mans racer make ;-)

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