Raked Survivor: 1970 Plymouth Satellite

Originally an Arizona car, this ’70 Plymouth Satellite reflects it’s past being solid and rust free. After 16 years spent in a garage, this Satellite is up for sale making a great original, or a Roadrunner/GTX lookalike. Up on the ebay chopping block, this Satellite has reached $7,100 with an unmet reserve and 6 days remaining. Find it here on ebay out of Riverton, Utah.

Unfortunately there are no engine photos, but this Satellite is a factory air conditioned car powered by a 318 V8 and an automatic transmission. The seller is also including a period correct 440 V8 with a 727 automatic transmission as well. So you can either leave it stock, or ad some muscle to this one with its raked look.

The interior shows pretty well even in these low light photos. The only thing picking our attention is the dirty driver side floor area. But looking over this one closely, we think it would clean up and show nicely with some fine cleaning and detailing. Looking over the exterior reveals a very straight and clean body. With no real evidence of rust, this Satellite looks like a nice ride. The paint looks a little oxidized, and there is some sort of a paint issue on the driver door where it meets the driver fender. First glance would lead us to believe the door is contacting the fender, and has worn the paint on the door.  The hood and passenger fender are a shade off, and we are thinking this Satellite may have been in a collision based on the door damage, and the off color hood and fender. Also the exterior trim is missing off of the passenger side, but a great deal of spares are included with this Satellite including body panels and trims.

With loads of potential, this Satellite looks like a promising project. Could Santa bring you this Plymouth Satellite for Christmas?



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  1. Woodie Man


    • Billy

      I had a black one, just like it, 318 with air. Wish I had kept that car instead of crushing it back in 1981.

      • Randall

        I can’t tell you how many 2 door Mopars I saw in the junk yards back when.

    • John Compton

      My wife had one back in 1980. Powered by a 318, it got around 10 mpg. Nothing to write home about.

      • Mark PRND

        Must of drove it hard…Should be 18 average…

        I had a 383 4bbl that got 25 mpg highway …15-18 average depending how/where I drove..

        I owned them all 318,340,360,383,400,413,440 …..

        383 is the best overall engine for gas mileage /power…Runs 13’s in the 1/4 mile 5 second 0-60’s with street tires…and gets 25 highway…I usually averaged 18 mpg..Not bad for 3 speed automatic and 3.23 gearing..

        Though,nothing like the 440,those were super strong and they get the same mpg as my 360 4bbl I had ….At least my 68 Charger RT ran 12.80’s in the 1/4 mile 100% stock even with Bias Ply tires..440 magnum/727/3.23 gears…We also ran my buddies 383 2bbl Newport that I sold him,it ran 14.80’s-15.20’s in the 1/4….That’s a 383 2bbl low compression,single exhaust and either 2.94’s or 3.23’s we didn’t check..He sold it when he bought a slick triple black 69 Chrysler 300 2 door with the rare 440 TNT…most had the regular 440 4bbl..

      • Randall

        Mark PRND…man you know your Mopars. By the way, what year was the Little Old Lady from Pasadena’s super stock dodge? And what did it come from the factory with? Trivia question.

  2. rando

    This could go anyway you want it.

  3. JW

    Before bidding I would want a expert Mopar guru to check the front under carriage and radiator support for damage or shody repair.

  4. Nova Scotian

    4 wheel computer alignments can’t properly correct a car that has dog leg. Have someone follow the car as it tracks down the road. If the body isn’t square with the suspension, you’ll see it. Cool old ride though.

  5. Randall

    The body looks just like my old 70 dodge coronet. Nice project.

  6. rustylink

    what exactly does raked mean – did you mean raped?

    • Vince Habel

      Raked means the front end is lowered.

      • JW

        I always thought it was raising the rear of the car with air shocks or longer leaf spring shackles to fit taller fatter tires.

    • Bingo

      It means the leaves have been removed from the cowl area.

      • Randall

        That was an experienced and logical deduction concerning the term “raked”.

    • Randall

      I got the same stance on my 70 Coronet with rear air shocks as per JW’s comment.

  7. mike d

    sold, went for 7100, has lots of potential, wouldn’t try for a RR or GTX clone, just keep the Satellite look, if possible, tweek the 318, or drop a crate 360 in it good to go!

  8. Rustytech Member

    Dog tracking on a car that had not been wrecked was usually caused by worn bushings in the rear suspension and is fixable if you know what your looking for. Raked meant the rear was higher than the front no matter how you accomplished it. Always loved these Satellite’s. This was a good find as most have been fully digested by the worm by now.

  9. Walter Joy

    Finally build a V-Code Roadrunner clone for my dad’s cousin, who owned a real deal 440 6 bbl brand new

  10. David J David J

    “She came from Planet Claire
    I knew she came from there
    She drove a Plymouth Satellite
    A-faster than the speed of light”

    Man, what a great body style. I’d drive it as is for a spell, and pass it on to the next guy for $7500.

  11. John B

    Superbird clone specialists should pounce on it. I have seen some mighty convincing reproductions starting with a body just like this one! Not many left…

  12. Mark PRND

    I would make a nice Road Runner,since its a bench seat..

    Drop in a built 400 big block with a 440 crank..or a 383 or a 440 6bbl..I am a 440 guy but 400’s are cheaper to buy and they can be beasts….

    If money wasn’t an issue a 440 6 barrel,black/black GTX clone..Add console,buckets…600 horse 440 and hang on….

  13. Bob C.

    I had a 68 dodge coronet sedan for a first car. Sweet running 318 engine, very light and quick. Handled like a pontoon boat but I loved that car.

  14. John B

    Raked it ain’t, just “jacked up” in the terms of the good ol’ days. Even with adjustable torsion bars, most people were lazy(ignorant) and raised the rear ends of their cars for whatever reason. Clearance, or appearance…been there and regretted it!

    • Randall

      Right John B. – Looks like bigger tires and air shock jack up job. Also been there done that many moons ago. Dumb.

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