Ram Air 428 Drag Pack Car! 1969 Ford Mustang

Despite its missing engine, this Grabber Blue Mustang will make Ford fans drool over their keyboards reviewing its factory configuration. Originally Meadowlark Yellow, the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach1 in Hartland, Michigan left the factory with everything a gear-head could want for going fast in a straight line. The 335 HP Super Cobra Jet 428 cid (7.0L) V8 topped the chart among Mach1 engine choices for ’69, and this car’s Drag-Pack added a more durable crank and rods, an oil cooler, and 3.91 gears in the Traction-Lok rear end. Thanks to HowStuffWorks for some details. Some rust repair has begun, and much remains. The listing here on eBay includes a Marti Report listing performance options and more. At least eight bidders have elevated the market value of this factory Drag Pack car above $10,000.

Bolting on a trunk lid may have been the simplest repair this car had to offer. You can order nearly anything for the ’69 Mustang. Just keep clicking until you see the word “declined.” The original 14 inch tires didn’t stand a chance against the ferocious 428; bring in the cheater slicks!

As you might expect from a Rust Belt classic, some panels have vanished completely, and undercar shots show more concern beneath. Should all Drag-Pack cars be saved? We’ve seen worse for certain.

Clearly, this car suffered an Attack of the Parts Buzzards before the tables turned and someone decided that it was, after all, worth restoring. The white paint corresponds with the original white Knit Vinyl interior, and some of the missing parts are shown loose in other pictures, including the functional Ram-Air Shaker hood scoop. A durable C6 three-speed automatic transmission once handled the gear changes, excellent for consistency on the 3120 1320.

What looks like a convertible block-off plate fills the gap where the original Sport Deck Rear Seat (folded flat in this picture) let cargo share space with the trunk, hatchback style. It will take a real Mustang lover to go all-in on this project, but the auction has attracted a handful already. I’d need a four-speed to sweeten the pot, but the ’69 Mustang is a favorite, and I’d love to marry this body to a correct or mildly improved engine and uncork that underrated 428 with both feet dancing. Would you take a gamble on this Wolverine State wonder?


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  1. Alan Brase

    You might want to edit your 3120 to 1320. Just sayin.Last I knew 440 yards is 1320 feet.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thank you Alan Brase! My fingers were faster than my slow brain in this case. Of course a quarter mile is the “thirteen twenty.” Much appreciated!

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  2. Steve Bush Member

    Would pass on this one. In addition to spending at least $10k (depending on how high it gets bid to) for a roller, you’ll probably spend at least another $50-70k, not to mention tons of time and effort to make it right. Yeah, the seller includes a rear end and a few other parts but not the important and expensive drivetrain. There are tons of nice old cars out there you could drive today for way less. Heck, you might even get two for the amount you’d have to invest here.

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  3. Alan Brase

    I think reality is setting in and this country probably is less enthusiastic about valuation of collector cars as investments. this Mustang is probably worth half what it was a year ago. Really rich people are just fine. Million dollar cars will go ever higher.

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    • Steve R

      What do you base your assertion that this car has lost 50% of its value over the last year?

      Steve R

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      • Phil B.

        I know we’re not supposed to talk politics, but the now real possibility of the dreaded green new deal will probably have an impact on classic cars across the board, and can’t be ignored when talking about them.
        Just sayin…

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  4. Alan Brase

    Just pulled it out of my backside, actually. All it takes is 2 people that want it and only one needs to have the money. My special interest is German cars and many have plummeted.
    I do actually have a personal dislike of 428 Fords. A drag strip engine failure became fatal to a friend of mine and only because it was a cast crankshaft. A forged crankshaft would not have allowed the catastrophic entry of the torque converter into the driver’s space. If only it were a 427 Ford. Or a Chevy.

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  5. Steve

    A real drag pack car has both horns on the passenger side making room for the oil cooler. This is a hot mess.

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    • DAVID B. Member

      Steve you took the words out of my mouth I own one now and have for 35 years I have no intention of selling it a true survivor and is irreplaceable.

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      • John Alm

        Congrats David , Back In The 80s i Was A Teenager Start My Career In General Automotive Repairs In E.HTFD , Ct , We Worked On An Original Owner 1969 Mach 1 428 SCJ 4SPD Car That Went Over Seas While He Was In Service And Returned , He Told Boss & I , Car Had Been Stolen 4 Times And Recovered , Think The Only Parts Missing Were The Factory Mag Wheels , It Was Still Wearing Its Original Factory Lt Blue Paint & Black Interior , Didnt Have Alot Of Miles

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    • Paul

      It’s actually my car that is for sale. The horns’ position threw me at first when I purchased it, but there is a clear witness mark from where the horns used to be mounted side-by-side. The original horn reinforcement is still in place on the inside lip of the radiator as well. I am not able to add the photos to the auction, but I am more than happy to supply the pictures to anyone who wants to ask a question in eBay.

  6. Mike

    “well, I’m done robbing all the parts I need off of this car….anyone looking for a project?”….Pass

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    • Paul

      Well, that’s actually not quite accurate. The previous owner took the entire driveline and the spindles along with most of the other parts for another project. He had planned to part it out in its entirety, but I was able to talk him out of it and sell what he hadn’t already taken for his projects. It had already been most disassemble, so I saved everything that could be saved, and actually have added a few parts to it since, including the rear end and the front disc brakes and spindles among others.

  7. Andy B

    Everyone is missing one key point – without the engine, this is no longer a ram air 428 drag pack. What you have is something that WAS what it claims. Now, it’s a roller…

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  8. Bill McCoskey

    I’m thinking this car’s first or second owner likely drove it hard and put it away wet, it probably sat on dirt or gravel for 10 or more years without being touched. The rust finally became the deciding case to part it out. Another owner bought it for the drive train and let it sit outside for more years. The rust holes around the trunk lid area suggests long-term outside unprotected storage, as the water drains around the trunk lid seal filled up with organic debris, causing the severe rust. Not surprising it needed a new trunk lid. Now it needs all the sheet metal from the doors rearward.

    Now, as true drag pack cars are beginning to appreciate quickly in value, this car suddenly is nearing the value of the restoration. But keep in mind that’s it unlikely the original engine & trans will be found, and obtaining a matching date code engine block, heads, and manifolds, will be a challenge.

    • Paul

      I don’t have all of the details, but that sounds reasonably close as I understand it. It is a little more solid than you suggest, though. The rear frames and torque are actually in surprisingly good shape, but it will need short rear section which I have included. All of the inner quarter structure is good, and I think this could probably be repaired with partial quarters, but I had intended to do full. I can tell you that I did try to get the original driveline from the previous owner, but he was unwilling to part with them. Perhaps the next owner will have more success.

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      • John Alm

        Hello Paul , There Is A Mustang / Torino / Cougar & Fairlane Restorer That Buys , Sells & Restores And Supply’s Components Repairing Service Located In Ohio , I,d Found It Thu Mustangs Unlimited In Manchester Ct , Which Has Recently Went Out Of Business , Might Look-Up Kevin Gormley On Facebook Or Sharon Gormley , He Worked For Mustangs For 32 YRS

  9. colton derrick

    alright for starters a 428 does not fit in that car and second its the wrong kind of engine

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