Rare 1990 Dodge Ramcharger Highway Patrol 4×4

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Law enforcement vehicles are popular with collectors around the U.S. and the world, although most of them aren’t 4x4s, as with this 1990 Dodge Ramcharger former California Highway Patrol vehicle. The seller has this rare beast posted here on craigslist in one of my favorite cities in America: San Antonio, Texas. They’re asking $24,999. Here is the original listing, and thanks to the tag team of Pat L. and T.J. for both sending in this tip!

Is this the first time that we’ve had two readers send in the same tip? I don’t remember that before, cool. Good eye, gents! We’ve seen many former police vehicles and other law enforcement vehicles here on Barn Finds, including 4x4s, even a Dodge Ramcharger similar to this 1990 model that was also a former California Highway Patrol vehicle. This one is wearing brand-new tires.

CHiPs wasn’t exactly a hard-hitting TV show in regard to showing exactly how highway patrol officers go about their daily duties. I’d have to believe that there aren’t many times in a highway patrolman/woman’s career that they have to deal with circus animals on the freeway or nudists on a beach somewhere. The seller of this 1990 Ramcharger says that it’s the real deal, reportedly from “the California mountain regions”, such as the Lake Tahoe area and it’s not a tribute vehicle.

As a 1990 Dodge Ramcharger, even without any of the CHiPs goodies or graphics, this appears to be a solid and nice example of a two-door 4×4. The seller says that it’s been repainted within the last 30 days and it comes with everything seen in the photos – except the light bar! Arrrrrrgh. The interior looks great, including the rear cargo area, as well as the underside.

Here’s where an engine photo would normally be, but out of 23 photos, the seller didn’t pop the hood once, bummer. They say that it has an HO 360-cu.in. police V8. I wish they would have provided a photo of it. It runs well, the AC blows cold, and Hagerty is at $24,100 for a #3 good-condition Ramcharger without the highway patrol goodies so this seems like a fair deal. How much would you pay for this one?

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  1. Rbig18

    Did I read that right? Without the light bar? That would reduce the price significantly to me as a buyer.

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    • Maggy

      He shouldn’t have shown it in the listing in the first place I agree. Too many pretend a cops out there.

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  2. Sam61

    Chuck Norris approved 👍. You never saw Ponch on Chips drive one of these out of a grave.

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  3. Jeffro

    Lone Wolf McQuad

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  4. David G

    A great find, but with a huge mistake made in painting. The doors are originally black, with just the outer skin painted white. The entire inner door structure should be black. Also the upper frame around the door glass should be black as well. Seller should have looked at vintage photos of the CHP Ramchargers before painting.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Thanks for the info, David! Here’s the other one that was featured here about three years ago:


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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      You’re right – that just looks plain wrong.

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    • Jolly Joe


      I knew something was wrong but you nailed it. You get Barn Find Smart Dude of the Day Award. Thanks for this. It really matters to people like me who can’t stand those who correct something and are wrong.

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    • Sam

      Good catch. Assume easy to correct with either paint or a wrap.

      So, sounds like from the ad, people just collect light bars? Agree with the other poster, without it, that’s sort of a big negative, in my opinion.

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    • Big Schwag

      Paint scheme on this is correct. I have pics from mid 90’s Bronco that they used and had the same paint scheme. Perhaps they changed it on different occasions.

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      • Joe F

        The bumper is not authentic as well. This seller is a flipper,

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  5. Rw

    At least turn the RWL to inside, and leave light bar.

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  6. Antonia A Martinez

    Ram Charger the love of my life. The inception of my Dodge obsession! I would give an arm to drive it again. Love making snow doughnuts!

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  7. Stan

    Nice manual hub swap 👌

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  8. HoA Howard AMember

    Case in point, I knew right away who would write this up. While I respect LEOs as having the toughest job in America today, I could never be one. Oh, I’ve dealt with plenty of cops in my life, almost on a daily basis. Compliance mostly, and I learned, KEEP YOUR DANG MOUTH SHUT,,,on a stop. Cops are trained to look for certain behavior, babbling is the worst. I’ve seen macho truck drivers get themselves in way more trouble, if only they didn’t say anything but what the officer asks. Eye contact, also VERY important, and above all, respect.
    Cops here have gone back to trucks, why, I got stopped by a county mountie in my red Jeep a while back in a F150.( I’m sure the Jeep had “stop me” signs all over it) I don’t recall too many Ramchargers, but being the worst vehicle the author owned, it just may give the perp an advantage. The color scheme may be off for a reason, I think it’s illegal to portray a police car exactly, and besides, I don’t know about you, but just the situations this thing might get you into without the person needing help would realize its a fake isn’t for me. Bullets flying,,no thanks

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  9. JLHudson

    Again, why is the “Lone Wolf McQuade” vehicle in the AMC section?

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  10. Glenn Hilpert

    Not for 25K

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  11. Steve

    Drive this in California, and watch people get out of your way! (and probably get arrested for impersonating an officer.)

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  12. scottMember

    Bought from a guy who bought it from a guy who knew a guy that bought it from THE Guy!

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  13. Mike C

    I am guessing they filled in the holes for the side mount “low band” 2way vhf radio. Or maybe since it’s black you can’t see it in the pictures. There appears to be a rust hole on the floor, note outside of the framerail . The fact that the paint isn’t correct maybe that who ever adds the chp color before be placed in service doesn’t di all of them? Just speculation. But its correctable. Used period correct light bars are not that expensive.

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  14. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Would this be legal to drive on the road?

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    • TerryC

      I can only speak for here in B.C.
      I have had a 9C1 Caprice in full markings and lights and current have an 86 Diplomat in red with lights and no markings.
      Both were used as film cars.
      As long as the lights are bagged (have custom covers) and the words police and emergency are covered over (I use plain white magnets) them you are alright.
      Also I have a disconnect for the fuses so the siren and squawker cannot be activated while driving. I have to reconnect while parked to have operable.
      I also have several period light bars and would happily donate one but they are not legal to sell so…
      I have been pulled over a couple of times in the Caprice but it was a matter of curiosity more than anything.
      One local rookie did seem to have an issue with the car but as I was showing him the disconnect and explaining that it was perfectly legal to drive his much more experienced coworker pulled up and put a very quick stop to his harassing nonsense.
      Of note it wasn’t in any department colours anymore but generic white Police department for film.
      Was formerly R.C.M.P. blue and white.

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      • Rick Rothermel

        Try what the movie car providers do with cars in transit: make a vinyl cover or mask for the light bar. That protects the light bar as well as keeping you legal.

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  15. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Listing update: it’s now $19,999!

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  16. Joe F
  17. G the cop car guy

    I think the seller is hoping that no one knows anything about California Highway Patrol vehicles and just thinks it’s ‘cool’ enough to buy. The only thing even remotely accurate about it is the fact that it’s painted black and white. I wonder if the person who built this has ever seen a CHP vehicle in real life?
    *The spotlights are a plastic and modern
    *The CHP stars are from the current era and incorrect
    *The HIGHWAY PATROL lettering is the wrong font and wrong color
    *The driver’s seat is torn
    *Passenger door panel and center console are mismatched
    *For a $25k asking price, you would think he could have at least vacuumed out the floor?
    With all this lack of attention to details we can see, it makes you weary of where else corners were cut that you can’t see.

    This is a hard pass.

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