Rare Hang 10 Edition! 1975 Dodge Dart Sport

Dodge put out many special edition cars, trucks, and vans in the 1970s and a lot of them were not much more than graphics packages. Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of graphics-induced special editions like this 1975 Dodge Dart Hang 10. This rare car can be found here on craigslist in the surfing capital of the world: North Scottsdale, Arizona with an asking price of $7,975. Thanks to Roger for sending in the tip for this one!

The Hang 10 package A63 included one of the coolest interiors of all time, in my opinion, They were all based on the Dodge Dart Sport which we talked about a bit on a post a couple of weeks ago here. One source says that the Hang 10 is based on the Convertriple which was Dodge’s three-in-one car: an economy car, a “wagon” with a fold-down rear seat, and had a sunroof for a convertible feel.

But, here is a Dodge Dart Sport Hang 10 edition advertisement which mentions that both the sunroof and fold-down rear seat are options. This car then has the optional sunroof and fold-down rear seat to store a surfboard. And, of course, just to keep things interesting, here is a conflicting advertisement from Dodge that mentions that the fold-down seat is standard. No wonder there is so much confusion and fake news in politics, we can’t even get car companies to be consistent with information on their own cars. Ok, back to this particular Hang 10.

I’m a huge fan of red interiors but give me a crazy bright stripe or plaid pattern any day over that. This is one of the coolest interiors that I have seen. Orange carpet? Yes, please. Orange on the console and dash? Double-yes! You can see what looks like scary rust on the driver’s side floor in the image of the dash, but hopefully there isn’t a lot of rust on or in this car. There is no mention of rust in the listing, just that it’s very solid and an Arizona car. You probably also noticed that the top of the dash is pretty well toasted, so plan on tracking down a new dash pad or having that one restored. Here is the surfboard area behind the seats.

This is the original and optional 318 cubic-inch V8 which in 1975 would have had a mere 145 hp. It has factory AC and the seller says that it needs a carburetor to run but it turns over. I’m reasonably certain that 90% of Barn Finds readers could and would have this car running in an afternoon. Have any of you seen a Dart Dart Sport Hang 10 edition?


  1. Miguel

    Where are the stripes?

    Is this seller serious with this price?

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    • David Zornig

      The stripes are there, just completely faded by the Arizona sun…

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      • Miguel

        I don’t see any stripes on the hood faded or otherwise.

    • Linda Kehoe

      Oh this car had stripes it was red and blue stripes with white in the middle and at the end of the stripes it had a person on a surfboard. On the hood of the car it had like a triangle and it said hang tin in there. I got this car a few days before I graduated from high school and I regret selling it. Every time I see a picture of this car I just drool. Wouldn’t it be a dream to have this car again and restore it. I don’t see a price and it’s been couple years so I’m assuming it has been sold by now. But I could share dream.

  2. Jay

    Just saw one today in
    Woodley Park, CA
    Spring Fling

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Beautiful! Thanks for the great photo, Jay!

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  3. jbourne

    right car for me-but way off on px ………….

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    • Glenn Schwass Member

      Awesome interior. Iit’s a shame engines were so wimpy then , but hopefully there are aftermarket parts like heads, carb and intake to get some HP…

  4. David Zornig

    As of 2011 there was a stripe kit still available.


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    • Miguel

      I have that link bookmarked.

      I was going to use this kit on my 1975 Dart coupe just to give it a little color.

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  5. Tony Primo

    Nice Ruster.

  6. Richard

    Are there Dusters down in the USA? Up here in Canada this body style is branded by Dodge as a Duster.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      The Duster is a Plymouth down here.

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    • Brent in Winnipeg

      In Canada, this body style was the Dodge Demon for 1971 and 1972, then the Dodge Dart Sport for 1973 to 1976. There was never a Dodge Duster.

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  7. JP

    I bought a new ’75 Dart Sport for my wife & it was a great car!

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  8. Allen04084

    To be clear, in 1975 you had the choice of the slant 6 or 318. No extra cost for the 318 if you wanted that. The only extra cost engine option was the 360 for 1975 A body Mopars

  9. Rob Leiser

    My Sister got one for graduation. It was a classic 1970’s Detroit tin. The main thing I remember was the passenger sun visor had one screw in correctly, one cross threaded 1/2 way in and one missing. When the seat belt failed the car wouldn’t start when the ignition system failed it didn’t start. This seemed to happen every few months. After a year the rust started bubbling up. It was a great looking car but the fit and finish was horrible.

    • don

      I’ve had a lot of these cars and their Volare/Aspen cousins, but I never had one where the car wouldn’t start without having the seatbelt on – At the time I never wore a seatbelt .All mine had was a annoying buzzer , which I disconnected as soon as I bought them !

    • James Faoro

      mine had numerous quality issues and was only 5 yrs old, what a nightmare, don’t miss it at all, my older A bodies were built much better

  10. karl

    Al Dart Sport Hang 10s had fold down rear seats so you could put your surfboards in the back- hence the Hang 10 name ! I’m pretty sure they all had the sunroof as well.

    • Ed

      Not all had the sunroof… I had one without it… but you are correct about the fold down rear seat..

  11. PatrickM

    Time after time, I find a car that would like to have and either it or I am on the wrong coast. Dang, man!! Here is another one. This little buggy….ummm..sorry…mid sized buggy…would get me around really well. Sure there are a few things that need attention. But, I must remember, this lady is 44 years old. And the price on this is somewhat high for me. I have no complaints about the car other than location.

  12. Linda

    I had this car fresh out of high school in 1976. I believe it’s a 1975 if I remember correctly. I was one hot chick in that car. Wish I had it again.

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  13. Ed

    I had a ’75 Dart Sport “Hang 10” edition i bought it for $50 in 1985.. all it needed was a torsion bar and an exhaust manifold.. had the 225ci Slant Six and ran great… got rear-ended and i lost interest in it sole ot for $300..

  14. Tom White

    I read through this posting twice.
    Theres mention of The interior conditions, engine ,etc. Yet what I dont see is any mention of body work needed!.,when I look at the passenger side view pic.thats with this posting,theres a clearly visible creasing Dent!- in passenger door skin;and bothedge gaps of door are askew a bit from it,in that pic.
    It’s not mentioned, but I’m guessing there are other body issues( dings dents rust,etc) in fenders or other suspect areas, but otherwise this seems like strait forward ,easy restorable car…


    I bought a brand new 1975 Dodge Dart Hang Ten.
    From day 1 it had rust from the day it came off the lot. IN 3 years you opened the trunk lid and you could see both rear wheels. rotted.
    also you could not drive this car over 50 miles per hour. it shook like hell. after 9000 miles i had to replace both front tires. it goes on and on. Chryler was just putting junk together in order to stay above water. if lee iakoka didn’t come to dodge in the late 70’s chrysler would not be here today.

  16. Scott Downey

    Anyone know how many duster in 1975 360 had the sunroof and space duster rear seat can’t seem to find any if if someone could point me in a direction . email is juddzia@eastlink.ca thank you also the car is TX9 black probabaly not common in the 70’s

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