Rare Hardtop: 1961 Porsche 356 Cabriolet

Normally, I’m not a fan of convertible 356s, but the hardtop in this instance changes my opinion. Factory hardtops are often hard to come by, likely because they’re an expensive option when new and most convertible buyers likely don’t see the point of a car they’re buying for the open air experience. Still, nothing fits like an OEM hardtop, and this barn find 1961 Porsche 356 here on eBay truly does offer the best of both worlds.

Factor in the luggage rack and this Porsche is an OEM fanatic’s dream come true. I happen to be one of these people, so you can bet I’d be hard pressed to sell a car like this if I happened upon it in a California barn. Of course, the seller is none other than Gullwing Motorcars, and they certainly have no pangs of nostalgia when they come upon a delightful survivor like this. The listed price is $89,500, and no, there’s not a best offer option.

The color is wonderful, and is Royal Blue as noted in the ad. That’s another selling point in favor of this 356, as it seems like most of the convertibles were ordered in black or red. Combined with the preferred black interior and the later engine swap to a 1600 Super out of a 1959 model, and I’d say with some degree of certainty it belonged to an enthusiast when ordered new. The only guys I know who spec OEM hardtops with their M3 or 911 convertible today are hardcore purists (or well-moneyed housewives, but they’re the minority.)

The seller notes the 356 remains highly original, and despite the engine swap, I’d say this counts as an upgrade. The condition seems to validate its status as a nicely aged survivor, and I’m assuming the unrestored state means the rest of the car – paint, transmission, interior, etc. – all remains as it did when it left the factory. While a hardtop coupe is my preferred 356 configuration, it’s hard to ignore how appealing a droptop can be with the factory tin top.


  1. doug

    $89,500? Nothing else to say.

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    • Sandy Claws

      I agree, such a deal.. Give me two at that price.

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  2. John

    I’d like to have it, just as it is to park in my back yard, in sight of the road. I’d love to meet all of the car fanatics who would come to my door to see if it was for sale. I’d never get lonesome. (of course I’d bring it into a nice warm dry garage at night) I like this little car a lot.

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  3. TimM

    I’ll give him that much for that gay looking luggage rack in the back

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  4. Robert White

    In Late Stage Ponzi Capitalism [see Hyman Minsky] we get brokers/dealers [Peter Kumar Classic Cars Sales] that market product to speculative investors
    [car flippers] that further the speculative stages by re-marketing in order to get even higher prices. The aim of their speculative process is to derive as much profit in the speculative phase as they can possibly attain [see Barret Jackson].

    Personally, I have watched this sort of speculation take classic car restoration completely out of the hands of the restoration tradespeople’s hands only to have the whole classic car portfolio of the greatest cars in the world end up in the hands of the wealth transferring class in the .01%.

    This listed car is priced to sell at $89k USD with that absolutely new ‘Royal Blue’ paint, and don’t forget the ‘0’ miles on the odometer.

    What completely breaks the spectacular deal for me is the lack of guarantee on the purchase. With zero miles on the odometer one would think that the nice dealer would throw in a warranty & guarantee too.


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    • Sandy Claws

      You speak great truth but tread carefully. Some people here do not want to upset the 0.1% as you call them. Best watch out for the Illuminati as well. Before you know it your picture will be on the back of a milk cartoon and it says, “Last seen writing on his computer typing something about a Ponzi scheme” Of course many here will say this isn’t a bubble at all and the prices are going to rise until the Second Coming and the Lord Himself will drive into town in a patina loaded 356. (That the Wright brothers gave him a killer deal on)

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