Rare Sprint Edition: 1972 Ford Mustang

America has no shortage of special editions aimed at moving inventory, and in what was otherwise a dismal year for Mustang sales, the Sprint edition ’72 Mustang combined patriotic looks with limited production and a significant tie-in to that year’s Olympic games. The package featured mostly cosmetic dress-up, but it struck a chord with buyers as nearly 10,000 examples were sold. This one is a true barn find listed here on craigslist for $3,000 and in need of full restoration.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. The USA badges were just part of the decor package that set the Sprint apart from other Mustangs, and impressively the outline of the graphics are still hanging on. Of course, this is still a far cry from when the Sprint was new and its blue hood stripes and sill treatments gleamed brightly against the white paint. The Sprint package was available on multiple Ford products, including the Maverick and the Pinto.

There was no direct tie-in to the Olympic games, but the timing couldn’t be denied as appearing intentional. The custom color scheme carried over to the interior, and the overall package looked quite sharp when paired with a set of wheels slightly more exciting than the black steelies this car currently rides on. It’s hard to get a total view of the interior, but it looks like it needs a fair amount of work.

You could spec a Sprint with any engine available in the Mustang lineup; fortunately, the original owner here opted for the 351. No background is provided on the car’s mechanical health or history, but the asking price also seems fair for a rare bird without too much information. Rust is hard to discern but I don’t see anything too troubling in the pictures. While it is largely a case of cosmetic enhancements, these Sprint Mustangs look awfully good when restored, so hopefully this one will be appropriately refreshed.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Jeff.

    This one obviously needs a ton of work. I agree, I think these look great when restored, as the pictures of ‘done’ cars the seller includes in the ad illustrate.

  2. mike leyshon

    That sad part was the 351-4v Cleveland was the best that could be had in 72-73. No V-8 option at all in the ’74 Mustang II.

    • JoeNYWF64

      Makes no sense for the ’72-3 stang that you could not get a 400 or 429 or 460 available in bigger ford cars, to compensate for lower compression.

      • bruce baker

        Or 427 or 428 cobra jet.

  3. TimM

    Needs some love that’s for sure but it looks solid on the outside!!

  4. BeeMoe

    Had one of these back in the late 80’s for a short period. Was a barn find then and thought I could get it back in the road quickly. After finding that the torsion bars were rusted out, it went to the junk yard. The guy I bought it from called it a Miss America edition. Never thought to question it, I had it such a short time.

  5. Troy s

    I like the Mach 1 roof line and graphics better on the ’71-73 Mustangs, but this one could look decent if restored or slightly customized.
    Lots of haters when it comes to these bigger ‘Stangs, I don’t understand it really, years ago even the mustang clubs seemed to shun these. Set up they’ve got a style all their own plus the hard running 351 Cleveland for a solid ride.
    Seems like a love it or hate it deal with no middle ground when it comes to the big Mustangs.

    • theGasHole

      Troy I remember when I was 20 years old I bought a 72 Mustang convertible. I was really excited about it and took it over to the local Mustang club, thinking I’d get a warm reception. Wrong. They were like “so?”. This was in 1995 and I don’t think much has changed since then.

      • Troy s

        theGasHole, In 1984 I had a ’66 Mustang coupe, as a senior in high school, but I really liked the aggressive looks of the ’71-73 Mach 1’s, not quite as much as the ’69-70 but I’d of been happy either way. Joined some Mustang club through the mail and I started receiving Mustang Monthly magazine which was kinda neat. That’s where I first noticed the snobbish attitude towards these, which I thought was nuts. Nothing really has changed except the higher price tags.
        The only reason I didn’t buy a ’71 Mach 1 a year later was the total lack of rear window visibility, just bugged me too much living in busy southern California with all the traffic and other hazards. Would like to to have that Mach now…351 Cleveland, 4 speed, decent gears and not a scratch or tear to be found. How it goes.

  6. bruce baker

    My brother still has his first car (Me too a 1972 GT6), a clean straight 1972 351 “C” “Flag Stang” “Sprint”. That weak Automatic trans, either it was a “FMX” or a C-4, was junk at only 51,000 miles. So he put a C-6 an a shift kit in it with a different driveshaft. Problem solved until the flywheels starter teeth wore down. He don’t drive it no more, because of a bad engine vibration. It has even cylinder compression plus running on all 8 as the temp gauge tool states. But he does fire it up at an idle once a month still i think. I think he got a bad flywheel from a Performance Auto parts store. He thinks he bent the engine crank when he installed that new flywheel. He started it up with a box end wrench still hanging down. I hear he’s thinking of selling it to make room in his Co. garage. Plus i know where two more of these “Sprints” are long timed parked on route 66 at car repair shops. One in “North” Pomona, & one in Glendora Ca.

  7. bruce baker


  8. theGasHole

    Rare-ish, not sure many people care (and this is from someone who likes the 71-73 models). I know where one is, rusting and sinking into the ground at a South Jersey salvage lot, covered in pine needles. Owner put down his crack pipe long enough to tell me he needed “$5000 minimum” for it. These do look cool when all restored.

    Like 1
  9. Ed

    It has always been my understanding that the solid rubber front bumper did not come out until the ’73 model year. That was one way to distinguish between the ’72 and ’73. Is this a true ’72 or is it a ’73?

  10. J Nufer

    Have had one for some time
    Bought back in the 90’s
    Has about 80,000 mi, 351c, still runs great
    I like the stye personally
    Has a great look and I haven’t had any negative comments

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