Rare Two-Door Wagon: 1962 Ford Falcon

Talk about a tempting find! You can find Ford Falcon coupes and sedans all day, but when was the last time you spotted a 2-door wagon? And I’m not talking about the Sedan Delivery model, which lacks rear side windows. This 1962 Falcon Wagon sports just two doors (three if you count the tailgate) and is going to need lots of work, but it sure has a lot of potential. You can find this project here on eBay in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with a current bid of $2,025.

Rust is a bit of an issue here, but much of it looks to be surface rust. There are some holes in the floor that will need to be patched, as well as some unfinished repair work. It’s been sitting in a barn for the past decade, so be sure to inspect the photos closely to make sure all the trim and major bits are present.

There’s no engine under the hood or one included, but this will give you the option to pick your own. The front end has been swapped to a Mustang II setup which gives you a more modern suspension design and disc-brakes. Personally, I’d rather have the original setup, but it does give you more space in the engine bay to work or for a larger engine.

The seller believes most of the interior is present, although some bits are clearly missing. There are lots of spare parts included so hopefully all the hard to find parts are present. We, unfortunately, don’t get a good look at the dash or front floors.

This one is going to be a big project, but it sure could be a sweet machine. With the right upgrades, it could give a Mustang a run for its money, but with plenty of room for trips to the hardware store! So, if you were to take this one on, what route would you take it?

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  1. Mitchell Member

    Drop either a Coyote or a 351 Windsor backed by a TKO 600, pair of Torque-thrusts up front, steelies out back, Mustang bucket seats up front, fix the rust, keep it white, daily it during the nice weather, take it to car shows and cruise-ins, bada-boom.

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  2. Steve R

    Good basis for a unique build. A solid car no reserve auction could allow someone to walk away with a good deal.

    Steve R

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  3. TimM

    Solid body!! Need to call painless and get a new wire harness!! I would do a stroker 302 with a Tremec 5 speed and it would be a fun car that you could take to the drive in or the beach!!! Nice find I have two other projects right now or I’d be all over this!!

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  4. Howard A Member

    In the mid-80’s, my then brother in law and I went to Nashville( from Wisconsin) to buy a classic car. At that time, there were literally dozens for sale in a small shopper paper. No “Barn Finds” then, it was the only way. For our $300 we had to spend, we narrowed it down to a ’56 Chrysler, perfect body, no motor,( hemi gone missing) a ’63 Chevy BelAir, 2 door, damaged rear quarter, good quarter included, 6 and a stick that ran, or a 2 door Falcon wagon like this, 6, stick, no floors, but ran. I wanted the Falcon because I never saw one, but my brother in law was a Chevy man, so we went with the Chevy. $300 bucks,,,

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  5. 370zpp

    In 1963, my best friend’s father (who clearly was a car guy) came home one day with a new 63 Falcon wagon for his wife to drive. It was black with red interior, with a V-8 that I believe was a 390. It was scary fast.

    • Dave

      Biggest engine they put in ’63 falcon was a 260.

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  6. Maestro1 Member

    Put a V-6 in it and Vintage Air and Heat and you have a nice driver, along with doing the rest of the car.

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  7. Brian M Member

    The last time that I saw one of these was in 1974 in Charleston, SC as my cousin drove away in my 61 that I had just sold him for $400. I bought it in 71 for $125, needing some rust repair on the tailgate and some front suspension bits sorely worn out. We had a slightly sloped driveway and one day my wife asked me why the car was in the street. I said that it wasn’t and she said that I had better look. In gear, it had rolled down the drive and across the street. A check of compression showed the best one to have 65 pounds. Found another engine, hood and horn ring (!) for $100 and carried it around in the back for almost a year until one of my NCOs volunteered to help me move it to the other end of the vehicle, which we did over a weekend and one case of Old Milwaukee. The battery, which had no problem with the old engine, wouldn’t even budge this one, so a jump and a new battery was in order. This was my daily driver for a couple of more years and general all-around little hauler until I got transferred to Spain and had to dispose of it. Would love to have it back.

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  8. Randy

    I smell hot rod all day long in red color too!

  9. K. McNeal

    Gassers all day long!! Straight axle, big block, 4 speed!!

  10. Dave

    Biggest engine they put in ’63 falcon was a 260.Never had a 390 in any year.

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