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Rare V-Twin: 1913 Harley Davidson

1913 Harley Davidson Model 9E

Finding any early Harley Davidsons is quite the special occasion, but finding an early V-twin is absolutely incredible! This bike is an unrestored barn find example and while it has plenty of issues, it’s a very valuable piece of motorcycle history. The seller claims it was found in a barn in Iowa 5 years ago, the owner at that point bought it in 1921 and kept it all those years. Today, the engine is stuck and there is rust in the gas tank, but it’s complete and could be restored. The question is, should it restored or should it be preserved as is? Take a look at this amazing bike here on eBay in Brick, New Jersey with a current bid of $12k.

1913 Harley Davidson V-Twin

Shortly after Harley debuted its first bikes, they began working on a V-twin engine. The first prototypes were shown off in 1907, but street going versions weren’t available to buyers until 1909. There were only a small handful built during that time period. The year this bike was built, the engine had grown and was more powerful. There still weren’t many built.

1913 Harley Davidson 9E

Finding parts for this bike is going to be a real challenge. Hopefully the engine can be freed up and made to run. Finding a correct engine for it would be almost impossible, although I’m sure with enough hunting you could find one. That’s part of the fun with a bike like this! Just imagine how amazing it would be to have it back on the road. So what would you do with this Harley? Would you fully restore it or preserve it?


  1. Pat lamb

    Like this…

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    • PaulG

      …and he lives in Iowa

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      • Pat lamb

        They Drive that van all over the place

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  2. Mr. Bond

    I would hope you could repair the engine that is in it. I’d get it running and ride it to events in town. That is one cool machine. Wonder what his reserve is.

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  3. Joey

    A running single sold for $82,000


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  4. Hitman

    Tho not a Harley, with a full resto’ these old bikes are magical.

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    • David Wilk Member

      Sure looks like the same bike. Guess the seller did not get his price the first time around. Do any BF readers know these bikes well enough to say what this one should sell for in this condition?

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  5. Rob

    That bike was featured here on Barn Finds before, back on July 22nd this year. It made it up to 26K, but didn’t meet ‘Reserve’.. Guess he’s trying again..

    I said this before too:
    My 1st Harley was a 1921 Sport Model-W, with an opposed twin engine of 558cc. Bought her in the ’60’s when I was a teenager, from its original owner for $10. to make it legal, restored her, but sold it in the 70’s for 5K to settle an IRS Debt :(

    I still like old bikes, but I’ve resigned myself to the peddle variety now. This example has never been restored, but was kept in good enough condition over the years, by hanging in a barn, keeping its original ‘patina’ intact. She’s a 1944 BSA Paratrooper (foldable.. for jumping), that was used in WWII on D-Day, complete with her original war-grade marked tyres, and leather pouch behind the seat, tho since this photo, I’ve replaced those incorrect grips with black celluloid ones, that took me 3 yrs to find. :)

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  6. boxdin

    Get it to run and enjoy it like it is. A great find ! Again!

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I think that it could be freed up and made to run with little difficulty. A complete restoration would be in order because the rust has pretty much taken over and it has to be stopped. I’d like to buy this bike but it’s likely to go out of my budget–it’s almost there now. If I had it, I’d free it up, get it started, enjoy it a bit then tear it down and give it a full resto. Then I’d ride it and enjoy it again. I might add that I’d never restore anything to a point where I wouldn’t want to take it out for a ride. I own my vehicles; they DON’T own me…

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  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    City gear highway gear…just flip the wheel around. Wow, this is just awesome. I run a flip/flop wheel on a couple of my bicycles…but on a motorcycle!

    I can’t even wrap my head around a 103 year old motorcycle…I love it! I’m going to buy a powerball ticket JUST FOR THIS

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  9. Ronald Wheeler

    To have Barn Finds is doing this nation a service. So very tired of wars and politics.
    Been there, age 76.
    Thank you Barn Finds for the nice hours of reflection.

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  10. Tommy

    Dale Wexler.

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    • Rando

      I would think Dale would be all over this if it’s worth anything.

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  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Something about the Yamaha cover in the background just does not sit well with me. Outstanding scooter!

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