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Rare Yacht Deck Siding: 1968 Mercury Park Lane Convertible

It’s an uncommon occurrence when a car has such a strong on-screen presence that it ends up stealing the show, like the Trans Am in the Burt Reynolds movie or Challenger in the flick most Mopar fans can’t get enough of.  And while it by no means garnered nearly that kind of attention, some folks may remember that Jack Lord drove a Mercury Park Lane in the Hawaii Five-O TV series, which likely gained the car at least some popularity during the late sixties.  While Lord’s car was a 4-Door, this 1968 Mercury Park Lane here on Facebook Marketplace has just half as many entry points plus it’s a droptop, making this a pretty cool choice for buyers seeking a land-yacht style vehicle from this time period.  The car is in the beautiful New England area of Milford, Massachusetts, with the asking price set at $27,500.

Barn Finds reader Dennis House spotted this one and sent it our way, and we’d like to thank him for the tip!  1968 was the end of the line for the Park Lane, which was replaced by the Marquis in the Mercury lineup for ’69.  But during its final years, the car was competitive with the Lincoln offerings and provided a fine luxurious feel at a considerably lower cost.  This Park Lane is said to be in very well-preserved condition, with the seldom-seen Yacht Deck Paneling along the sides, which compliments the Lime Frost paint nicely.  There’s no word on whether or not this one’s ever had a respray, but the body appears to be straight and the finish isn’t showing any obvious serious blemishes from any angle that I could spot.  The white convertible top is stated to be brand new.

While the Mercury is said to be all stock in most areas, under the hood is a different story, with what the seller refers to as a built 460 providing power to the 18 feet of metal surrounding it.  Other than a performance cam, he doesn’t go into detail specifically about what else is inside but does mention that the car is a ball to drive.  The engine bay presents well and the Edelbrock dress-up pieces provide a sweet appearance, with the exhaust flowing through two turbo mufflers, providing a great-sounding rumble coming out the back that can be heard in the video provided in the listing.

Not a whole lot of detailed information is given about the interior, other than it being original and in super nice condition, with the photos seeming to back up this claim.  We even get a shot of the underside, which seems quite solid, as does the trunk.  I’m certainly not finding much not to like about this Park Lane, outside, inside, or down below, and $27.5k seems in the ballpark to me for the fun ride we’re seeing here.  What are your thoughts on this one?


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Rare and unique. I wonder about the product planners: “Hey we are getting a bigger production run of paneling than we need for the wagons, how about offering a convertible with it too?” Not sure I’ve ever seen one. Looks to be in great shape. Seller mentions some production data but a Marti report would be particularly interesting and useful. Cruise in style.

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    • Billyray

      Chrysler likewise offered a convertible with panneled sides that year.

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    • Mitch Lewis

      Also offer on 2dr ht and on Montereys.

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      • Michael Lowe

        Nice cruiser !! A built 460 should have more than enough hp to move this sled. But what about the suspension?

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  2. eric22t

    can’t say as i like the wood grain on a not wagon.
    having said that nice looking old merc

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  3. Troy

    I like it overall however not a fan of the wood grain I think I would have it removed and painted a different shade of green because it already has the trim to outline the wood, or maybe have all the chrome accents blacked out.

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    • Jeff Van Blaricum

      It be a perfect, for a fella with a little money to burn. A ball to drive I bet it is! Sunday cruises, parades yeah..

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  4. ThunderRob

    One of my dream cars,it’s just epic beyond epic..best car ever posted on BA(IMHO)

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    • AnthonyD

      I closed my eyes and dreamed I was looking at this beauty without the cheesy wood grain…then I woke up and reality set in. I immediately scrolled on to the next car.

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  5. Maggy

    The faux paneling is so ugly on this car I love it. I bet thing is a blast to drive like the seller says . I think the price is right on from what I’m viewing in the…vanishing point.

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  6. Crusty65

    For those that want to stand out wherever they go, this drop top your car. A built 460 is super cool and I bet is a blast to drive! Not for everyone, but I’d definitely keep it with the wood grain as that adds to the eye catching quality

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  7. Heartbreaker AL

    WOW is all can say about this cruiser. If it wasn’t so massive and impressive that woody look would not work on anything other than a wagon. The designers must have gone out for lunch the day they came up with this one and had a couple psychedelics then came back to the drawing board. I luv it!

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    • Jon

      Maybe Timothy Leary owned it!😄

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    • DRV

      Really, what’s not to like? Mostly the faux wood is a problem for some, but for a big iron convertible, this is my choice.

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  8. Allen L

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, in 1968 a Mercury Park Lane could have come with a few different FE engine options.
    A 460 is a 385 series, first introduced in 1969.

    So this Merc isn’t numbers matching, if that really matters.

    If the car originally came with a 428 FE, or rarer 427 HiPo FE, I wonder if that engine was sold for good coin, and then replaced with a more common 460.

    That being said, I love this Family Sportster, Clark Griswold would probably like it more than the Truckster.

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    • Todd Richmond

      I have a 68 Mercury Park Lane they came out with 15 convertibles that year 10 of them had the 428 Cobra jet engine in it I have one it was in the middle of being restored and the old man restoring it died engine is on a motor stand ready to go all new parts for the carbox car strip down to the frame have had a heart attack and lost interest I would like to sell it if anyone is interested it is numbers matching all original my phone number is 573-429-5755 thank you

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  9. Guardstang

    Was there complaints about the 67 Mercury speedometer being too small? That 68 speedo is huge!

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  10. Michael Dean

    Maybe could have got lucky with Christy had he been driving this instead of the truckster!

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  11. ACZ

    A mahogany runabout.

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    It’s giving me a woody…

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  13. AndyinMA

    Just lovely!

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    The perfect vehicle to drive to the Yacht Club on Sunday to take your 34ft classic wooden Chris Craft runabout out for a spin! Peace Out

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  15. Jim Ayres

    Strange how they spliced in the paneling at the front. Otherwise I love it.

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    • Robert Holt

      Yeah it must’ve been the panelling guys first day on the job, for him not to notice the wood grain running in the wrong direction… oops! Otherwise, WOW! Super nice and classy ride, and I’m tickled to death that someone had the intestinal fortitude to install a mill under the hood! Yeah I’ll bet that thing is fun to drive, I had a ’76 T-bird with a 460 under the hood, and for a car that weighed 8 tons and was 62 feet long she would surprise the heck out of you! This one’s almost too classy for smoke shows… almost (hee hee). What a sleeper!

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  16. Mike L

    I had a 68 Park Lane four door with 428 in 1985 purchase for $400 it would smoke the tires or hook up and brake motor mount. Also remember seeing convertible on Robert Kennedy 1968campaign with around 20 people sitting all over it as it was going down the street

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  17. MLM

    I would take this as it is. You don’t see these too often and a reminder that cars like this won’t ever be built again. This is one nice Merc.

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  18. Grape Ape

    Beautiful vehicle imo. Pop a crimson color where the green is, and maybe a silver for where the paneling is.
    Looks like a cruiser.

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  19. Ivan

    I remember the years 65,66, & 67 also had convertible faux wood deck siding as well. Some came Fully Equipped with all the Bells and Whistles installed as well. I still believe in keeping everything original that means if the ride came with the factory Big Block 4BBL 390 V8 to the Big Block
    Big Block 4BBL 460 V8 then by all means keep all factory original.

    Keep up the with the necessary maintenance repairs and services it needs for it to be original and keep all receipts and records as proof from when the Ride was first brought with the original sales and maintenance service and repairs records when the Ride was brand new by and from the original owner. Preventive maintenance is the key folks to keep your ride at it’s best peak to keep it up in tip top condition for it to be original.

    That’s what i’m sharing and talking about with you.

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  20. JoeNYWF64

    I find it hard to believe that steering wheel above(slightly modified) was used on the ’68 Shelby Mustang.

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  21. Robert Starinsky

    Simply put, they just don’t make ‘‘em like this any longer. Not quite the character that a true woody convertible from the forties would have but a lot less wood maintenance would be needed on this one. Might even be able to tow a Chris Craft behind it.

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  22. David A George

    I believe this car was in an issue of Hemings classic cars. Milford would be in their neck of the woods. The “yacht deck” paneling is what made me remember. Can’t be many of those.

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  23. Steve

    I would leave this rare beauty just the way it is and be the hit of “Cars & Coffee” and parades.

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  24. Todd Richmond

    I have a 68 Mercury Park Lane they came out with 15 convertibles that year 10 of them had the 428 Cobra jet engine in it I have one it was in the middle of being restored and the old man restoring it died engine is on a motor stand ready to go all new parts for the carbox car strip down to the frame have had a heart attack and lost interest I would like to sell it if anyone is interested it is numbers matching all original my phone number is 573-429-5755 thank you

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  25. Old Man

    I miss the long roofs. The heck with SUVs. Bring back the station wagons!

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I miss the long HOODS – the modern camaro & even challenger do not have a long hood – not really pony cars in the purest sense. Some modern hondas have tiny hoods & a windshield that is almost twice as big! That is sooo messed up.
      I also miss real bumpers & the long front overhangs of many old cars with lots of empty space to protect the radiator, etc. from a low impact front collision.
      A new “modern” front wheel drive vehicle could be totaled from a minor front impact. Not for me!

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  26. PRA4SNW

    It is a nice car, but this is going to take a special buyer to be interested in paying that much.

    Seller will have to put it on a platform with a bigger audience – perhaps EBay.

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  27. Gary

    Like they were trying to bring back the Sportsman of the late forties, but it didnt work.

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  28. chrlsful

    I’m w/bill, remember the mopowr (may B in white? not a marlin by name?). AND ‘yes’ haulin the chris craft would fit. It makes it look some kinda “crisp” to me. They stood out (in the day) as said above as “not wagon”. I like it.

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  29. Brian

    Quite a rare find. I also had never seen a Mercury with Yacht Paneling. Looks like fun land yacht at any rate, and not a bad price given its condition.

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  30. Mike

    Possibly a good movie car for a retro prequel to “Planes , trains , and automobiles “
    Chrysler woodie- lol

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  31. C Force

    The 460 looks right at home,it delivers alot more torque and hp when built right as i’m sure this one is.either way, FE big block or 385 series still probably get single digit mpg.she’s a beauty!

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  32. PRA4SNW


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