Rarely This Nice: 1990 Nissan 300ZX

Nissan’s 300ZX has come in many flavors over the years, but 1990 represented a complete transformation of the model. While turbocharging was still on the menu, the naturally aspirated version was also quite desirable thanks to a powerful six-cylinder placing it firmly on the list of polished grand tourers. This 1990 example here on craigslist has around 60,000 original miles and comes in a rare color combo of white over red leather. 

The seller describes this Z-car as a two-owner example, with the original owner being an elderly driver who checked all the right boxes when it was purchased new. Red leather is a stunning addition to an already eye-catching design, and the front seats were re-done to address dryness and cracking due to the car’s Texas location. The matching door panels and dashboard is a very 90s design but it still looks great. The slick-shifting 5-speed is a must-have in a car like this, and the 300ZX also sports the T-Top roof.

When it was new, the original owner sprung for all the extended maintenance and warranty packages, as well as the paint and undercarriage protection plans. For sure, these are sometimes dealer gimmicks, but if it helped keep this car as rust-free as it appears, they were well worth it. The seller says that due to the maintenance packages, the records file is quite lengthy on this car and shows a long history of regular servicing. He says he would not hesitate to drive it anywhere, and that there are no leaks. The dual rear mufflers were replaced under his watch.

Perhaps most important is that this 300ZX has been adult-owned. Too many of these gorgeous coupes fell into the hands of teenage drivers once they became affordable, and it’s almost more difficult to find a clean N/A example than the turbocharged models, as those cars were always more valuable and sometimes better preserved. The seller is asking $11,999 for this survivor-grade Z, and while the price is high, there’s no guarantee you’ll find another one this nice any time soon.

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  1. nessy

    Why does one photo of the front seats look like cloth seats while the other photos show leather? Take a close look.

    • Jeffro

      Stitch pattern looks different in one pic versus the other.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      I see what you’re saying, and I think it’s from the sun coming in through the T-tops that the one outside photo appears like the seats are cloth with sewn-in stripes. All other photos appear to be leather but that one.

      • David

        The ad says the seats have been redone due to fading.

  2. Ralph

    The red interior is rare, though I’m wondering why it has cloth in one of the shots and leather in the other.

    These were pretty cool cars, this one looks to be well taken care off, other than that leather/cloth mystery photo, I would drive it for about $7g’s.

  3. Steve R

    He’s selling it a few years too early to get that price. Cars like this haven’t start appreciating, yet..

    Steve R

    • Adam Graham

      I agree, my father owns a 1991 300ZX TT with 50K miles, and mostly original parts, but it’s only worth 20K

      • Tom


      • Adam Graham

        Look at the 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo

      • Tom

        I have!

  4. Big Len

    Just the light. They’re both leather.

  5. Ralph

    Yeah, no. Thats no trick of the light, thats a cloth seat, I will also point out that all 3 interior photos seem to have different radios….will the real 300ZX that is for sale please stand up?

  6. dave

    One car, just talked to the guy. My son may go look at it.

  7. Bill

    Not a fan of the bordello interior, but it is a really nice car.

  8. boxdin

    Future collectables along w audi tt, Chrysler crossfire, RX7, even 1978 Datsun z cars selling for 48k !

  9. Don H

    The first picture may be a brochure pitcher , definitely fabric ,not leather 🍺

  10. Tom

    Turbo is where the money is…and the fun!

    • boxdin

      And the expense, the trouble, the blowing up……

  11. Car Guy

    Nice example! I like white with red interor. With the addition of a little vinyl dye on the faded trim, the interior would really look great. Always liked these cars, but hated the factory wheels. Thats an easy change. Hope someone takes good care of it.

  12. ATLjeff

    I actually have a 1990 NA in my driveway right now but mine is nowhere near in this good shape. Bought it as a project, and it definitely is that. She may look like crap, but she runs great. I hope this guy gets his asking price cause it will help me justify putting a bunch of money in it to make mine shine again :-)

  13. Z Lover

    Whoever say the NA is more valuable than TT, just dont know the fairlady at all.
    No collector will buy NA with high mileage ( I am talking abouy more than 20k ).
    This 300zx just for the beginner to the Z world.

    • ATLjeff

      NA will never be more valuable than an original TT, and probably not more valuable than a swapped TT either. But in some areas original TTs in good shape with performance mods and lowish miles are in the high teens to twenties to higher. Rough high mileage NAs go for about $3K. So this one should fit somewhere in between. The red interior is rare, the body is in good shape, and the mileage is pretty low. The mechanicals are key. 90 models don’t have ethanol resistant fuel injectors and early examples had smaller brake rotors and calipers in front. Both upgrades are readily available.

  14. Paul James P

    I’ll be back guys now that I stumbled across this blog. I will take some pics of my 1992 model which I am coverting to look like (my scoffing friends are calling it the ‘Delorian’) a different style Ferrari/Lambo looking car complete with sissor doors, colour, etc. Stay tuned and regarding my rego plate (PJP007); never guess that I want it to look like a future 007 car! Rewards Paul J P…..

  15. JR Armstrong

    I have a 1990 in pearl blue with blue interior with only 26k original miles seating in my garage under a cover and it still smells almost like new.

  16. jfa1177

    Of the 280/300/350/370z cars this generation is far and away my favorite. The proportions and overall design are near perfect. Some day I’d love to own one of these; TT or NA, it doesn’t matter to me.

  17. z lover

    I had two NA and one TT years ago.
    actually, the TT just like a different model from Mars.
    Twin turbo, Rear wheel, four wheel steering. this is a super car set up.
    the four wheel steering HICAS, once you experienced it, will never forget in your whole life.

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