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READER AD: 1959 AMC Rambler Custom

After seeing the success of Chevy’s great looking Tri-Five designs, AMC must have decided they needed to update their Rambler Custom line to better compete. Just look at Reader Jordan K’s 1959 Rambler Custom. It looks like a shrunk down Bel Air, with a few AMC elements thrown in to keep GM’s lawyers off their back! From the grille to the fins, it’s a great looking car and Jordan’s is a nice example. You can find this driver in here on eBay in Polk City, Florida with a $6,900 BIN.

What Makes It Special? Very good shape inside and out. Gets attention everywhere it goes

Body Condition: Body is solid all the way around

Mechanical Condition: Besides front brakes needing to be done there are no mechanical issues. Motor runs strong and transmission shifts smooth. Everything works as it should.

This Rambler is powered by the Typhoon six-cylinder engine, which was rated at 120 horsepower, and is paired to a GM built Hydramatic automatic. Jordan states that this car runs and drives great, starts right up and handles well. Clearly, someone took good care of this car. It appears to have had some cosmetic work done over the years, including a respray and some engine paint. Other than that, Jordan believes that it’s fairly original and solid.

The interior really is fantastic in this Rambler, and not just because of its nice condition, but because of that wild upholstery. It really makes you wonder, why can’t modern affordable cars have cool interiors? These AMCs were budget focused, yet you got eye-catching upholstery and a really great looking dash! You won’t find any budget compacts on the market today with a cool two-tone interior and real metal interior trim like this Rambler.

The Rambler Six was one of AMC’s best sellers, yet you don’t see too many of these on the road anymore. They are actually a good looking car with fairly sophisticated engineering, a built proof engine and enough features to be comfortable. This one isn’t perfect, but it’s a simple project that won’t break the bank. With a little work, it could be a really nice driver that can haul family and friends to just about any event in. And think, you’d probably be the only person to show up in a Rambler Six!

  • Asking Price: $6,900
  • Location: Polk city Florida
  • Mileage: 85,676
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Dennis Prichard

    This is not a 63 Rambler. It is either a 58 or 59, not quite sure which. The 61-63 Rambler was a much cleaner sleeker design without tail fins.

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  2. Brian in Indy

    Posting Title says ’59, But the text of the ad says ’63

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  3. Anthony in RI

    The side spear and tail light remind me of a 57 Pontiac…. These were considered pretty out of style by the mid sixties, but would be nice to have now….

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  4. That AMC Guy

    I thought Rambler switched to the Borg-Warner automatic around 1958 or 1959 in place of the GM Hydramatic. (Note the pushbutton trans controls, I don’t think those were used with the Hydramatic models.)

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  5. Coventrycat

    Really nice car.

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    Some car you have there Jordan! It reminds me so much of my beloved Annabelle, who was a ’62 Classic sedan. And yes, Rambler did indeed use both of the transmissions you’ve mentioned. The GM sourced Hydramatic (Flash-o-matic) was used in Americans, while the Customs, Supers, and Rebels used a
    Studebaker designed Borg-warner pushbutton unit. Really liked the 195 cube 6
    too. It was so easy to do maintenance of any sort on this engine. The only thing I didn’t care for was the vacuum operated windshield wipers. If this car were mine, they would be switched to a modern day electric type with intermittent features. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Opps…almost forgot the radio!

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    • dweezilaz

      AMC used the GM hydra on Packard V8 equipped Nashes and Hudsons. The rest were Borg Warner.

      And certainly not used in Americans.

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      • dweezilaz

        Per Wiki, Hydramatic used in 1958–1960 Rambler American (AT&T associated company fleet units only).

        In other words: not available to the general public

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  7. JBabineau

    I have the SUPER version of this, with the B-W auto tranny and a radio and black exterior, but otherwise identical. Yes, the wipers are awful. But with some care (and a little physical therapy if they’ve sat too long), they’re OK. What really gets me are the door seals. The seals of the front door knees are totally unavailable and even after making replacements out of expanding foam I have to keep it covered in any rain. The engine is gloriously indestructible, but don’t plan on winning any races.

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  8. dweezilaz

    A 57 Chevy looks more like a 56 Studebaker than a 59 Rambler.

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Reminds me of my brother back in 63. He was getting married so he traded his 55 Ford pickup in in a used 60 AMC classic 4 door sedan 6 cylinder automatic. Now he was cruising along the flat lands of Western Utah and Nevada when a rubber grommet on the throttle linkage gave way and linkage rod poked a hole through the radiator. Miles from any repair shop, they had to just sit on the side of the road until someone came along a gave them a ride to the next road stop that had a phone. They did get the car towed in but it took several days to get parts to repair it. He cursed that car from then on until he was able to trade it for something else.
    God bless America

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  10. Jim Z Member

    This is a great example of a clean ’59 Rambler.

    I’m currently wallet-deep in restoring a ’59 Ambassador w/327 V8, factory A/C, and continental kit.

    No telling when it will be done, but currently looking for rear window glass if anyone has one laying around…..

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  11. Bakyrdhero

    This seems like a screaming deal. Admittedly I’m not up to speed on current values though. The silver paint is beautiful with that interior. I’m actually not too familiar with these.

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  12. JimmyinTEXAS

    I agree with Bakyrdhero, altho I am not a member, therefore, cannot “thumb up” him.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @JimmyinTEXAS – If you enjoy the site, please consider becoming a member. The money helps us keep the site going and you get a better experience (no ads, early access, and advanced commenting).

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  13. PatrickM

    I drove a ’60 Rambler Custom my parents bought for me just before I first enlisted in the USAF. 6 cyl, 3-on-the-tree. Really good car. Those front seats look a little funky because the backs reclined to make a sleeping area almost the size of a full bed. Hmmm… I would really like to have this car. Just can’t afford to go back into debt.

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