READER AD: Australian 1939 LaSalle RHD Convertible



    Cool, but not $750,000 cool. (Unless it has 50lbs of Gold in the trunk)

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  2. TimS Member

    Zero key stuck on this one, too, just like that Jeep from the other day.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Based on auction results I’ve seen over the past few years you can’t get close to 75K for a numbers matching fully restored one of these. Must have missed something along the line….

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  4. Larry Member

    bobhess, I believe you missed reading something from my ad. This is the only one left in the world. How can one compare it to other vehicles is beyond me!!!

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    • grant

      Maybe if it was original-ish? It’s the “only one in existence” but it doesn’t really exist anymore.

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      • Larry Member

        Grant, you’re original-ish. You’re the only one left in existence, but you still exist. As long as you are still out there, its the same with the car, both of you are still in existence and thats a rarity these days!!!

    • B.J.

      Larry, it may be the only Aussie one left but it’s been messed with and is no longer ‘ORIGINAL’ so it’s just a ‘modified car’, restomod, whatever you want to call it, end of story!!

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      • Larry Member

        B.J.-as I posted, the car comes with the original engine, trans, rear end, etc, in case one would like to make it all original again, end of story!!!

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    • Kingy

      Not the only one left at all. There is another here in melbourne Australia, that is ORIGINAL with its side valve v8 engine and standard wheels. That is the car photographed earlier in the Blog.

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  5. JimmyJ

    There’s lots of cars like it, the only difference is the steering wheel is on the other side….

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  6. Larry Member

    Really!!! Post a photo here of one just like it

    • Dave Mazz

      I have three of ’em….but my camera is broken..:-) :-)

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      • Larry Member

        Yeah right!!! I think its more than your camera is broken. Just another keyboard drama warrior who doesn’t have anything better to do but to bash someone’s post. Get a life!!!

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  7. Neil Glasgow

    1939 LaSalle V-8 Convertible Coupe
    ©2015 Courtesy of RM Sotheby.

    Vehicle sold in 2015 for $44,000.

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  8. JimmyJ

    I think what we’re getting at is 750k ask is way,way out of line and almost insulting to the intelligence of barn finds readers.

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  9. Larry Member

    Neil, the car that you are comparing it to was produced in the United States. The one that I have was one of 24 produced in Australia. And no JimmyJ, I am not trying to insult the intelligence of barn finds readers. I am just trying to point out a true fact.

    • Neil G

      Larry. You challenged JimmyJ to post a picture of a 1939 LHD LaSalle; not a RHD. The LaSalle is beautiful but when it comes to originality, the Australian LaSalle apparently received a Cadillac engine transplant and Auto transmission. I also agree the $750,000 asking price Is too high and to justify the price as warranted because it’s RHD is asking a lot from the US market. Heck, for 3/4 of a million US, I could buy a lot of Vintage machinery posted daily here on Barn Finders.

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      • Larry Member

        Neil, No I didn’t challenge JimmyJ to a photo of a 1939 LHD LaSalle, I challenged him to a photo of a 1939 RHD LaSalle of which him or anybody else did not supply. In a comparable note: look back in the middle ’30’s where certain coachbuilders produced one-off cars. Folks like Jay Leno bought a few of them and paid millions of dollars for them to put in the collections. Now I am not say that the 39 RHD LaSalle of which I have here is worth millions of dollars. What I am saying is that I had to start somewhere or I would be blasted for not putting a price on it. Bottom line is quote ” a car is only worth as much as someone is willing to give for it” end of quote.

      • TC Oztralia

        Larry, I’m the only one left in Australia from my side of the family, all the rest have passed on, does that make me worth more than the guy next door who still has two brothers and a sister, (and she’s a ‘stunner’ I might add) and worth a damn sight more than her brothers and me put together !! A modified car is just that and nothing more, and only worth what someone is prepared to pay you for it, good luck, you’ll need it!

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  10. Fred W

    On Hemmings right now, 55K. What about Australia makes it worth more? Most RHD cars sell for less in the states than they would in Europe.

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  11. Larry Member

    Well I really don’t know how many were produced in the United States, but I imagine they produced more here than they did in Australia for sure. I also have a 1937 LaSalle Dual Sidemount/Rumble Seat Convertible with 40,000 original miles. 995 were produced.This car is totally orignal and has never been restored. Still has the original paint and original leather interior. I was told by a wanna be expert that it was only work 80k. I wouldn’t sell it for that.

  12. Dave

    Exactly! There is nothing appealing about the fact it was built in AUS. Nor the RHD as you stated.

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    I rest my case.

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    • Larry Member

      Me too.

      • jake

        Maybe. But 750,000 large, I don’t think so. In any event, the car is worth as much as the maximum one is willing to pay for it.

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  14. Jerry C

    Beautiful car. Change the rims though.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

      I think you’re ALL missing the point. The point is that however many they made of these in Australia with RHD…
      That’s the friggin’ point.

      • DaveN

        Although you have a point re. the Aussie – assembled RHD features, the car would fetch a much larger sum if the “restorers” had simply refurbished the original engine, tranny & put them back in the car. Too bad..

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  15. rod444

    Larry with Boyd Coddington wheels and an 84 fuel injected engine, aftermarket steering column and redone interior and top, what you have there is a very nice restomod. But the value of an high value collector car is it’s originality – for the money you’re asking this car would have to look like it just drove right out of the showroom and you would have the original bill of sale, and every invoice for every service job in a nicely organized binder.

    Of course it’s a free country, you can ask whatever you wish, but given that most of us here are committed car lovers, I think you might want to heed the responses. Whatever happens, she’s still a lovely beast. Good luck with your sale.

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  16. Keruth

    weren’t these made with a Cad mono-block, three on the tree?
    That’s where the price goes south—Resto-mods just don’t command these asks!
    GLWS, but not I on something like this!

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  17. bobhess bobhess Member

    Keruth.. These guys had a big, hefty 3 speed on the floor. We used to hunt them up to put our Olds drag engines in front of because they were geared right and as tough as it gets. Rod444 got it right. Beautiful restomod tastefully done but….

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  18. alexco

    Does anyone happen to have an idea of what the paint color/code is on this car. I would love to be able to get my hands on it. thanks.

    • Del

      The back and forth on this is hilarious.

      No doubt its awonderfull car.

      But no one still knows what v8 displacement is ?

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    • Del

      All this and we still do not know the caddy engine details or displacement.

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      • Larry Member

        Del, I am not sure of the exact displacement, but I do know that it is a 1984 Cadillac engine. I have no idea what displacements that they offered in 1984. Can anyone here tell us?

        However, I do know that the car gets 35 miles per gallon

  19. Bentleyguy

    $750,000!!! He’s over a month late for April Fools!!

  20. Larry Member

    OK, do I hear a serious offer???

  21. Stevieg Member

    The only 2 engines offered by Cadillac in 1984 were the 4.1 aluminum engine (the more common engine built that year) and the 368 cubic inch cast iron engine, which they put in the limos & hearse. If this is the 4.1, which is more likely the case (the 368 was never injected) then this is a car I would not want just on the engine. I find it decidedly inconvenient that the seller can’t remember what size the engine is when most gear heads know the 4.1 is a very dark part of Cadillac history. Between that and how argumentative the seller is here, I think I would just shy away.
    There is also the (hopeful) chance that the seller is incorrect about the year of the engine, or about it originally being injected & not calibrated. If that were the case, I would take back the statement regarding the engine…as long as it is not a 4.1 of any year lol. Regardless, the seller is awful argumentative with his audience of people who may potentially be interested in his car. The attitude alone would make me shy away. You catch more flies with sugar, there is an ass for every seat. With his attitude, he might be the permanent ass for that seat lol.

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    • Larry Member

      Stevieg, maybe its me. I guess that I am just a person that is respectful of other folks posts. But then again, I still can not find the need to bash someone’s post for no reason.

      If my post is going to cause this much ill will, then I will just pull the post!!!

  22. Stevieg Member

    I am not saying that, but by challenging other people because they might not agree with you just seems rediculous (I am also not the best of speakers lol, & not sure if I spelled that correctly…whatever). I can tell you love this car, and you should! It is a cool car, even more so if it isn’t a 4.1! Just keep in mind that your defensiveness comes across as hostile. Let people who disagree with you disagree. There are others that will agree. We are all on this site because we love cars but we all have different taste & opinions. Respect that, & you too will be respected.
    Seriously, good luck with the sale!

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  23. JimmyJ

    Larry, I don’t want to trash your car cuz it’s a beaut!.. but it’s non original drivetrain and to spite how rare it is there might be the premium but it not worth the ask.
    I can see myself at a car show and try to justify three quarters of a million dollars because the steering wheel is on the other side I think I would look like a sucker!
    It doesn’t matter where it was built or how rare it is because it’s a LaSalle convertible without original drivetrain and that’s it.
    If you were a buyer would you honestly fork over that much money for it?
    You will be lucky to sell for 10% of ask
    Sorry,just telling it like it is
    BTW how many hits on the ad?

  24. Larry Member


    I haven’t the slightest idea on how many hits it has had, in fact I don’t know how to tell anyway. It doesn’t matter, I have already requested that the post be pulled.

  25. Solosolo ken tilly Member

    Good on you Larry. You don’t need all the vitriol you have been getting. When it was new it was a beautiful, original Ford and now it is a hot rod. Nobody knows what condition it was in before it was converted. So be it.

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  26. Larry Member

    I do. I found a very short video of the car before it was stored in a shed in Australia. I believe the time period was the late 40’s

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  27. DAN

    35 mpg…

  28. Wayne

    A friend’s RHD 1939 LaSalle in Melbourne, Australia. It’s still around in the hands of a close friend of his.

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    • Wayne

      BTW, the above car was built in Detroit as a RHD car.

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    • Larry Member

      Wayne, can you get me some information about your friends 1939 LaSalle in Melbourne, Australia.

      • Wayne

        What would you like to find out?

    • Neil G

      Larry needs closure. Would your friend value his 1939 RHD LaSalle at USD $50,000; or USD $500,000.?

  29. Wayne

    Hi Larry, as a Australian car, can you post a pic of the Holden body build plate? That’s a great piece of history I’d love to see.

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  30. Wayne

    Following are a handful of actual Australian-built RHD 1939 Lasalles. All 24 were sedan bodies.

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  31. Wayne

    This one is now restored.

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  32. Wayne


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  33. Wayne

    The first car I posted alongside an Australian built ’39.

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  34. Larry Member

    Price has been reduced to $500,000

    • Larry Member

      This is the video of the 1939 LaSalle Right Hand Drive Convertible that I have

      • Wayne

        Yes, clearly it hadn’t been sitting in a barn for 30 years!

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  35. Larry Member

    It was stored in a barn for over 30 years before this video was taken. At least this is the story that I was told. It wasn’t until the early 80’s that the fellow from California purchased the car in Australia and had it flown to California and had the car restored. It is what it is. End of story

  36. sullivan504

    I see lots of narrative and the phrase “I was told” repeatedly appears in the seller’s comments. Anywhere near this price point, a buyer will expect (and rightly so) significant documentation to establish provenance. I wish you good luck with the sale, and strongly suggest that some time & effort go into documenting these claims. Show the “numerous awards” that this car has won (Blurry photos of three plaques don’t really help) and get an expert, or at least a mechanic, to document the things like displacement that should be well-known at this price point. It will help. Again, good luck.

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  37. Larry Member

    I have only taken the car to some local shows and unfortunately that is all they give out is plaques and a few cheap trophies. I have never taken the car to any national shows. At this point I really don’t give a dam if it sells or not because its not eating no hay. You all can pick this car apart all you want, but I can bet you a dollar to a donut, you all don’t have any money to buy it anyway. How some of you can pick this car apart without personally seeing it, is way beyond me. I respect other folks property, but you all have no idea whatsoever what respect is!!!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I like it Larry, best of luck.

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  38. Stevieg Member

    I will be the first to admit I don’t have the money you are asking for it. And I have not seen it in person. I do think it is a neat car. I would have gone a different direction with it during the restoration, but that is just me. None the less, I am not convinced there are too many cars out there that are worth what you are asking for this. Even if I had the type of money it takes to buy this, it still wouldn’t be an option but that is because of the attitude the seller has.
    Maybe Larry is a good guy. I actually assume he is. He is a car guy & I believe that car guys tend to be more “stand up” people than non-car guys (and chicks lol). But the attitude comes across as very “superioristic” and condescending.
    Larry, you do have a cool car here. I apologize for wasting your time because I can’t afford a half million dollar Cadillac. Maybe advertising it on an inexpensive website like this isn’t the right venue for this car. I hear there are some fancy auctions in Arizona sometimes.

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    • Wayne

      Indeed there are….this one fetched $410k at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2015. Admittedly, the funds went to charity so the price was likely overinflated out of good will.

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  39. Larry Member

    Well I didn’t have anything to do with the restoration. In fact, this is exactly how I received it. And I am actually a nice old car guy until someone disrespects me, then people tends to see my ugly side. And the heck of it is, no one has even made the slightest offer. All I did in the first place was to put it here on BarnFinds, then all heck broke loose. You all win, I give up!!!

  40. Neil G

    Larry, Barn Finds is a treasure hunt to most of its readers. Sure, discoveries like your LaSalle are unique and represent a time when styling was done by craftsmen; not computers and robots. You also need to realize the Investment grade vehicles are sitting in a museum or like your vehicle in a climatized warehouse. Rediscovering a Classic car in a barn under layers of dust gets my attention more than a once original classic modernized for the present day driving. I don’t have any idea how many of the BarnFinds readers have an extra $500K sitting in their bank account but I would guess it would be around 1-2% of the readers. Numerous points were made (and debated) these past days leading up to why no one on this website has made an offer:

    1) Limited number of readers interested in Investing in a LaSalle: RHD or LHD
    2) No longer Original and heavily modernized
    3) Wayne suggests it was made in Detroit and not Australia.
    4) You have not submitted a photo of the Holden Body plate; proving the LaSalles Australian provenance

    $500,000. would buy a nice stable of US and European classics. Throughout this entire exchange of thoughts, you have complained BarnFinds readers have failed to make an offer and now are showing your ugly side. Bottom line: The Holden build plate helps prove your LaSalle is 1 of 24 built in Australia. If not, your unique RHD claim may dramatically devalue the LaSalles final selling price.

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    • Larry Member

      I will post the Holden body tag asap. Right now I am out of town attending a car show

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