1937 LaSalle Series 50 Two-Passenger Coupe

If ever a car was sold by the look of its grille, it was the 1937 LaSalle. Harley Earl worked his magic for GM’s Cadillac division, distinguishing the brand’s junior line-up by creating a long, narrow grille to punctuate… more»

Restore Or Rod It? 1938 Lasalle Convertible Coupe

And now for another installment of “What in the Sam Hill happened here”? Today’s subject (or target) is a 1938 LaSalle “convertible coupe” and it reminds me of the old “Those Were the Days” song as sung by Archie… more»

Slant-Six Engine! 1940 LaSalle Convertible Project

In the late 1920s, General Motors expanded its lineup with one of the additions being the LaSalle. It was a separate brand marketed by the Cadillac Division. By the end of the 1930s, GM decided to contract its footprint,… more»

Gothic Hearse: 1938 Cadillac LaSalle

From 1927 to 1940, LaSalle was a “poor man’s” Cadillac, built by GM but sold for less money than the Caddy. It was never a huge seller and insiders felt it took sales away from the company’s premium marque,… more»

Which Would You Pick? Two 1938 LaSalle Project Cars

This is a tale of two 1938 LaSalles – both are tips from T.J., and they arrived in our “assignments pile” nearly simultaneously. I’ve decided to cover both cars in one article – and you can help us out… more»

Poor Man’s Cadillac: 1940 LaSalle 52 Hearse Wagon

So what’s a car maker to do when their lower-priced offering is interfering too much with its flagship model?  Well, eliminate it, of course!  And that’s exactly what GM did with the LaSalle in 1940, or at least it’s… more»

Rumble Seat Drop-Top: 1937 LaSalle

Economic conditions being what they were in the 1930s, Cadillac provided their dealers with a more affordable alternative to help attract buyers, the LaSalle. But the car was by no means a budget offering. It was named after French… more»

Two-Owner Project: 1938 LaSalle Series 50 Opera Coupe

Between 1927 and 1940, Cadillac had a companion brand for its dealers to sell, the LaSalle. They were built by Cadillac and priced lower as to be the second-most prestigious marque in the GM family. The LaSalle’s were named… more»

Sport Phaeton Survivor: 1929 LaSalle 328

“Gee our old LaSalle ran great, those were the days” as Archie and Edith Bunker harmonized back in the ’70s at the start of every episode of “All in the Family“. I remember the show well enough and knew… more»

Driver Survivor: 1929 LaSalle 328

LaSalle was one of several GM brands created in the 1920s to fill existing gaps in the lineup. While it was developed as a companion to Cadillac, though slightly less expensive and less fancy, LaSalle was technically its own… more»

No Reserve Gems! Hall Living Estate Auction

Packard and Pontiac, luxury and muscle, trucks, a tractor, and even a Steinway grand piano are all selling with no reserve as the assets of the Phil Hall Collection and the Phil and Roxanne Hall living estate go to… more»

Parked In ’59! 1938 LaSalle Touring Sedan

I doubt that we’ll ever see an era like it again. When the 1930s dawned, the General Motors “Companion Make Program” was in full swing, allowing the company to produce distinct brands to fill every perceive niche in the… more»

Coal Mine Canary: 1930 LaSalle Two Passenger Coupe

One of the sadder parts of this job is writing about neat cars that nobody seems to be excited about restoring.  While the market is strong for some prewar cars, the majority of survivors are languishing until they are… more»

READER AD: Australian 1939 LaSalle RHD Convertible

EXCLUSIVE: 1940 LaSalle Model 52 Survivor!

What Makes It Special? This is a true survivor in excellent condition. All components, including the optional radio, heater and turn signals are included and working. It is, to best of our knowledge, a two owner car. All history… more»

Luxury Classics Found In Tennessee Barn!

I sure wish we knew the whole story of how these three luxury sedans ended up in this Tennessee barn! It isn’t every day that you come across a dilapidated barn housing two 1941 Packards and a 1940 LaSalle… more»

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