Reader Find: 1975 Datsun 260Z


We love to hear stories from our readers about their own discoveries. Shea C. just sent in photos of this 1975 Datsun 260Z that he found in an old neighborhood where it had been sitting under this carport for over 10 years. He paid the owner a fair price and was smart enough to drag it home before attempting to get it running (unlike us). He added fresh fuel and a new battery and it started right up! After a good cleaning this low-mileage Z car looks great. Take a look at all the photos below. Thanks for sharing it with us Shea!


  1. Drew

    My dad has a ’71 240z which he bought new in the same color, I’ve never seen another one until now. We just got it back on the road this summer after sitting for 23 years.

  2. jim s

    looks like a great find and a fun car to drive/own. would love to see pictures of inside and under the hood.

  3. Jeff

    Had a 82′ 280ZX when I lived and was young/dumb in South Florida, most reliable car I’ve ever owned, mini-Ferrari lol

  4. steven laporte

    I Have A 1985 Nissan 300 ZX That Sat Outside For 20 Years No Motor But I Put A motor In It And It Runs Great Love The Car

  5. rich

    wonder were it is as it sure looks like a right hand drive car to me

    • SoCal Car Guy

      Good call, Rich. I also wonder where…

    • Phil

      New Zealand

  6. Justin in indy

    My second car I ever owned, only much rougher. I still get weepy eyed when i see any datsun 240/60/80 up to ’78. I badly want one again some day. Good score.

    • Thomas Bean

      I got one sitting in a barn….fitted with three DeLorto carbs and a Canon manifold….very little body damage. Needs new struts, tires, and probably an engine rebuild. Selling cheap. Glass is good.

      • swimmerbob

        no reason to use that fuel system- sounds troublesome. tuners are getting more than 225 bhp with the stock 90-series SU-type carbs used on the 240Z. thats would be with the L28 motor. the motors are available used for less than the cost of that triple dellorto setup.

  7. Doug

    From the roofline, this looks like it might be a 2+2 model.

  8. Cookie Monster

    I had a 260Z 2+2 and a 300ZX with T-Tops and digital dash both these cars were “FAST” with the 6cyl.Low maintenance I never thought they’d be collector vehicles!

  9. twwokc

    Where is this car?
    Too bad its a 2+2. Always looked a little awkward to me.

    • swimmerbob

      too bad? they’re actually more desirable than the 2 seaters. for racing OR for street use.

  10. mbell666

    I’d guess it New Zealand.

    Nice looking car, just had a 280Z appear in my neighbood.Has a few dents thou. Would consider one if didn’t already have project/second car on the go.

  11. mtshootist1

    I traded my first wife’s 72 Dodge Swinger for a 73 240Z green with gold pinstriping. She never liked that car, but I loved it. hard starting in the winter, but put a block heater in it and that seemed to help. I hated the dodge swinger, especially the drum brakes on the front end, finally sold the 240Z after the divorce, and got a brandy new Harley Dresser, never looked back.

  12. Art

    The number plates look like New Zealand to me.

  13. datsoon

    A 2+2….. turns a masterpiece into a mistake. Same with the 2+2 Jaguars of the 60’s. Old and grumpy I guess. Great website though thanks for all of your hard work.

  14. rancho bella

    Indeed it is a +2…………what datsoon wrote……….

  15. Richard V

    The first picture looks like a recreation, the car’s too clean to have been sitting under that carport for so many years. But, nice find!

    I agree on the E-Type 2+2. I had a customer at my shop who owned one, and it was a series 2 automatic as well, dreadful!

  16. Dolphin Member

    A few differences from the North American 2+2. In addition to being RHD, it has a different black trim panel around the tail lights and no side marker lights in the rear fenders. Also the gas filler door almost looks like a Series 1 240Z with the chrome twist lock, but is not quite the same.

    Having owned two early Series 1 240s and driven a few 2+2s, the 2-seater is definitely the one to have since there’s ample room for stuff under the hatch, and you don’t pick up much room with the 2 tiny extra seats. The 2 seater looks better too. But….most people know that early Z cars can rust real bad. This one looks nicely kept and unrusty, and if that’s correct I would rather own it than a lot of the 240s & 260s that come on the market needing lots of body R&R. The buyer paid a fair price and it started right up, so it looks like he got himself a nice vintage Z car without paying a lot or having to do a lot of fixing. Good for him.

    • swimmerbob

      the 4-seaters have a higher inherent cornering force- longer wheelbase- the driver isnt sitting directly over the rear axle. no such thing as 75 260Z. all the 75 models were 280Z. the 260Z model were built all the way up to november 74. that’s some of them were titled as 1975 models. the VIN contains a letter that will divulge the model year….

    • swimmerbob

      with all else being the same, the 4-seaters are preferred for racing due to their superior cornering force- there’s no substitute for longer wheelbase in that regard. the driver is not sitting over the rear axle with the 2+2 models. a check of the VIN’s model year code will tell us that it is, indeed, a 1975 model.

  17. John Shields Jr.

    I had a chance to buy a Bob Sharp Racing Special once…….

  18. ron

    have owned an ’81 turbo for 28 yrs. second owner. just over 100k. fun and fast car. removed outside emblems and had it painted orig color. some of the younger generation ask if it’s a ferrari? lol.

  19. z1rider

    That shot from the rear with the higher 2+2 roofline reminds me of a 73 Capri.

  20. sgw

    Minor correction. Either it is a 1975 280z or it is a 1974 260z. 260z’s were made in 1974 only.

  21. MikeH

    Are we sure this is a ’75. As my [often faulty] memory has it the 260 was a one year only model in ’74. They upped the power to compensate for the emissions regulations. The catalitic converter came out in ’75. The 260s got a bad reputation because they had to be perfect to pass emissions.

  22. Art

    The 260z was a 74 one year only model only in the USA. This model was sold in many other markets around the world until 1978

  23. Charles

    Drop in a ZZ4 with a Tremec 6 speed, ruin a lot of pony car owner’s days.

  24. swimmerbob

    a better choice would be the nissan VG30- fits right in there with minimal fuss. nothing wrong with the nissan direct-drive racing transmission- that fits right in, too. with a 2-barrel downdraft carb /high riser on the nissan V65 intake manifold, and corrected valve timing with billet cams (still hydraulic lifter-friendly) about 280hp @ 8200 rpm- a lot for a car of its weight class. VG30 are all over the salvage yards available inexpensively. no pricey stuff needed….

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