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Reader Finds: February 6, 2014

Reader Finds 2-6-2014

There are plenty of interesting projects on the market today. Most of the ones sent in today are optimistically priced, but there are a few potential bargains too. If it turns out to be solid underneath, we would probably go with the ’51 Chevy Delivery. The seller is asking $2,200 and it is located in California. Maybe I’m partial though because I drove a Fleetline through high school. Mine had a V8 in it. Anyway, keep reading for the list of links to today’s reader finds. Thanks for the submissions guys!

  • 1960 Austin Healey project (eBay) – Jim S
  • 1963 Ford F-100 4×4 project (eBay) – Jim S
  • 1951 Chevy Delivery for $2,200 (craigslist) – Robert J
  • 1969 Datsun Roadsters: 3 for the price of 1 (craigslist) – Robert J
  • 1970 Triumph TR6 barn find (eBay) – Josh
  • 1934 Chevrolet Master project (eBay) – Josh
  • 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe: parked in barn for 40 yrs (eBay) – Josh
  • 1969 Porsche 912: parked in 1999 (eBay) – Josh
  • 1955 Buick Special barn find (eBay) – Josh


  1. Dolphin Member

    Interesting lot. My takes:

    – ’60 Healey. I’d love to have a Big Healey again, just not this one.

    – Three Datsun Roadsters for the price of one decent runner in fair/good condition. Good that they’re in Northern CA and that most of the sheet metal looks pretty good, so these could be a good buy. The problem would be the logistics unless you live near San Francisco.

    – ’70 TR6: “The frame is rotted too, hey it’s been sitting in a barn in New England for 30 years come on!”

    – ’69 Porsche 912: Ran when parked 15 years ago….or not. Who knows? By the look of the tidy engine bay I’ll bet the seller knows, but he’s not talking. Rotten underneath but looks good in its new $49 paint job. Bid to $4500 in just over 24 hrs and will probably go for no more than about $15-$20 thousand.

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  2. Alan

    How many 4-star generals were there in the U.S. Army in the late 40’s? Could the ’46 Plymouth have been used to ferry Dwight D. Eisenhower?

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  3. rusty

    being a panelvan guy I love the Chev Delivery and such great buys in your country.

    This if it was a recent LHD import into Australia, ok ones [a little nicer than this one] would be 10gs up. although not as neat as many bought over here this one looks particularly ok in the wood area but that could be deceptive.. I’d dare say it wouldnt go for less than 6 gs here as it is and probably a lot more but then I cant tell condition by the photos….but again someone probably paid 3gs to ship it here. Few are importing now our dollar is crap.

    You guys are spoilt for choices whether its your local cars [that Aussies lust for] or cars imported into your country that many countries like ours never got or got only a handful of, because it was export or die after the war for many countries..and the country everyone wanted to be a hit with export wise… was America…..

    They call us the Lucky Country but truly you guys are the lucky country for cars..

    Make sure you realise the choices you have is far greater than other countries. Car lovers paradise.

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    • Jim-Bob

      Yet there are things that those of us in the US like about Australia too. You can get cheap used Japanese car imports (like Skylines) that we can only dream of here. Plus, you have decent indigenous vehicles of your own with several lust-worthy Holdens and Fords that were exclusive to your market. Our last Ute style vehicle was the El Camino that left production after 1987. You also get some interesting four wheel drive vehicles like the Nissan Patrol and some models of Toyota Land Cruiser we never see here. I think you also got Soviet/Russian cars too (Okay, it’s probably only me that wishes to drive a Lada!).

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      • rusty


        Thats good to know that our cars of many types appeal to Yankee car lovers.

        Ironically I was about to buy a Lada niva 4wd in the 90s as i thought they really looked more like a 4wd than most so called 4wds it just had the llook. So I have been rather smitten by ladas but then again I still have 7 or 8 skodas. So i like the orphans.

        Anyway a friend I told that I was going to buy a lada beat me to it as a I can do it before you thing. Anyway within a week he rolled it. Needless to say I decided not to bother because as he beat my thunder .

        Yes we did get ladas bless their little Russian socks.

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  4. Chris Member

    Aaahhh….you are killing me with these reader find articles. I already have a project car and can’t fit another in the workshop. With the space, I would go after so many of these….
    Great window shopping though, thanks


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  5. paul

    The Ply. & the Buick are just about the only interesting stuff of this group, the rest look to be too far gone, the P car with it’s wrong ride height looks shiny…….

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  6. jim s

    i really like the 3 for 1 datsun deal, but all of the post are interesting. thanks

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  7. ConservativesDefeated

    Looking at the Plymouth reminds me of a ’46 Chevy I had hidden in a field when I was in hgh school in 1971. Same stuffing stcking out of the seats! Springs up the backsde Same exact conditon. Paid fifty bucks for it and it ran…….like a banshee. Actually drove it on the road with expired plates and didnt get stopped! Kids do the darndest things! Had a ball.

    As for its military provenance I am skeptical. But cool look anyway.

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