Ready For Work: 1955 Chevrolet COE

Sure there is a little bit of rust here and there but how often do you see a running and driving 1955 Chevrolet cab-over truck? You certainly don’t see them every day! This workhorse is ready for a new home and you can purchase it for a $5,500 Buy-It-Now price. It is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. No VIN is notated, but there are 75,000 miles on the odometer and the title is said to be clear. You can view more on eBay.

Nothing is mentioned about what kind of engine is in this cab over. It looks like a 265 V8 to me, but I’ll let the experts weigh in. The listing does say that the spark plug wires are new and that it does start, idle, and drive. The truck is equipped with a two-speed rear end. One important safety concern is that the rear brakes are hanging up. The seller will include new brake shoes and cylinders, and they recommend all the brakes be replaced. The last thing they suggest is installing a new gas tank.

With any truck of this era, the condition of the cab is quite important. Sadly, this is looking rather rough. It has seen better days and has been worked hard. Trucks like this tended to be driven hard and treated simply as a tool to get a job done. The interior definitely suggests that this one was well used. Plenty of rust and ripped upholstery await you as you make the hefty high hop in. There is a very large crack in the windshield as well, so plan on tracking down a replacement.

It does have a dump bed according to the listing but they do not say if that is operational. Considering that it is running and driving, it would not be surprising to see this go to work wherever its new home will be. This time of year, I could see it loaded up with Christmas trees or hauling feed around the farm. Using it on the street it might be possible as it is, but depending where you live, it might take some repairs to get it licensed. Hopefully, it finds a good home and can get back to work!


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  1. RayT Member

    That’s not really a COE, at least as I understand the term. The driver and passenger are behind the engine. The size of the cab — when compared to “normal” pickups and pullers — creates a “car forward” illusion of sorts, but when you compare this to genuine COEs as built by Ford, GM, Jeep, etc., it doesn’t really make it, at least to me.

    I’ll be interested in what others, who are surely more expert than I, have to say.

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    • Luke

      This is not a COE but rather a Cab Forward truck.

  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I always thought the same thing, but after a Bing image search for a 55 Chevrolet COE, it brought up many hits for this style truck. ? On the older style GM COE trucks, the fender, door and cab lines are about the same as this one, but the snout is much more stubby.

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    • RayT Member

      Maybe we should call them “Cab Nearly Over Engine”?

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      • Chevy Guy

        Maybe “Really short portion of hood over engine”?

        RSPOHOE for short?

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    • Howard A Member

      That’s because that is considered a cabover.

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  3. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Eureka Springs, home of the Crescent Hotel – a must see, and The Passion Play – if that’s what you like.

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  4. Boatman Member

    Not a COE.

  5. DRV

    These have one of the best vehicle ” faces” ever.

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  6. Paolo

    Do not overlook the healing mineral waters! All is good. Nice truck by the way.

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  7. Vegaman Dan

    Never cared for this design. Certainly isn’t a cabover.


  8. Howard A Member

    Here we go again, the technical term was “LCF” or “Low Cab Forward”. Pretty sure that was GM’s name for them, and other companies made them as well. Great find, not sure about the color, could have been a municipal truck, 5700, I believe, was a medium duty. Again( and again), same old ting, what do you want to do with it? $5,500 clams is more than just a hobby truck, and to make it safe and roadworthy, the usual updates are in order. No bids, nobody cares.

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  9. Martin

    Chevrolet called them LCF and GMC called them B models. Chev at least still calls theM that and now Ford does as well.

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  10. Jed

    Big V-6 ?

    • BR

      No. That’s a GMC thing. This is likely a 265 V8.

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  11. Rex Fox

    My very first thought – that’s not a cab-over…

  12. Pa's Punkin Patch

    Love the orange! I can visualize that bed filled with pumpkins!

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  13. Bellingham Fred

    Looks to me that it has a ’55 265 V8. The canister oil filter is the tip off. Starting in ’56 the oil filter mount was incorporated into the bottom of the block.

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  14. James Martin

    No v6 it is most likely a 265. Not a cab over either , had a 58 gmc b it was very similar to this truck. Sold it 1800. Running and driving. So 5500 is a little steep. To big for most people. We also had a cherry 59 Viking sold it for 2500. So there is market for them just not as big of an interest as you would think. I think he is dreaming at 5500but never hurts to dream.

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  15. BR

    This is a LCF NOT a COE. Aside from the nomenclature, common sense dictates that. The cab is NOT over the engine, and it is not a tilt-cab, which is also not a COE. This truck sports the ubiquitous Eaton 1350 two speed rear axle, which was used by all other class 5/6 truck manufacturers. Only an unlearned person would refer to this truck as a COE. Don’t know how many times I’ve been down that road. I own a ’50 Ford F-6 COE, and the cab is indeed over the engine, and it doesn’t tilt. The seller is looking to cash in on someone wanting to make a long wheelbase car hauler. Good luck with that.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

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      • BR

        Hahaha. No, just not enough coffee maybe, but that would only remove some of the caps.

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  16. Wayne from oz

    Definitely not coe. International had this type of cab in the A series, and designated them ASC. A series Short Cab. Then the B series was BCF for B series Cab Forward. People also refer to this type of cab as snub nose.

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  17. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    It’s a neat looking vintage rig but what do you do with it? Probably best used for around the farm or a site truck. You could make it into a car hauler for your vintage rides, too. Priced too high but the seller can always go down if he’s serious about moving it along. I’ve driven a lot of COEs, mostly Macks, and this ain’t a COE.

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      Well here’s my 2 bits worth, I’ll argue that in layman’s terms these were known as a snub nose. Thats what I’ve herd them called and it best suited them too. As for what to do with it take the cab, fenders and hood off this frame find a wrecked one ton dully and build a custom pickup. Then send the leftovers to the great truck junk yard in the sky. JMHO.

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  18. Wayne from oz

    Here in Oz, snub nose is what everyone referred to them as.

    • Butck

      I really would like to own it, shortin it, aadd a fifth wheel, and pull any van, or a 5th wheel travel trailer’s what I’d do whit it…drop in the LS outa my Tahoe taxi cab, and see the country

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