Ready To Roam: 1966 Shasta Camper

Have you ever wanted to go on a camping excursion with your classic but you don’t have a VW camper, or a Dodge A100 camper? Then perhaps a small vintage camper would meet your needs of having the classic of your choice and the ability to roam with this 1966 Shasta camper. Well maintained with a fair amount of maintenance means this 11 foot camper is ready for your classic camping adventure. With a whopping 57 bids, the auction price has risen to $6,600. Take a look at this classic camper here on eBay out of Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

Inside of this tiny camper is a very well laid out interior with a great attention to space. In the kitchenette there is a sink, plenty of storage, and a small oven with a 3 burner cook top. The stove and oven combo is propane powered, and all functional. In fact all of the features to this camper are functional and ready for a camping weekend. The only thing that may be a draw back for some is this camper does not have a bathroom. Personally I see that as a bonus, as camper bathrooms can often smell not so great, and can make then interior smell not so great as well. You would just have to be sure to camp at places with public restrooms and showers. The seller believes this camper to be original but there are a few updates to the interior. The linoleum flooring is not original, and the light over the dining/sleeping area is a newer unit as well. Beyond those items the interior appears remarkably clean and original. The only condition issues are minor, with the first being a chipped porcelain coated sink, and then some damage to the veneering down near the floor below the oven space. It would appear this camper has always been well maintained as there is no mold, water damage, or mildew to be seen.

The most important area is the place that you will be able to eat and sleep. The dining area has a table that pulls apart and can be used on the exterior of this camper. When you are ready to sleep simply move the table out of the way, and fold down the two seats to give a queen size sleeping area.

From the exterior this camper has a way cool mid-century modern appearance that would look right at home behind so many 1960’s era car. This camper is constructed via aluminum affixed to wood. Each body panel has seams around its edges where over time the sealant can fail, and moisture can get to the interior wood causing issues that you just don’t want to deal with. The owner was brilliant and removed all of the seam trim, cleaned and polished the trim and resealed the seams to ensure this camper remained water tight. New tires are also fitted to this camper, but the spares are missing from the rear spare tire mount. Ready to roam and camp where you please, where would you go in this little Shasta?

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  1. jdjonesdr

    Something else I would love to have and have absolutely no use for it.

  2. Howard A Member

    It’s missing it’s Shasta trademark “wings” on the back.
    unless the real small ones didn’t have them . My parents had Shasta campers ( a little bigger), among several others. My old man would buy them with no interior, and finish it himself. The things I remember most, are the tires blowing out and touchy electric brakes( either they locked the tires or did nothing) and the lights not working. I can’t help but balk at the price, I mean, these are in just about everybody’s back 40 up here, certainly not like this, but $200 bucks takes one home ( needing everything, tho) Camping sure has changed, with exorbitant camping fees, cost of supplies, the extra fuel consumption ( expect a big difference pulling these) and of course, this kind of money for the camper itself, has priced many out of a nice family weekend in the outdoors. Gander Mountain going under is a clear indication. That’s a shame.

    • Dave Wright

      Gander Mt is going down because of 2 things, they were slow to embrace the internet and Cabelas/ Bass pro that have merged now. We were at the west coast championship Motocross races in southwest Washington watching the grandkids race last weekend. There were tens of millions of dollars in camping appliances ranging from tents to million dollar motor homes. Even some vintage equipment like this. I do not prefer the wood construction in this type camper and the brakes were terrible but I think the market is following the Airstreams up……..they have been expensive for a very long time. Over the weekend we stayed in our 1976 Chinook and had many people come by asking questions about it…….my grandsons took 3rd and 9th overall in there classes and are headed to the Loretta Lynn nationals in Tennessee…..a great weekend all around.

  3. Wayne

    I can understand why the wings have been deleted

  4. Bubba Smith

    If you look closely you can see where the wings use to reside. Neat little camper…given the price people seem to like it a lot more then I do.

  5. Pookie Jamie P

    No spare tire.

  6. Francisco

    Brian, If you think camper bathrooms “…smell not so great,” wait until you start using gas station bathrooms in the Southwest during the summer.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    Auction is at $3950 not sure where your number is coming from.

  8. redwagon

    cool idea but in all honesty realize that this has small windows that are not necessarily opposite each other. therefore there is no cross breeze at night (or day for that matter). this will resemble more a toaster oven than a hotel room.

    that’s why i prefer tenting which has its own downsides but cool breezes isnt one of them!

    well maintained and great photos too.

  9. CCFisher

    As a novelty to tow behind a car of similar vintage to car shows and whatnot, cool.

    As something to actually use as a camper, pass. If you think camper bathrooms can offend, I can’t imagine you’d find a campground bathhouse to be a pleasant experience. The extra-small size is a liability here, as well. Camping in my family meant bicycles, a screen tent for over the picnic table, coolers, lawn chairs, various outdoor games, etc, etc, etc. Aside from all that, at $6600, there are better camping choices.

  10. Steve

    $6600????? Wrong. I just looked at eBay and as of 4:50pm EST on 6/1 the bidding is at $3950. Where do you get that $6600 from?!?!


    The darn thing has wings Gladdis !!

    • Dave Wright

      Is this the Mark Boyce of Utah? I knew your dad well and remember when you and your brother were young guys building monster trucks.

  12. Jay E.

    I just crushed one of these, but it was really rough. It was on craiglist for weeks and a lot of lookers, but no one would even take it for free. Someone did come and remove the period parts like lights and appliances. Personally a bathroom, shower and bed are the MOST important features. Fridge is nice too. Otherwise you might as well just sleep in the car.

  13. Mike

    Drive your Shasta to Mt. Shasta and then pop open an ice cold Shasta cola.

    Like 1

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