Ready To Part Ways: 1974 Ford Bronco Sport

Everyone who loves and seeks out old vehicles knows the “I’ll fix it someday!” trope that often comes with finding a dilapidated project and speaking to its owner. However, the seller of this 1974 Ford Bronco Sport that is available here on eBay admits that they are selling it before it deteriorates even further.

This Bronco is available in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The seller has owned the vehicle since the mid-1980s, but they parked the vehicle in 1996 after the undercarriage needed repairs to pass state inspection. Unfortunately, plans to restore it fell through, and the truck sat for over 20 years.

All of the exterior glass is intact and the seller provides plenty of pictures of the truck’s body. There’s no beating around the bush – this Bronco will need thorough bodywork, but at the very least, it’s a complete and original truck.

Just like the exterior, this Bronco has unrestored but complete insides, though the interior is a bit better preserved. The dashboard material has damage and the driver’s seat has some tears, but the other seats are in surprisingly good shape.

This Bronco uses a 302 cu.-in. V8 engine, which pairs to an automatic transmission and a 4-wheel-drive system. The combination has traveled 138,935 miles during its lifetime. While the engine does turn by hand, the seller admits it has not been started in many years.

At the time of publication, bidding for this Bronco Sport is at $2,800. Do you think this little old Ford is a restoration candidate, or is it a parts truck at this point?


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  1. local_sheriff

    What’s going on in the early Bronco crowd nowadays – no less than 4 EBs on BF within 24 hours? Have they started to realize just how much work and $ are involved into making decent vehicles out of them?

    Yes they’re among the coolest looking trucks made, however I’d never pay anywhere near what sellers expect even resto objects to sell for

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    • Boatman Member

      No, Sheriff, they are realizing the rediculous money these ponys are bringing!

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  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    Hmm, $2800 for a halfway decent 1st gen Bronco with 16 bids? Maybe the bottom has fallen out on these too.

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    • IkeyHeyman

      I suspect that the bottom, literally speaking, of this one is falling out.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Another one where it’s cheaper to re-body than fix all that rust.

  4. Jimmy

    This Bronco is a parts truck period !!!

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Only thing I can say good about this rust bucket is that all the major parts are there. It flunked inspection in 96. You would have to be brave to take this on, or have a small budget for purchase. One of the rottenest I’ve seen in a while. Looker over good, like Todd said, rebody possibly, you can get the parts in ‘glass or steel. Good luck to the new owner. kudos for the seller with good pics of the ugliness.

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  6. MARK

    To me I’ll take $100 from him to cart it away, thank you.

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  7. chrlsful

    wondering Y it got the “off yr X-fer case shifter”, oh, right the “J” from ’73 forward. I wuz thinkin the ’66 only lookin at it. Little things stick out when unlike yer own…the mirrors, no hood hold downs, etc…

  8. TimM

    Wow a bronco that you don’t have to take a second mortgage for!!! What a deal!!! Wait till he starts the rust repair!!! Then he’ll get that second mortgage!!!

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  9. Scott

    Well here is another Bronco where the current bid is already more than the truck is worth. Jimmy you said it, this is a parts truck plain and simple. The only good thing as Chas points out is that most of the major parts are there and the little detail items can run you ragged not to mention cost you a fortune to acquire. An uncut body does you no good when it is dissolving before your very eyes. Rust on these First Gen Broncos is a huge problem and this one as Chas points out is one of the most cancer rotten to come along in a while. Leave this one right where it is until the seller realizes they do not have a Gold Mine but a badly deteriorated 45 year old truck.

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  10. whmracer99

    With complete replacement tubs, chassis and body kits available and the prices these are now bringing, someone will take this and try to make a killing on it. The prices on rebuilt ones have gone stratospheric (and may come down just as fast) but I’d bet this one sells for decent money to someone with skills and time (or to someone with not enough sense to know they don’t have the skills and time required). Over 6 days left.

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  11. Mark

    A couple years ago some seller on ebay who moved to Washington State from Cali had a nice original one listed with a BIN price of $18,000 or you could bid starting at $15,000.The pics looked good and the fact it came from Cali was a plus.I called the guy to request more pics and a running video but when I looked back at the listing it was gone.Obviously someone paid the BIN price and that was that.Lost opportunity.That listing lasted four hours.

  12. Mitch Ross Member

    For those who say the car is not worth what it’s be bid for might need to rethink what the word “worth” means.

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    • Scott

      What it’s be bid for ???
      Mitch your are starting off deeply confused. We are accessing the trucks value or “worth” based on sound judgement NOT some emotional tie. At the end of the day this is a truck, metal, rubber, glass & plastic period ! This particular truck is by no means worth the money being asked for it and it simply never will be. Mitch if this is your dream then by all means follow it brother and the very best of luck to you.

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