Ready to Restore: 1914 Ford Model T

This 1914 Ford Model T is what I would call a “bitsa” car. Its bits of a 1914 model, along with bits of a 1913, a 1915, and a 1926. The result is still a great little car that has just emerged from a barn and needs someone to breathe new life into it. If that person is you, then you will find it located in Lombard, Illinois, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $4,050, and the reserve has been met.

I actually wrote about a similar Model T a few days ago, and like that vehicle, this one features the “Turtle Deck” trunk. Overall, the condition of the Ford actually looks pretty good, with no signs of any rust issues. A fresh coat of paint would work wonders, but there is no reason why it couldn’t be returned to active duty as is. The owner does say that the mounting strap for one of the headlamps has broken, but that should be an easy fix. The one item that I would definitely be looking at replacing sooner rather than later would be the windshield. What is there at present is a sheet of thick plexiglass. That stuff is good, but it is prone to pitting and swirl marks, so I’d be investing in a replacement. It also looks like the securing mechanism for the top has either broken or is missing. The top itself looks like it might respond to a good clean and new rear window, but the securing issue will need to be addressed.

The interior of the Model T is actually in very nice condition. The cover on the seat isn’t original, but it is still neat and tidy. The steering wheel looks like it is in really nice condition, while the rest of it just looks tidy. Once again, it could be restored quite easily, but for the person seeking some real character in their classic, it could also be left exactly as it is.

The engine in the Model T is the familiar 177ci flathead 4-cylinder engine, although this one does come from a 1926 model. The good news is that the engine does start and run, and the owner supplies this YouTube video confirming that. One of the coils does misfire occasionally, otherwise it all appears to be quite good. In the owner’s own words, the tires are junk, and new ones will be required before the car is ready to hit the road again.

In my mind’s eye, I can picture this little Model T with a fresh coat of black paint, and with all of its brass buffed to a brilliant shine. It would be a real eye-catcher, and would definitely be someone’s pride and joy. On the surface, it doesn’t look like it would be hard to achieve that and knowing how many of our readers love the Model T, I will be interested to know whether one of you loves this one enough to take it on.


  1. JBP

    this my whife must not see, so she just want it…
    i better want the car beside it…..

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Does the Chrysler behind it look to have a green convertible top? Or is that part of a cover?

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      • Robert L Roberge

        Green tarp covering top.

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  2. Carl

    Yeah, I guess it would miss a cylinder. One of the four vibrator coils is missing. I have five in my garage. why, I’ve not the slightest. Momentos
    of T’s in my past.

    Plexi ain’t original, for sure, But safer than the plain
    plate Henry used.

    Can’t tell if the original 30 x 3/12’s are there or if the spokers are the 21’s that came later… I’ve dealt with both, oh yeah..

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  3. Chuck

    It looks like wiring issues will need to be addressed. It’s missing an ignition coil, and there are wires around the front of the engine that don’t belong there. However, the electrics on a “T” were very basic, even if it has been converted to electric start with a generator and battery, which this one has. Electric starters and lights were not available until 1915, and if one looks carefully at the headlights, it looks like there is a sealed beam light in there. Still, for being over a 100 years old, it’s in great shape, and would be a pretty straight forward restoration project.

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  4. dogwater

    Yard art

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love these old Flivvers with the brass radiators. If I had the means I would have a couple of them and just have some fun. Here’s a 1911 model that was pulled off a rock pile on a farm and carefully restored. And enjoyed a lot. That contraption the rear wheels are on is called a ‘Helping Henry,’ which was essentially a belt pulley setup to allow you to run a number of accessories such as a feed mill or a circular saw.

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  6. Bob McK Member

    Some day I will own one of these. But not today

  7. Fred H

    Why is it they never “fix’ the easy fix ? )

  8. Carl H.

    My first car at age 16 in 46 was a 23 T ford Roadster pickup. Paid $25. Derelict and had no tires or rims. On he wheel felloes only mired in dried mud! Drug home messed with it til ran. Morphed into aneat 27 roadster sans fenders and heated a bit. but, still t powered. Drove it my first year of college. Many adventures, we drove it on camping trips a lot.. electric starter!!!!
    It was there, but rarely used. hand crank…

    Circa 58 I built another. speedster form. Almost from scratch. Mostly junk parts. Yellow and black. Ran great. did the town parade a year or so.


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  9. Kenn

    i drove ‘T’s in high school – 52, 53. Bought for $25, drove ’til tires wore out, junked it and bought another for $25. Lots of fun. Not as complicated to drive as is being made out. Super brakes – just slam down the reverse pedal!

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  10. Bob McK Member

    Kenn. Have a friend that bought a 26 T in 53. It was a low mileage unit. He still owns it and it is still in beautiful shape. Love riding around town in it.

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