Real Barn Find: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda


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Barracuda was Plymouth’s attempt to build a pony car to compete with Ford’s wildly successful Mustang. Based of course, on their existing Valiant, Plymouth made it sporty by adding a fastback with a massive rear window. While Ford sold 680,989 Mustangs in 1965, Plymouth managed to sell a comparatively minuscule 64,596 Barracudas in the same year. So while Barracudas never were and never will be as popular as Mustangs, Camaros or even Firebirds, they are much rarer and finding an original one in complete and non-rusted condition is increasingly difficult.


Therefore, this example, for sale in Corbin, Kentucky (but advertised on here on craigslist in Brooklyn, New York for $5,400!) is going to be pretty appealing to Mopar fans. It’s apparently been in a barn on a farm there for 45 years. The current seller bought the car when he bought the farm and is now asking $5,400 for this ruby red fish. The ad says the car is a V-8 with a 4-speed transmission and is 100% original “down to the hubcaps,” but that is all the seller says about his car and the pictures are sparse and don’t show much about the car’s condition either.


But I suspect that someone who loves Barracudas of this vintage (and especially that 273 cid V-8 and rare 4 speed tranny) might be excited enough to go to Corbin, Kentucky to check it out. As the original invoice shows, this was a nicely equipped car, which even had the simulated wood steering wheel and seat belts, among other options. Underneath all that dust slumbers what might be a really special car, but its actual condition will determine whether it’s worth the asking price. I do hope this car can be revived and kept as original as possible and I’d love to see it when it has been brought back to life!

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  1. Don

    Wheel be bought fast for that price.

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  2. Jay M

    -Look what he traded in on it….bet he wishes now he had kept the “60 convertible.

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  3. Blindmarc

    Says 4-speed one place, and automatic in another.

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    • 68 custom

      receipt says 4 speed manual.

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  4. 68 custom

    but does it have the 235 horse 273? or was that a formula S option only?

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  5. geezerglide85

    I think the Barracuda came out a few days before the Mustang. I’m sure someone will know exactly when. It seems like Chrysler was always making something out of another
    car. When the Barracuda morphed into something completely different they took the Valiant and made it into the duster. Then in the 80’s they made K-cars into everything.

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    • JW454


      The Barracuda was released on April 1, 1964…. About 2 weeks before the Mustang according to;

      This one’s only a couple of hours south of me. If I were in the market it might be worth a look.

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      • Roselandpete

        If it came out earlier, I wonder how the Barracuda could be a response to the Mustang?

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      • Wildfire

        Ford seems to be touted as the Pony originator Plymouth had to have spies at Ford to jump them on their own Ponies ~this was common place in the American auto builders and hiring people away from each other happened quite a bit as it was war in Detroit ~as a Mopar guy the only thing that the original Barracuda lacked over the Mustang was power ~this is why the muscle car era came about everyone wanted MORE POWER one that we all have our favorite but only 1 motor in the muscle car era was outlawed by NASCAR and that was the 426 Hemi and at the two largest tracks ran well over 200 mph requiring restrictor plates at both tracks

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  6. Roselandpete

    They have a certain charm.

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  7. Steve B

    LOL Bought the farm….but a fantastic find!!!

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  8. Terry King

    Where at in Corbin, Kentucky email me at I might wanna see it

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  9. Bernie

    Having restored one of these I am always amazed at the reaction I get at car shows being the only Barracuda there compared to 3 or 4 mustangs. I love my Barracuda although parts for the 64- 65 are hard to come by.

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  10. rustylink

    hmmm it’s advertised in Brooklyn but located in Kentucky. Pretty much says all I need to know about this one – sparse ad, terrible pictures..smells scammy…

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  11. stillrunners


    The first Cuda’s for 1964 wore a Valiant badge on the trunk among other 64 stuff and beat the coupe/convertible Mustang to market – FACT……and should say Ford needed a fastback to compete against it.

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    • David WilkAuthor

      Stillrunners: I respectfully disagree on this point. Mustang was well known in the car business and even in the popular press as early as 1962. All the car companies knew that Ford was developing a new “sporty” car to be based on Falcon underpinnings. Plymouth was able to rush the Barracuda to market and they did beat Ford by two weeks because their car was so much based on the existing Valiant, but this was done precisely because they wanted to steal some of Mustang’s thunder. Mustang was most definitely Plymouth’s target with the Barracuda. I like both Mustang and Barracuda, and have no preference for either, I just am interested in the history of these cars.

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  12. Sparky Witham

    I will take the Cuda any day over the mustang to the mustang. And that is with out the difference in the ride and more popular to say the least.. Just saying , then there is value!!!

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  13. Wildfire

    The post was removed by the author
    it seems strange that right after it is featured here
    it is gone ~screams scam now

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  14. Snotty

    response to wildfire, the 427 Ford SOHC was also banned from NASCAR.

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  15. Doc

    Remember the radio commercial where the guy is introducing the barracuda or trying to sell another guy on the car, he didn’t want to buy it because he couldn’t pronounce barracuda, He said “I can’t say Bacaruda.”
    I was 10..heh
    You don’t remember days, you remember moments.

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  16. James Siler

    The car is legitimate. I am just getting flooded with calls and put it on the wrong Craigslist site. My number is 859-327-1056 if you have interest in the car or would like more pictures. Thanks. James

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  17. James Siler

    Here is a picture of the engine compartment. As you can see there is no rust. James

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  18. James Siler

    4 speed, original hurst

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  19. James Siler

    Back seat

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  20. James Siler

    Passenger side

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  21. James Siler

    Driver side

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    • David WilkAuthor

      James – Thanks for posting these better pictures of your Barracuda. I think alot of folks on this site are interested in your car – a true barn find indeed. Is it in Kentucky? Do you happen to have a title or bill of sale for the car? I am sure we would all like to hear the story of how this car ended up in the barn and stayed there for so many years. Can you let us know?

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  22. stillrunners

    Thanks James – and David your okay -I know the history very well and FO-MO-CO was not sure what it would be (Mercury) nor called – everyone was chasing that little Lark at that time

    Owned both the 1965 Mustang 2+2 and 1967 2+2 and owned 1964/65/66/67/68/69 Barracuda’s and would rather drive a stock Cuda over a stock Stang any day.


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    • Blindmarc

      I owned a 69′ sunshine special barracuda. Better car than any mouse tang.

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  23. Bobsmyuncle

    Does the paperwork check out? Does it turn over? Where is the car located?

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  24. Doc

    Interestingly enough it doesn’t have Hypo valve covers, Is it a 2bbl or 4bbl carburetor?

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  25. James siker

    I have cleaned it up, put new brakes, gas tank, ignition, plugs, wires, etc… A pleasure to drive. 273 2 brl 4 speed. Cigarette lighter, interior lights all work. Awesome. Completely original. 6k obo
    Can text pictures


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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Please don’t post cars for sale in the comments. Here’s info on how to get your car featured on the site:

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