Real Deal? 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 427

While the Super Sport began with the Chevy Impala in 1961, the emphasis on performance shifted to smaller, lighter cars as the 1960s wore on. Like the Chevelle SS 396 and the Nova SS 350. By 1967, big-block engines in Impala’s with SS trim were diminishing as only 2,124 Impala SS 427’s were built, including both coupes and convertibles. This ’67 Impala is said to be one of those cars and the seller goes into a lot of detail about its amenities but does not include VIN or cowl tag data nor do terms like “original” or “real deal” come into play. As such, an Impala SS 427 in this condition at $21,700 sounds like a bargain. The car can be found in Lorton, Virginia, and is available here on craigslist. A nod goes to Rocco B. for this tip!

Most of the Impala SS 427s produced in 1967 would have had the L36 Corvette engine that produced 385 horsepower (5 less than when installed in the ‘Vette). There are known examples floating around that had the L72 version of the 427 that was good for just shy of one horse per cube, but we’re told that none of them were documented by General Motors (see the Hemmings source).

The seller doesn’t stress the potential rarity of this car or if it’s a survivor at 60,000 miles or a super nice restoration. The Butternut Yellow paint looks quite nice, and the black vinyl interior is equally tidy, although we are told the rear upholstery has been redone. To maximize the power under the domed hood of this Chevy, the tri-power V8 is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission (Rock Crusher?) and a 12-bolt rear axle. The car has electronic ignition, which is a nod to some modern technologies having been employed in the maintenance of this vehicle.

Power steering and power front disc brakes are in place along with what looks to be factory air conditioning. We’ve read somewhere that A/C was available with the L36 but not the L72 and it would have been nice if the seller would have differentiated. That helps to separate a real-deal car from a clone. This Chevy has a full complement of gauges, including a 140-mph speedometer, 7K RPM tachometer, fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and amperage. Whether this is a factory SS 427 or a later tribute, it looks like a lot of automobile for the money.


  1. Moparman Member

    This is one big, bad, nice looking bruiser! If full size is what you desire, then this one should check all the boxes! GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Agreed…best looking Chevy of the era.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Well there are not a lot of those hoods out there to just add to this Impala. Sure is pretty! Big car that can run hard not that common. I know everyone of the big three built a full size muscle car but this is one of the best looking. Have to wonder why it’s priced so low? Has to be more in it that that to build a clone, tribute whatever you want to call it. Won’t last long, if I was closer I would have to consider this one.

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  3. Big_Fun Member

    Usually, when there is only an email with an accompanying phone number, or a phone number in the ad, I raise an eyebrow. Along with the generic description and the low price. Of course., it could be a divorce matter, or a need of quick cash.
    I have responded to these ads, with responses in broken english. I hope this is not, and somebody gets a deal! If you respond, as specific questions and ask for a phone number.

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    • sshayss

      Is this fir for real?

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      • Bozo

        Has a Corvette tri power set up. I wonder what else has been changed?
        Still very interesting opportunity.

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    • Michael Zantow

      Beside an email and a phone what did you want?

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    • Tom

      Yup, sure looks like a scam to me. If it appears too good to be true…

  4. Big_Fun Member

    I should have said without a phone number….

  5. Big_Fun Member

    Made a quick search of “Butternut Yellow 1967 SS427 and found this:

    You be the judge of the legitimacy of the craigslist ad.

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    • Tom

      Can’t buy or sell anything on Craigslist anymore. No matter what I list, first response is always a scam.

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    • Mongoose

      The old copy & paste job on the pics, huh???

  6. PaulG

    So many of these Craigslist scams on here lately; why do the authors even bother…

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    • Tony Primo

      Russ is probably making sure that the readers are paying attention.

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  7. Frank Sumatra

    If you have ever driven one of these full-size battleships, you may have had the same reaction I had. Lots of power and not much else going for it. You slid all over the seat, it didn’t “handle” as much as it “wallowed”, the steering wheel would start to have an effect on the front wheels after a couple of yanks on it, and the brakes were good for two or three stops a day. It is amazing to me that any of these cars (and drivers) survived. Of course it was the state of the art at the time, and no one knew any better, but these cars were a handful.

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    • Keith

      Frank ! If you look at the length of a 1970 Road Runner or GTX what was called mid size back then this Impala is only 9 inches longer witch is not a lot in the car world.I have a L-72 1969 Biscayne and the ride is smooth as glass and have beat many cars that thought it was a battleship.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        @Keith- As a wise man once said- “A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing possible”. Enjoy the Biscayne and Happy Motoring!

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  8. TOM L

    Well, I think we all knew that this was too good to be an honest ad. Scammers are on the rise.

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  9. Michael Berkemeier

    SCAM…why is this even here? Anyone with any sense knows that this car, at that price, is an absolute crock of s#!+.

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  10. Craig

    yep, you guys aren’t doing your homework

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  11. Doone

    Incorrect badging too.

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  12. Tommy

    Does not matter to me if it is numbers matching that’s a bad ride!! Id buy it!!

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  13. 19sixty5 Member

    $21k for a car that sold 6 months ago for $64k, yeah, right.

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  14. CCFisher

    Starting in 1967, GM banned multiple carbs in everything but the Corvette. The 385-hp SS427 engine used a single 4-barrel.

    While there is no hard evidence of fraud that could be taken to the police, other commenters have raised enough red flags that I would expect the administrators to remove this particular feature. Promoting potential fraud isn’t a good look.

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  15. Steve

    My first ride was a 67 Impala, though it had just the 283/Powerglide setup, and lots of rust. Being a California kid, I immediately bought some “J” hooks and lowered the rear. Speed bumps weren’t as prevalent in the early 80s. I love the styling. This and the boat tail Rivs were just made to be lowriders. I’m biased, but if I had the funds and space, I’d pick it up regardless of originality. If it turned out to be fake, I wouldn’t feel so bad about the color change I would make immediately.

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    • sshayss

      My favorite color is Butternut yellow

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