The Real Deal Survivor? 1966 Mustang Coupe

At first glance, this Mustang Matt W found for us listed on eBay looks, well, like just another Mustang. This is very basic 6 cylinder three-speed Mustang and the color isn’t very exciting but it is completely original. The term time machine comes to mind. It is being sold from an estate and was owned by the same family since it was new. It has about 106,000 miles on it, is rust free and runs and drives very well. It’s been bid up to $9,000 and there are a couple of days left.

There’s not much to say for the interior except it looks to be in great condition. This interior reminds me a new blue Mustang a friend had in college.

You’d think someone has been busy with a rattle can, but I don’t see any overspray. Could it really be this clean and be all original?

So, what do you think? Could this Mustang really be this nice? There are a couple of bidders who have run the price up to $9,000 already. If they haven’t seen it in person, do you think they’ll be disappointed when they do? Many folks will want to stuff a V8 with a 4 speed in it (hopefully they will upgrade the axles, brakes and such) but I’d vote for leaving it original. It will be interesting to see what you think!


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I find something very appealing about these basic original cars.The world has enough modified Mustangs all ready,please preserve this one as it is.

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  2. RoKo

    Someone added a side marker light/reflector as those weren’t available til ’68.

    • Davis

      Looks like a peel and stick reflector.

    • Henry Drake

      Not so much “available”, but federally mandated – it wasn’t an option. Lights or reflectors in 68, lights and reflectors starting in 70. Those look like reflectors only here, aftermarket of course.

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    That was quite a common thing to do, RoKo, fifty years ago.

    I’m with you, David, that this ‘Stang should be left, as is.

    A buddy of mine bought a similar one as a souvenir from his trip to the USA a couple of years ago – a ’65 base six-banger coupe. It’s his wife’s car and she absolutely loves it.

  4. G Keller

    Nice car as is. Hopefully the price will stay reasonable so it can be enjoyed as a nice driver. Too many “base vehicles” have been modified already. Should leave a lot of these alone and enjoy them as a basic, fun ride.

  5. Alan

    Honestly in my opinion its criminal to hot rod or modify any classic original Survivor car

    • Mountainwoodie


  6. Classic Steel

    These sprint type ponies are okay in my book!

    The four lug wheels and low rearends gears require swapping out if one upgrades the engine.

    Leaving it alone makes since

  7. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    LEAVE IT ALONE!!! This car is a testament to the truly devoted years in Detroit when these were built in virtually any combination of drivetrain and options. If you want to hot rod or modify, buy pine that’s already been tweaked on.

    • glen

      It’s also a testament to the owners who took such good care of it for all those years. It wouldn’t be right to modify/ upgrade, a vehicle that was so well maintained. The original owners wouldn’t want to sell it to someone that has plans to alter it from stock,atleast that’s how I see it.

  8. Steve A.

    Had one just like it back in high school. Mine was black/black but same 6 cyl and a 3 speed. Was a great little car. Nothing to brag about obviously, but still, a great car. I did eventually drop in a hi-po 289 and a 4 speed. 4.10 rear end. Swapped out the front to 5 lug to match the new rear end I had installed. She definitely moved then!!! For about 3 months. Right up to when I rolled it!!! 😲 That was back in 76 and they were a dime a dozen.
    Still,…should have left well enough alone.

  9. Gregory

    Yep I hope the new owner leaves the simpleness alone and drive it daily like it is

  10. Mike

    Somehow that motor looks so wrong in such a sporty little car. Maybe I’m just use to V8s in there.

  11. JW

    These were a dime a dozen back in the day but now are harder to find in this condition, I agree leave this one alone and just drive it.

  12. Bill

    I question the originality. Look at the paint on the engine. The head doesn’t match the block. Also, look at the wheels. They stick out entirely too far. They have obvously been swapped. The air cleaner appears to be chrome. They were not chrome originally. The were engine color blue with a 200 cubic inch decal. One last obvious strange thing. Look at how tall it stands on its suspension. 6 cylinder cars or even v8 cars never had a stance like that. A lot of non original stuff going on here.

    • JW

      Maybe the owner had to replace a valve cover gasket and repainted the valve cover before reinstalling it. As far as the stance our 67 6 cylinder Mustang sat high in the front and yes the rear springs had to be replaced because it led a hard life where this one seems not to have had that happen. No matter what it’s a very nice car and I wouldn’t mind owning it.

      • GP Member

        Looks like the cylinder head and valve cover are the same in color. If something was done, It was years ago. Looks very original to me and a real cared for car. I’d be proud to cruse down and get my 30 pack with it.

    • JW

      OH and the air cleaner looks to be a rattle can chrome paint job, another rattle can of Ford corporate blue paint would remedy that with a aftermarket sticker.

    • Tom Cotter Member

      I agree. The wheels protrude too much to the outside. Must be wider rims from stock.

  13. Classic Steel

    These sprint type ponies are okay in my book!

    The four lug wheels and low rearends gears require swapping out if one upgrades the engine.
    Drive it as it is on nice days and keep in garage😎

  14. ccrvtt

    A roommate’s sister had this exact car, down to the color and the engine/trans. I remember thinking at the time that it was a girl’s car since it didn’t have a 289 & a 4-speed (oh callous youth!) but I’d keep this one just the way it is and drive it a lot.

    Not hard, just drive it a lot.

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Amazing how some vehicles stay so well preserved and some even much newer look like, well, you know. Congrats to the family! Funny that no one in the family is interested? Considering the condition I think it would have been touched by a few of the family members. Love the hubcaps, glad to see all four still around. Maybe should have put a reserve on her though.

  16. DustyRider

    The 200 ci Sprint 6 had a chrome air cleaner from the factory.

    • DustyRider

      The Sprint also came with wire wheel wheel covers and a non-synchro in first gear 3 speed trans.

    • Rodent

      Sprints had a center console. The body side trim was deleted and replaced with a pinstripe. Looks like a Sprint air cleaner though.

    • carsofchaos

      You are correct sir I was wondering when someone would mention that.

  17. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    I had a ’66 Mustang with the straight six but with auto trans. Copper-colored with a black vinyl top. It had what I’ve heard referred to as “semi-buckets.” A bench seat that looked like bucket seats. Great little car, really good on fuel, too. Leave this one as-is. There are enough V-8s out there.

  18. Cool Hand Luke

    It has 1965 wheel covers on it. The 1966 Mustang wheel covers were completely different. And I agree that the breather isn’t correct and the valve cover doesn’t match paint wise. While it is a nice car, it’s definitely not completely original.

  19. gaspumpchas

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but a rustang in Ohio? I’d never buy a unibody ford without going thru with a fine tooth comb. Buyer beware. Sure looks like a sweetie!!

  20. Troy s

    Show the eight but sell ’em the six I believe was the marketing tactic Ford wanted the salesmen to use, bean counters that they were. Although my main interest in cars are the factory street terrors of that era, there would be no point in messing up an artifact like this. Built to make driving to work or school or whatever more interesting, not for chewing up asphalt and scaring the living hell out of your passengers.

  21. Bob

    My first car was a 67 Mustang with a 289 with a 3 speed standard, factory A/C and factory tinted windows. A real sleeper and fun car. This car is today’s world is very special. If any changers were to be made I would have the inline 6 warmed up. There are some really trick things to be done with an inline 6 that would make it just as much fun as an 8, a lot more unique for the show and shines and just enough torque in todays crowded streets. Remove the peel and stick side markers and leave the body and interior as is. Knowing me, I’d change the wheel and tires as that’s a simple bolt on change.

  22. Tort Member

    Like just as it is. As others have said leave it original as it seems nice to see one as it was when new. Back in the day my girlfriend’s father bought the first one that our local Ford dealership received. A white 6 cylinder 3 speed and I got to cruise around town driving it with my girlfriend. Did I really think I was someone special!!

  23. Wrong Way

    I placed my bid! I will keep it the way it is! Why would anyone destroy such a nice vehicle and make a rod out of this! If I win the bid, I will then have 13 Mustangs in my stable!

    • Steven D Visek

      Did you get it? Sold for $9,510.

    • Brad

      What cars do you have ??

  24. Steven D Visek

    Nice Mustang. I have a ’66 Mustang coupe 289/2v auto. w/ 35K miles, bought new by my grandmother in ’66; some bodywork done and repainted but not truly restored. So I find this auction interesting to observe.

    I will ding the seller a bit quoting misleading values. Seller conveniently neglected to subtract the 20% NADA says to deduct for 6cyl.

  25. Loco Mikado

    I like it. Leave it alone. I remember reading Car and Driver magazine in the mid 70’s and they stated that early Mustangs would never be collectors items because so many were made. So much for the experts evaluation.

    • dweezilaz

      Loco, I’ve read that so many times over the years and from a collection of old Motor Trends from the 50s.

      One I remember especially well, was Robert Gottlieb in his Classic Cars column telling a reader that his 67 Mercury Cougar would never be worth anything even if put on blocks for 25 years and “who would want to”, along with all the reasons it would be impossible to restore a “modern” [ 1967 ] car.

      I never believed that even at 10 years old and have read people claiming the same thing every decade since.

    • carsofchaos

      The same is said by many people on this site of most cars from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Let’s see how that turns out.

  26. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Those are 1965 hubcaps on that 1966…..and X2 on the other comments….


    Had the same hub caps on my 65 289,225 horse.I agree leave it as is and drive carefully on nice days only.

  28. dweezilaz

    Too nice to tamper with.

    And so what if it has some minor changes ? It’s been on the road for over 50 years.

    One can bet it’s not riding on bias plies. It acquired some ill shaped rear reflectors and someone may even have spray painted the air cleaner.

    The interior hasn’t been chopped up for some modern stereo speakers, the seats are immaculate, no rear fender chopping for over size tires and that six will come in handy when gas prices rise again.

    It’s perfect just as it is.

  29. Pete

    Ummm I have a 66 just like this one other than mine being Black with red interior. Ya’ll are grumbling about the hubcaps. Well the standard hubcap for a 6 banger 66 don’t look near as nice as these 65 replacement faux knock offs. The head and Valve cover have been repainted because? They had the head taken off for a repair is my bet. Probably had to port it or at least give it a valve job after all these years. Maybe even a timing chain fix. Would you rather it was a full on restoration with serious mystery under new paint. I would take one like this any day.

    • Wrong Way

      My bid wasn’t quite good enough! I had somebody willing to give me a run for my money! I backed out, you have to unless your pockets are bottomless! I always hang in for a while, just to see if I can get lucky! I have yet to win a online auto auction! There comes a point to where you have to trust your instincts! If not you will lose your hiney! Have a great day guys!

      • Pete

        Wrong Way Feldman I agree I have a set amount in my head that I am willing to pay for a car. I do not exceed that for an on line auction, I am a horse trader from way back.

  30. Wrong Way

    I was raised in a pawn shop! LOL, I am very serious!

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