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Rebuilt Drivetrain: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

Sitting in this garage is a classic that promises much for its new owner. This 1969 Corvette features a recently rebuilt engine and transmission, making it a turnkey classic that will provide a new owner with years of enjoyment. Its most pressing need is a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Denver, Colorado. Bidding sits below the reserve at $10,000, with time remaining for potential buyers to throw their hats into the ring.

There’s a bit to consider with this chrome-bumper classic, particularly for potential buyers focused on originality. The Trim Tag confirms this Corvette rolled off the line wearing LeMans Blue paint. It underwent a color change to Monza Red, but it is unclear when this happened. The seller admits there are paint chips and other imperfections, although the car is presentable if the winning bidder pursues the “tidy driver” route. The frame and birdcage are solid, meaning the new owner won’t face any structural issues. They recently restored the Rally wheels, and these present in as-new condition. There are a few functional problems for the winning bidder to address, but the impressions are these will cost more time than money to rectify. The passenger door is jammed closed, and it is unclear why. The T-top seals are intact, but those on the doors leak in a car wash. The mechanisms for the headlamps and wiper doors are intact, although neither function correctly. None of the problems are insurmountable and will require a dash of patience to address.

This Corvette’s drivetrain provides potential bidders with plenty of positive news. Its numbers-matching 350ci V8 underwent a recent rebuild that included a 0.030″ over-bore. It should produce at least the 300hp it delivered when new, which feeds to the road via a freshly rebuilt four-speed M21 manual transmission and a new clutch. That isn’t the end of the story because the steering, suspension, and brakes received a similar level of attention. That leaves the new owner with nothing to do but slip behind the wheel for classic motoring enjoyment. The bulletproof nature of the mechanical components means they should be able to do this for decades while undertaking little more than routine maintenance. If the buyer wishes to fly in and drive it home, that goal is achievable.

Opening the doors reveals an interior with new Black vinyl seatcovers and fresh carpet. The remaining trim is original, although the wheel is a later addition. It presents extremely well for an above-average driver, and it is worth noting that this Corvette has clocked under 100 miles since the seller completed the mechanical and interior refurbishment work. The seller treated the shifter mechanism to a rebuild while the transmission was out, so selecting ratios should be crisp and precise. It isn’t loaded with factory options, with the AM/FM radio representing the only nod to luxury.

This 1969 Corvette isn’t perfect, but it possesses enough positive attributes to attract fifteen bids at the time of writing. It remains short of the reserve, and we can only speculate what that figure might be. Recent sales results suggest it shouldn’t be more than $20,000, although chrome-bumper Corvettes can spring surprises. The new owner doesn’t face any major hurdles with this car, although returning the exterior to its original color would be irresistible if I found it in my workshop. Do you agree, or would you enjoy it untouched?


  1. Robert

    I believe I could stand tooling around in this beauty wearing this color, a change back to the original color seems unnecessary to me, but then I’m not what you’d call a purist. I installed cable tv for a guy in Yancey county many years ago (you can do the math as to when this would have been a thing)who restored Corvettes for a living, and he had just finished a 69 convertible that I believe was the same color as this car supposedly rolled out of the showroom wearing, with a white top and interior. She was a stunning beauty, and aside from the gold 63 split window, which was almost to the halfway point of restoration, was the nicest Vette he had on the property, and he had several. I must admit, most of the time my work is unhindered by distractions I sometimes encounter at private residences, but it was literally hard to concentrate on the task at hand with that lovely blue beast sitting there in his carport, directly on the path between his house and the work van. But between wiping the drool off my chin and snippets of conversation with the obviously very skilled Vette doctor, we finally accomplished the mission. Yeah I’d drive the snot out of this car, and I believe the red would work just fine 😁

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car. My ’65 Corvair Monza was the same color so the color change doesn’t affect me at all. Looks good on the car.

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    • Wayne Floyd

      Based on the sloppy red paint overspray on that engine, I would be concerned about the engine “rebuild” statement in the description. I would require a review of the rebuild receipts. Why wouldn’t you neatly paint the engine block and valve covers while the engine was out of the car on a “rebuild” ?

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  3. Vernon patterson

    Very nice corvette. I have a 1968 they are a blast to drive

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  4. bill tebbut

    Maybe just my old eyes, but looks like a fair bit of engine red overspray on alternator, etc…..

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    • Joes72

      Yep. Anybody who refreshes the top of a motor with a rattle can, best be avoided.

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  5. JCH841

    Very tempting g. I need to behave.

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  6. JCH841

    Very tempting. I need to behave.

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  7. Chuck Simons

    Is that a rattle can detailing I see on the alternator

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  8. CCFisher

    The color change is unfortunate. LeMans Blue is a great color.

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  9. Ron

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the color change happened after a front end collision repair. Horrible hood front edge gap.

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  10. FrankD Member

    Vacuum hose night mare. I had a 69 rare color Silver and red combo with side pipes. The car was dam hot in the Summer time.

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  11. PL

    It has enough going for it, the expense and labor to take it to the next level might be worth it. 👌

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  12. Steve

    In Colorado with Pennsylvania plates?

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  13. EM

    Diesel vets are cool, and some of the best year still have the chrome bumpers. I agree with the OP’s comments about quality of the color on the engine, possibly bearing further investigation. Also, a side door does not just jam shut for unknown reasons. With the age, and especially with the T tops, a little more scrutiny is involved to make sure no hidden structural issues exist. The sag in the front bumper area is common, but you’d want to address that as well, for longevity’s sake.

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    • EM

      Voice to text strikes again. These old vettes. Not Diesel Vets.😱

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      • Ike Onick

        Deez nutz.

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  14. CW

    9k tops.

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    • John

      Couldn’t agree more. Not only this one but 99% of them on here. Most of these cars are rotated out junk yet people are dumping big money. Very few are “RARE COLLECTABLE CARS” yet people pay crazy prices.
      I bet most get home and never get finished once they realize the mistake.
      So many supposed “rare” cars … Yet we see dozens per week just on here… Imagine if you were really scouring the Internet? None are that rare.

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      • Ed

        9k? Yeah right.

        John, why are you here? Market (supply/demand) sets the price. Your personal opinions on value hold no value to anyone but yourself. I will now get off your lawn. Nothing personal but geez.

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      • Jeff

        That’s true

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  15. edward kas

    Plenty of other stingrays in the sea, I would pass and get one in original specs. 20k just feels like 5 too much

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  16. Davey Boy

    I would be cautious with that krylon rebuild and a complete color change. For the money you can find better. Just saying.

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