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Whisper The Magic Word: 1965 Buick Wildcat Convertible


With a name like “Wildcat,” how could this Buick be anything but performance oriented? This sleek convertible is a barn find out of Tyler, Texas, and is listed for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $1,000 but there is a reserve.


Buick apparently thought very highly of their 1965 Wildcats, and it looks like they had thought of most of the issues facing drivers at that time. It’s fascinating to me to compare this advertisement with any modern Buick advertisement–while power is still mentioned, fuel economy and safety are some of the driving forces in advertising now. Does this ad make you want to “whisper the magic word?”


While this Wildcat certainly has some issues, the majority of the external panels of the car are solid, although there’s something strange going on right at the rear of both rear fenders. I’m not sure if it’s is rust, remnants of a collision or where something has slid back and forth a number of times in the trunk? Any ideas after looking at the picture above and this one?


That’s a lot of car! I wonder if those huge doors are sagging any on the hinges when the doors are opened? You also have to wonder why, when the seller describes the shop as one that “specializes in service, repair, paint and restoration of classic vehicles” why they don’t restore the car before sale? I guess they are hoping you will buy it and then pay them to restore the car as well.


The interior is going to need a lot of work just to look respectable. The main rust in the car is on the passenger side floorboard, although there are some small holes in other places as well. While it’s covered with wheel covers in this view, this picture shows the rust through clearly. I don’t think this is one that you could just throw the blanket over and things would be okay! I found plenty of interior components here on eBay including a nice set of white door panels.


Here’s where it starts to get really interesting. This car should have a 425 Wildcat engine, but instead there is a 455 four barrel nameplate on the air cleaner. While that may just be an air cleaner (I’ll bet a Barn Finds reader can help us with engine ID), the 455 wasn’t offered in a Wildcat until 1970, so if that is the engine we know for sure it isn’t the original one. I do like the fact that there is an air conditioning compressor off to the left there, even if it’s not connected at the moment, because there’s hope to convert the system to R134 and make it usable again. Unfortunately, the seller tells us that the engine is locked up (but of course, it is said to have run when put into storage–then why put it into storage!) and that may mean a complete rebuild. What do you think this “deep-breathing big-muscled” car is worth, and would you like to take it home? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    doesn’t look like a nailhead……… notice the upright valve covers ( ala Nailhead)

    this is the 465 MZ Code Super Wildcat motor in my ‘ 66

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  2. Dave at OldSchool Restorations


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  3. redwagon

    i count 7 spark plugs in one photo. could it be that the 8th is just too darn hard to get to? i had a 68 firebird like that. the trick was to cut a section out of the inner fender well to gain access then replace the piece and screw it in place with 2 sheet metal screws.

    note the fins on the two front rotors are different.

    a cool looking car, nice lines, it would look gorgeous cleaned and waxed. the interior is trashed but fixable. once done it would be a swell summer cruiser.

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  4. Kent Pearson

    This is my kind of beast, And in my exact favourite colour combo. Do you suppose the extra 4 bbl might account for the extra ponies?

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  5. Rick

    Looks like it would haul several storage containers handily. WHAT A BARGE!!

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  6. Busyditch

    I’m guessing that the wrinkles on both rear fenders are due to someone backing into a wall. The way the bumper is designed it pushed in the fender. They replaced the damaged bumper and made an attempt to hammer out the dents from the inside

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  7. 64 bonneville

    that’s a 425 C.I. V-8. The dual quads could have possibly come from a Riviera Gran Sport Not sure if they were available as an option on the Wildcat

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  8. Vince Habel

    It says 455 on the air cleaner as you pointed out. The guys are right it is not a nailhead.

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  9. Vince Habel

    Nailhead distributor is in the back of the engine. This one is in the front.

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  10. bigdoc13

    The valve covers look like Oldsmobile parts.Could this be an Olds 455?

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  11. DonM

    Buick named their engines by torque, not displacement. My 60 with a 401 cu in “Wildcat 445”

    The dual quads are not from this car

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  12. doc

    A definite tire smoker Stand on the brake and nail it, smoke for a half a block..

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  13. doc

    has anyone figured out the engine? The disturber placement is,?

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  14. mark

    This is a Buick 455. Olds and Pontiac have a rear dist.

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  15. George

    I cant help it. Regardless of what you find some dang fool will pay. To me the car is worth $800.00

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  16. slickimp

    Nice 425 two 4s like to see those motors they are pretty rare

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  17. JCW

    Everytime I see a Wildcat makes me remember my 62. Black white vinyl top and red interior with bucket seats and console with tack. Have wish for it back since it was sold. We do crazy things when young.

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  18. Randy Fitz

    Could be either the 455 or the 350 as they appear identical.

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  19. Miguel

    I have that same car in the same color, even though that is not the original color. Mine was also a fastback once in it’s life and somebody thought it would be a good idea to cut the roof off. I wish they hadn’t.

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  20. David Davids

    I have a 1965 Buick Wildcat……love driving it……lots of comments.

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