Reproduction Racer: 1973 Jaguar XJ13

The automotive world is full of “what ifs.” These questions are not limited to road cars because motorsport contains its share of unanswered questions. For instance, what if the great Jim Clark had not lost his life at Hockenheim in 1968? Would he have secured more championship crowns? What if Ford’s bid to buy Ferrari had been successful. Would we have seen the legendary GT40? The Jaguar XJ13 poses similar questions. If the company hadn’t dragged its feet on development, would it have tasted success at Le Mans? We can never answer these questions, but one thing seems certain; The XJ13 was one of the most elegant race cars never to race. Jaguar only built one example, which is safely tucked away in British Motor Museum. Several companies have produced replicas, with this one appearing from The Sports Car Factory of Frederick, Maryland. It presents superbly, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the owner has chosen to part with it before genuinely enjoying the experience it has to offer. Located in Santa Barbara, California, the Jaguar is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $165,000, although they may entertain offers.

The prototype XJ13 featured all-aluminum construction, but this car is slightly different. The panels are fiberglass, but considerable effort has gone into capturing the spirit of the original vehicle. This attention to detail extends to molded seam joints and faux rivets. The effect is eye-catching, and you need to look closely to identify the differences. The panels cover a TIG-welded aluminum monocoque tub, with these two materials ensuring that rust will not be an issue that the new owner will ever face. The panels wear Brooklands Green paint with Silver stripes, as was the case with Jaguar’s prototype. The paint shines beautifully, with no visible flaws or defects. There are no signs of fatigue or cracking in the fiberglass, while the trim and glass appear flawless. The car rolls on 17″ Daytona wire wheels, and while these deviate from the magnesium items found on the original, they perfectly suit this car’s character.

When developing the original XJ13, Jaguar engineers focused on a mid-engine design. They created a unique all-aluminum DOHC V12 engine producing 503hp. The power found its way to the road via a five-speed ZF transaxle. While initial testing proved encouraging, it also revealed that the XJ13 would need considerable development to prove a competitive proposition. However, the appearance of Ford’s GT40 rendered the XJ13 obsolete before it could turn a wheel in anger, and the project was scrapped. This replica stays faithful to the original by featuring a V12 engine, although it is no surprise that it is a production version rather than the prototype unit. It was sourced from a 1993 Jaguar XJR-S and breathes through a bank of Weber carburetors. The power finds its way to the road via a Porsche G50/993 six-speed manual transaxle. A Petronix ignition ignites the mixture, while an aluminum radiator with three fans provides effective cooling. The seller doesn’t indicate how well the car runs or drives, but the drivetrain combination and low overall weight should ensure exhilarating performance.

In keeping with the XJ13’s roots, the interior of this replica would be classed as spartan. After all, when you’re roaring down the Mulsanne Straight at more than 200mph, who will be worried about air conditioning, power windows, or luxurious upholstery? Upholstered surfaces are limited to the body-hugging bucket seats that wear green leather with contrasting yellow piping. The wood-rimmed wheel is a nod to the model’s racing heritage, as is the dash. It contains the gauges necessary to monitor the health of that V12, along with a set of basic controls and switches. A stubby shifter for the six-speed falls easily to the driver’s hand, while a Tilton pedal box rounds out the racing theme.

Unforeseen circumstances can come in many forms, but the one motivating the seller to part with this 1973 Jaguar XJ13 comes under the heading of unusual. After purchasing the vehicle for $175,000 last September, he discovered that he was too short to drive and enjoy this classic. With no scope to modify the car to accommodate his modest stature, he is left with no choice but to send it to a new home and to someone who can appreciate it as its creators intended. He is taking a toweling on the sale price, but his loss could be your gain. Have you ever dreamed of owning a car like this? If so, would you consider pursuing this one further?


  1. gaspumpchas

    165 large and wearing a jag nameplate you will be in for a world of hurt. Pass.


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  2. Capt RD
    • Euromoto Member

      Reading through the last several comments on BAT reminds me again why I stopped following the site: “Congratulations, RichGuy6 on such a well-bought classic”; “Thank you, PoseurGT3, I’m really looking forward to adding it to the portfolio”. Give me a break…

      Like 23
      • Mike

        Funny how BaT people are farming for likes with the endless scroll of “Congrats”, I thought I was the only person noticing the ass kissing on that site. I acquired almost 9k in likes the hard way without plucking the low hanging fruit of “well bought” & “enjoy your new acquisition”.

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    • Dave Peterson

      I imagine the gearheads who originally founded BAT are highly amused. They seemed to me to be diametrically different than the current proprietors. Were I a seller, however, I would bring every low mile European GT I could find to these guys as they – and this bizarre market – have created a completely new market level by pin pointing the checkbook collectors.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Agree the whole situation is nuts but that’s still a beautiful car.

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  4. Dummy

    Probably a stupid question, is this car clutch less?

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  5. JoeJ56

    Wow. Who buys a car without a test drive, or at least sitting in it once? Guys with more money than brains, that’s who. Stunningly beautiful car though!

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    • Gumby

      No adjustable seats?

  6. MoragaPulsar

    Why wouldn’t he just relist on BAT? (250 comments, seemed to generate some interest there). This worries me a little about BAT, something just doesn’t seem right.

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  7. Paul in MA

    On Facebook there is a group homebuilt cars. Some of these work being done by folks is fantastic. I like this Xaguar but when you see what Jaguar did to that retired guy in Sweden, Karl Magnusson, building a CType, I don’t think I would want anything to do with Jaguar.

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  8. PairsNPaint

    The owner is too short? Strap some 2×4 blocks on the pedals.

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  9. Lawrence Smith

    Why sell on ebay, this car if it genuine should be sold on Hagarty or Mechum

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    • Ron

      It’s a genuine replica, that’s why…

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  10. DeeBee

    Good looking car, right up until those hideous wheels!

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  11. Howie

    Very cool, not wild on the color, unless that is a Jag color, sellers other items are all Maserati parts.

  12. Tim

    This so desperately needs the original Dunlop alloys. They are available, so why the hideous modern ones? Makes a 60’s icon looks like a cheap 80’s kit car. Such a shame. Color is also too bright and should be several shades darker for that money.

    I’ve wanted one of these forever but for $165k it should be closer to original.

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  13. Martin Horrocks

    Sorry. This is a travesty of something which failed at the girst fence anyway.

    Good XJ13 replicas exist, but don’t look like this.

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  14. CraigR

    I guess you could say it’s a short sale.

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  15. MarkO


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  16. NoFear

    Doesn’t Tilton, or another manufacturer, make an adjustable pedal box? Or is it the new owner can’t see over the steering wheel when sitting in the car?

  17. Phil

    Not many years back, jaguar was going after replica manufacturers and making the cars be destroyed. I’m not sure they can do that in the US, but I’d be a bit concerned.

  18. jwaltb

    Richguy6, huh? He’ll be taking bath on this lipsticked pig…

  19. jwaltb

    But he’s got 40 cars anyway, so I won’t be worrying about him-

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