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Rescued From The Garage: 1967 Buick GS 400 Convertible


This picture is a little misleading, as this garage find 1967 Buick Skylark GS 400 convertible has since been removed from its long-term spot and at least rinsed off. Nothing else has been done, though, so you can have the pleasure of resurrecting this find yourself! It had been in the garage since the late 1970’s, and now is for sale here on eBay in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bidding is below $2,000, but the buy-it-now is set at $5,500. Be sure and let us know in the comments what you think of that price!


This is what the car looks like after having the top folded down and being rinsed off. Not exactly a thing of beauty yet, unless you really have eyes for these cleanly-styled Skylarks. The seller tells us that it is a numbers-matching car, although documentation of that isn’t included in the auction listing.


One thing you will be doing for sure (at least to make the car driveable safely) is replacing the trunk pan. The seller says the main floor will have to be replaced as well, and possibly the quarter panels. I was able to find trunk pan patch panels here and a complete floor pan here after a little digging, so at least the sheet metal is available. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the parts car coupe the seller is including in the auction has solid floors, but somehow I doubt that.


I think the best thing we can say about the interior is that it’s there, so you know what you will be replacing. Again, parts are available, so that’s the good news. And this is a GS 400 with air conditioning, which is also good news.


Look at that cool air cleaner housing! The seller calls it “Star Wars”, which is appropriate given that today (as I write) is Star Wars Day (May the fourth). Unfortunately, it looks like part of it is damaged on the driver’s side. The 400 cubic inch V8 was new for 1967 and was rated at 340 horsepower according to the factory brochure. I’m not sure whether having this car professionally restored would pay off or not, but perhaps an owner restoration would work out nicely? What do you think?


  1. MH

    I would pay that kind of money if it was a 1970 or 71. I can’t see it for this year. I’ve seen nice ones for 12K.

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  2. JoeW

    I agree, that’s too much money for this car in it’s rusty state. I would pay it for that Gold ’67 Chevelle barn mate though.

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  3. Barry

    A little too much oxidation to support that price. Cool old Buick though!

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  4. redwagon

    put away in the late 70s o this could be good. recheck title, yes a ’67, so say what 12 years on the road in …… check location – Indianapolis …… check pictures …… and unfortunately this is what cars from the late 60s that were daily drivers in all sorts of weather in the midwest looked like after a decade. maybe a little less rust but that rinse is probably the first time in 35 years that it has received a bath. rust never sleeps.

    pity. i like these and the convertible is a plus. too much work for me. hopefully it finds a good home.

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  5. Poppy

    I hate seeing the tell-tale fuzzy blue-green chrome interior bits. This car has seen plenty of moisture..

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  6. racer99

    I can’t see how you could win restoring the convertible unless it’s just something you wanted and didn’t care about the cost or had the talents to do all the rust repair yourself. Personally, I’d have more fun hotrodding the coupe if it’s solid underneath.

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  7. Joe Nose

    Fold along the “I” in the middle of the logo on the trunk and hood, dispose of in a suitable (Saturn) Stage II launch platform and sent this up to the stratosphere where the current owner breathes pure helium.

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  8. erikj

    I had a 67 skylark conv, and out of all the many cool cars I had in the 80,s that car was beat up,but for some reason a blast to drive,just fun!! This one has a lot of rust but I,ve seen worse. at least the price is decent. I will watch and maybe pull the trigger

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  9. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    My favorite car from my senior year in high school. I knew of a convert just like this that sat abandoned in Alexandria Virginia same color and everything.

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  10. slickimp

    This car looks like they never washed it it’s hole life . and for being in a garage that long the floors and interior should not look as bad as it does makes you wonder

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  11. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    I had a gold 66 Skylark but always wanted a GS model of pretty much any year as they are my initials. Guess they could all be mine and owned by others.

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