Restoration Commenced: 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

The seller of this 1970 Mustang Fastback is very quick to emphasize that it isn’t a genuine Boss, but that it is a solid and complete car just waiting for someone to complete the restoration that the current owner has commenced. This appears to be a solid car, and the rust that is left for the new owner to address seems to be quite minor. The Mustang is located in Oxford, Mississippi, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $8,600, and with the reserve now met, the Mustang is ready to head off to a new home.

The Candyapple Red Mustang is a pretty solid looking car. The paint itself is showing its age, but external rust is pretty limited. There is some present in both doors, but the owner is including a very clean set of original doors in the sale. There is also rust present in the hood, rear quarter panels, and the trunk drop-offs. Having said that, the rust in the quarter panels doesn’t look particularly bad, and the new owner might even be able to address this with patches rather than full panel replacement. The floors have all been recently replaced, as has the battery apron. The rest of the prone areas like the shock towers, the rockers, and the frame rails are said to be solid. The trim and chrome generally look good, and I suspect that the vast majority of this would respond well to a good polish. The glass also looks like it is all in good condition.

The drivetrain of the Mustang consists of a 302ci V8 engine, a 4-speed manual transmission, and a 9″ rear end. The motor wears a 4-barrel Holley carburetor, as well as a set of long-tube headers. The 302 is said to run well and doesn’t blow any smoke. However, it does have a vibration of some description, and it isn’t clear where this is coming from. The car does drive, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The Mustang doesn’t currently feature operating brakes, so the new owner will be taking it away on a trailer. The engine and its surroundings look very clean and tidy, but the vibration really has me intrigued. My first thought is that it could be something as simple as a faulty harmonic balancer. If so, then that’s an easy fix. Any ideas?

The Mustang’s interior is generally tidy and serviceable, but it could definitely benefit from a refresh when the rest of the restoration is performed. It features a folding rear seat, and while the covers on the seats appear to be free of rips or tears, they just look tired. The same is true of the door trims, and while the dash looks good, the pad does have a pretty large crack in it. The headliner is missing, and it is hard to see the state of the carpet. Given the potential value of the vehicle once restored, I feel that an interior trim kit would be money well spent.

We see our share of Mustang project cars here at Barn Finds, and some of the prices on these can be pretty outrageous. I guess that it comes down to that old adage about supply and demand. The reality is that Ford built plenty of Mustangs, but with so many having met their maker over the years, the market seems capable of supporting those sorts of prices on an ongoing basis. This Mustang is definitely going to require a full restoration, but at least the bidding hasn’t become stratospheric at this point. The desirability of 1st Generation Mustangs, coupled to what appears to be a car where bidding is remaining within a realistic range, would probably help to explain why there are currently 183 people watching the listing. It makes me ponder two points. The first of these is whether the bidding will remain within its current region, or whether it will take off. The second is whether any of our readers will feel inclined to bid on this classic.

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    If the vibration is in the engine running in neutral it’s probably clutch/flywheel needing balancing. If in gear driving down the road start looking at the driveshaft for bad universal joints, bent or out of balance driveshaft, or angle of u-joints wrong. Critical point on our race cars as we’re turning our driveshafts up to 9,000 rpm. Good looking car. Slotted mags perfect for these cars, then and now.

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  2. Fred W

    What’s the deal with the dual snout air cleaner? Looking over Google images, even the Boss 302 didn’t seem to have it.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      & they are different sizes too. Better off putting a taller air flter on to open up the cleaner all around & increase distance from lid to top of carb for more air flow.
      Should the underside of the roof be rusty?
      I do not see a PS pump.
      Manual DISCS?

  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Made up – love it

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  4. Troy s

    Only Ford I ever saw with a dual snorkel air cleaner were the 5.0 Mustangs from the early to mid eighties. Have no idea where this came from or if someone made it up. Even the mighty 428 cobra jet had a single inlet.
    Nice looking machine.

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  5. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Air cleaner does look a lot like an ’85 GT.
    Maybe a home made creation?

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