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Worth Fixing? $3,000 1969 Dodge Super Bee Project

The Super Bee was Dodge’s answer to the Plymouth Road Runner. It had a shorter run (1968-71) and was sold in fewer quantities. The seller admits this ’69 edition is pretty far gone, though he doesn’t rule out a restoration. That leaves it’s likely destiny to be a donor car for another project if the Bee has enough remaining parts that you could transfer. Located in Bellmore, New York, this Dodge is strictly a roller and doesn’t have either an engine or transmission. It’s available here on eBay for $3,000 (Buy It Now) or the seller will entertain offers.

Chrysler took full advantage of its B-platform mid-size cars and – in the case here – the Coronet would serve as the basis for the Super Bee. There was no magic to the development of the name, derived from the chassis designation. And because it could be had with Chrysler’s most potent engines, it truly could become a “super” car. Over just four model years, 56,202 Super Bee’s were built, which was less than the number of Road Runners that Plymouth would build in a single year. The 1969 model year would be the car’s best at 27,800 units, of which 25,727 had the 383 cubic inch V8, the Super Bee’s starter engine.

When this Super Bee left the factory 52 years ago, it wore F6 Bright Green paint with a white vinyl top and body stripes as well as a white interior. Not much of that is left now, though the seller says the rear quarter panels are original, and we’re told the frame rails and rocker panels are good, not a lot else is. The floors are shot so I’m sure what you might salvage from the interior.

At one time, the Dodge had a 383 with a 4-speed and an 8 ¾ rear end. Now, only the rear end remains. The car’s VIN tag is still in place and there’s a cowl tag, as well, but it’s not connected to anything. Buyers will have to be okay will a Bill of Sale as there is no registration or previous title to draw from. What you see is what you get, and you’ll need the vision to figure out what happens with the car next. It has four wheels and tires, so it will roll and steer for loading onto a trailer, the seller tells us. Thanks to Larry D for the heads-up on this car!


  1. Euromoto Member


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    • Greg

      Vin tag. That’s what this sale is about.

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      • 70SuperSport

        Years ago I had a plastic media blasting biz and stripped an old R/T for a customer. He was going to use it to re-make his rusted out Super Bee he had stripped everything out of and sent to the crusher. He had saved everything except didn’t know the VIN was also stamped on the left trunk channel next to the weather stripping. His jaw dropped when I mentioned the location to him and showed same on the R/T.

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      • flynndawg

        i just posted this question a kupple days ago… i am still totally confused about a vin tag… what good is it if there is no car to go with it… ‘vin tag from 70 shelby mustang gt350, car caught fire and burned up… but i got the vin tag… no low-ballers… i know what i got…’ i dont get it… ???

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    • Triumph1954

      4 speed? Has the steering column been changed? Looks like automatic!

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  2. Moparman Member

    I have a vision that tells me money would be better spent on finding a better starting point than this cancerous, rust riddled corpse!!

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    What parts?

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  4. Ike Onick

    Blank canvas!

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    • Steveo

      That’s the spirit! It can bee anything you want it to bee.

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      • Ike Onick


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  5. Jim C

    Scrap metal.

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I didn’t know rust was sold by the pound? A little glass is all that looks salvable to me.

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  7. Sam Shive


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  8. MH


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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    Bees are in demand, I bet it will sell pretty fast. I gave $2k for this Coronet roller as a parts car for my rough Bee, a much better deal than this one.

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  10. Chris K

    Very sad. This was a rare cool car. F6 green, 4 speed, white top, interior and stripe Super Bee. Looks as if the seller stripped all the good stuff off of it but knows someone will easily buy it because of what it was.

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  11. arby

    Maybe somebody could make a TV show about taking junk like this and making it back into a car…

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    • Ike Onick

      That show would be a documentary about a steel mill.

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  12. Karl

    Ran when parked!

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  13. MJF

    my gosh….

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  14. john

    Yeah,…I’m not going to haggle with the seller !! I want to pay NOW !!! (-;

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  15. Howie Mueler

    Worth fixing? I don’t think it is worth anything.

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  16. Wildfire

    I understand the what the car once was, I am a Mopar guy , however I am 100% against cars being re-bodied or changing the VIN on them !
    If it’s not illegal it darn sure should be, as the practice was used by car thieves in the 70s and 80s especially in states that don’t issue titles for cars 25 years or older ….and many stolen Cars were stored in the woods of these states , re-bodied and sold for big bucks ~ a high school friend bought a 70 Chevelle from Alabama and rebuilt the motor by herself in her driveway , After applying for a Texas title , and when she got the motor rebuilt and reinstalled and we were fine tuning the Texas Department of Public Safety showed up with a rollback ~ the original car was reported stolen out of Louisiana and the Vin plate did not match the other places the Vin was stamped on the car , however they never changed the Tag on the car and because Texas requires the last registration with any bill of sale she sent the one that was in the glove box ( not the same Vin) because the car was stolen in 1979 DPS had to confiscate the car and she was left without the car and all her labor and time rebuilding the engine and the registered owner got his car back with a fresh built 454 ~ I would NEVER buy a old car without checking the Vin in at least 2 places not just the Vin plate on the dash ….buyer beware ~
    this Superbee is junk IMHO and the Vin plate and fender tag is what’s for sale here

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  17. flynndawg

    i will ask again… what is the point of the vin tag with no car attatched… i cant wrap my head around it… i own a 89 stang gt, 93 bro, 06 f150, they all have vins, if i totaled 1 of these what good is the vin tag… i just dont get it…

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  18. Kenn

    The dishonest folks that use a VIN tag on another car won’t give you a straight answer, and the others have basically said that, in most states, it’s illegal to swap VIN tags. As is repeated here so many times: Buyer Beware.

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  19. Frank

    A little rust? No problem! Give it to Graveyard Cars.

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  20. George Mattar

    This useless heap is on Long Island. Looks like in sat in Oyster Bay since 1970. Some fool will buy this and put the VIN on a Coronet. There are repo fender tags made today as well. Scum bag.

  21. James Martin

    Mopar weed!

  22. George Birth

    The best thing this Bee’s owner could do is pay someone $3,000 to haul it off.

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  23. Steve Clinton

    “Worth Fixing?”
    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously?

  24. gregory kina Member

    where is the car??

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