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Restoration Ready: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Life can be full of those great “if only” moments. For instance, you have to wonder how much healthier this 1967 Camaro RS would have been today if only water hadn’t found its way into the car some years ago. Unfortunately, it did, so the car is going to require a complete restoration if it is ever to grace our roads again. The Camaro is located in Chino, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding is sitting at $6,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met. The option is also available to hit the BIN button for a cool $20,000.

I have to agree with the owner that from the outside the Camaro looks quite encouraging. There is certainly some surface corrosion present and one or two minor dings, but it doesn’t look too bad at first glance. However, that rust stain appearing from under the driver’s door indicates that all may not be well. Sure enough, the floors are pretty rotten, and they will all need to be replaced. It also looks like at least the inner rockers have also succumbed to the tin worm, so those will also need to be replaced. The owner doesn’t give any indications about the state of the frame, so you would have to hope that this has survived largely undamaged.

You really need to wonder just how much water found its way into the Camaro when you look at the state of the interior. It’s pretty sad in there, and in reality, the only items that could potentially be salvaged are the rear seat, the dash, and the floor console. It’s almost a certainty that even the seat padding will have a pretty ordinary smell after all of this time, so a complete restoration or replacement will potentially be on the cards. On the plus side, anyone who has ever undertaken a classic restoration will probably vouch for the fact that restoring an interior is usually one of the cheapest aspects of the job.

The Camaro is a numbers-matching car, but there is more work lurking under the hood. The original 327ci V8 engine has been sitting as you see it for some considerable time. The owner doesn’t indicate whether it turns freely, but he does admit that it will require a full rebuild. There is no news on the state of the automatic transmission or the rear end, but at least the original components are present. While the engine looks to be incomplete in this photo, the original parts are present and are sitting in the trunk. The only item missing is the original cooling fan, so a replacement would need to be sourced.

As I said in the beginning, if only water hadn’t found its way into this Camaro, life would be so much easier. Still, it is far from beyond help, and it will just need the right person to come along and breathe new life into it. So far, nine people have been prepared to put their money where their mouth is and to bid on the car. So there are at least nine people who can see potential in this one.


  1. Gaspumpchas

    20 large for an underwater camaro—I guess a full resto would involve completely stripping the car, but you’d have to wonder about water caught in inccesible places like the rear frame rails- front subframe removes…think its worth that kind of coin?? good luck to the new owner–and oh ya blow the tires up will ya??


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    • TimM

      No way!!! $20,000
      California does have legal pot right????
      Give me what he’s smoking!!!

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  2. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    $20k?!??!? “Hallucinogenic Special-make my dreams come true!”

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  3. Tom Member

    Hey, 2005 just called, it want’s it pre-recession Barrett-Jackson price back !

    Camaros are “cult cars” but the market has changed even on them. RS car with Factory AC is nice but the car is TOTAL MESS.

    As I have side, “It is al there BUT it still NEEDS EVERYTHING!”

    If done right, you will have at least $100K in a car MAYBE worth half of that.

    Put it back in the barn, store it right, accumulate the right restoration parts and see what you can get for it in 10 years. Don’t forget, all of us who care aren’t getting any younger. Younger people don’t, by in large, care and for the many with massive college debt they will never be able to afford the restoration 20 years from now.

    I have been doing this for 35 years, the classic car market is changing and although I don’t think this car should be crushed, restoring a car like this is a dicey proposition IN MY OPINION. If you can restore the car and do most of the labor yourself then maybe. You are still going to have $50K in the car PLUS the cost to buy it.

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    • Al

      Well said. Patience. In 5 years or less, these high prices on all these ‘muscle’ cars will come tumbling. Young kids , 35 & under, have no interest in a gas guzzling car with no USB ports or active handling. Again, patience.

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  4. OhU8one2

    This owner is dreaming. At 20K, he’s either got some really good herb, or their thinking they are at Disneyland. And just maybe their wish will come true………back at reality. That rust bucket is worth 5 grand in my book. And that is being generous.

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  5. Will Fox

    The price is a seller’s dream, but only if he can get it. He won’t. $20K for THIS?! I don’t think so. You’d have easily over $100K in a frame off restoration on this. The only good point here is, nearly everything needed is being reproduced today for these. But $20K? Gooooood luck, pal.

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  6. Andy

    $20K is about $17K too much! It is just a small block, automatic Camaro with nothing special about it. No big block, no convertible, no 4 speed, nothing! This is a total rust bucket, a borderline parts car.

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  7. Paul

    I like it….would like it more if the buy it now price was $4000. These cars along with early mustangs, corvettes and cuda”s never seem to go out of style…..the younger crowd does like them as well……they just resto mod and put in there own USB ports.

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  8. Bill

    Btw, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you can have for only….. unbelievable overinflated dreamer prices for What < stay away.
    My 67 Camero was only 900 dollars.
    I know, inflation, anyway as Tom Hanks would say, there's no telling what the tide might bring tomorrow ~

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  9. Tom Member

    I would like to see the 67 (I think I see a vent window) Firebird under the cover next to it! Pontiac wheels. Maybe a Camaro, the front end under the cover looks more camaro. The Pontiac wheels might just be a decoy !!!! Maybe it’s a YENKO!! Don Yenko put the Pontiac Rally II wheels on his Camaro’s. Ok, I’m done fantasizing.

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