Restoration Required: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

In the 1960s the Jaguar E-Type took the motoring world by storm with its svelte styling and breathtaking performance. I never really had a soft spot for them as anything beyond being a beautiful looking car until I had the opportunity to drive one for the first time. That experience was amazing, and I developed complete respect for the car’s performance. This 1967 model doesn’t look like it has done anything breathtaking for a while, and after spending its entire life under the ownership of one family, the time has come for it to move on to a new home. Located in Orange, California, you will find the Jaguar listed for sale here on eBay. The family has set the BIN at $49,900, but the option is available to make an offer.

When I first saw the fact that the E-Type was in California, my heart soared, because I thought that I was onto a car that would have benefited from a life in that climate. Then I saw the photos. The coating of mold and mildew on the car does not augur well for what lies beneath. There is corrosion visible on some of the exterior chrome trim items, and some very visible rust on the inside of the hood, so what lies below the surface is a terrifying mystery. I think that if anyone is considering taking this on as a restoration project, then they’d best be prepared to undertake a full “nut and bolt” restoration because there is every likelihood that there is rust below the surface that will need to be addressed.

When we look under the hood we can see some of the rust that I was referring to, along with that beautiful 4.2-liter six-cylinder engine. With 266hp on tap, this was enough to propel the E-Type past 150mph. This one is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, which was the only transmission offered in the E-Type until an automatic was offered in the 2+2 Fixed-Head Coupe in this model year. The owner says that this is a numbers-matching car, but there is no indication when the last time was that the car fired a shot in anger, or if the engine even turns freely. What does come with the car is the service records dating back to when the car was new.

When you take into account the general state of the Jag’s exterior, the condition of the interior is a bit of a surprise. The upholstery itself all looks to be in quite good condition, as does the dash. The carpet is a different story, and I do have an awful feeling that the carpet on the driver’s side looks like it has been wet for a very long time. Add to that the substantial level of corrosion on the tachometer trim ring, and my fears about rust issues just keep getting stronger.

Nicely preserved, driver quality 1967 jaguar E-Types can today be found for around $110,000, while immaculately restored examples can sell for twice that sort of money. This car has a long way to go before it could be considered to be in that league. Even if there are no major rust issues, the next owner of this E-Type is going to be digging deep into their wallet to bring the car back to a respectable standard. I recently looked at another project E-Type from the same year. Its condition was noticeably better, but the asking price was the same. I tend to think that the owner of this one might be reaching a bit high on the BIN price.


  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Yes, they’re definitely high!
    The left front of the cowl is rotted, the wire wheels aren’t trustworthy IMO, who knows what’s living inside..
    Hurts to see such an iconic beauty moldering in the misty climes of Orange without the wherewithal to fetch it home and save it-if it’s possible (underside?).
    All I need is a car trailer..and a realistic sales price..and the cash..and the ok from my CFO so I’m not having to sleep in the garage with the car like she said I might when I brought home the ‘84 KZ1000-P with the lights and radio still on it…..

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Nevada all true, I think the BIN is high, and if you were to do this one up yu would be in well over 100 large, easily. These Jags were such a PITA to work on I couldn’t imagine doing a full resto on a rotten one. Sorry to see this one in such bad shape. Good luck to the buyer and seller.

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  3. Danger Dan

    I believe the jag is still in Louisiana. It’s just not that lush and green around this desert-

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  4. Bing

    Never owned an XKE but did have the experience of owning an XJ6. Beautiful cars those XKE’s but there is no way that this one is worth the BIN. Take another 10 to 20 grand out of the bank and buy a nice driver that you can enjoy and work on as time and funds permit. Spending 50 large for a rotting hulk and all its hidden gremlins is insane…

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    • Jim

      Come on guys, its a rust prone car. If the rust is no problem on a 70’s Dodge Charger, which really rot out, how is it any different? It all can be fixed correctly by someone who doesn’t see a very large obstacle ahead. I think it looks presentable, very fixable, and always needs to be a bit lower.

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Y’know, Jim, most of us on this forum feel the same way as you-but most of us here want NOTHING to do with overpriced rustbuckets (Chargers, SC 428/429’s, etc.)that cost 2-3 times as much to make drivable than what they’re worth in resale. I personally would love to have this car-if I’d found it to be salvageable which I don’t believe it is and I believe that’s the consensus of the naysayers here. We don’t disagree with your logic, we just wouldn’t take it on for the price, value and perceived unreasonable effort it would take to make it or those others into a dependable driver. A damned shame, really, that this one too came to this state of decay.

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  5. nessy

    50g? Well, it is a covered light coupe with a manual trans. Still over priced. Hey lazy seller/flipper, if you are listening here, maybe if you WASH THE CRAP OFF THE THING FIRST, you may have a better chance. Now, every possible buyer knows the car has been sitting OUTSIDE in a damp mildew type setting so most likely the underbody is rusty. 25 to 30g may happen, never 50g. A good bath does wonders on a first impression, both for people and cars.. Hehe.

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  6. Bruce

    I have helped restore a number of these cars over the years and this one is rusting in places they never rust. I suspect that this may have been a flood car. It is most certainly a very badly maintained car. I know you will need to rebuild the hood and replace that drivers side portion of the hood where it is rusted thru. I suspect you might be looking at a totally new tub from the hood back.

    These Jag’s are just civilianized D-type race cars with some luxury features thrown in to help sell them. That is why some of the problems exist. The replacement of the starter being the most critical in being a Pain in the Ass to remove and replace in my experience. The engine has it’s issues, but much of the rest of the car is simple. With modern electrical equipment within many of the problems of the past vanish with ease.

    That being said the body tub and hood while simple in assembly are hand formed to some degree and no two are exactly alike. Similar yes but not exactly alike so everything will need hand fitting and adjustment to get perfect. Surprisingly the Austin Healey 3000 had much less of this than the E-Types.

    This is most certainly a project and an extensive nut and bolt rebuild and restoration. The price is insane given the water damage but you can not blame them for trying to find a fool. Especially since God has made so many.

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  7. DRV

    I’ve been part of restoring a few of these and unless you do it all yourself on this one you might as well buy a good one. Just in parts on this one you are at $40 k.

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  8. MG Steve

    I’m a second generation Californian, and remember this: When you see “California Car”, don’t ASSume that it is rust free. Most of the population of CA lives near the Pacific Ocean (or wishes they did!), where foggy mornings and salt air can take their toll on a car just as if it was in an area known for rust. Yes, much of CA is a desert, but far fewer folks live there. Sure, find a CA car from those desert environs, and you got it right. Otherwise . . . beware. Surer bet? Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico.

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  9. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Thanks for setting the record straight, Steve. And don’t forget Utah-as long as it’s nowhere near the Salt Lake..
    Lots of good old iron (“rusty gold” to some) out this way, especially here in Nevada! Like the prospectors said though “gotta know where to look and what to look for”.

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  10. PDXBryan

    I hope this family treated their kids better than this :^(

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  11. Brad G

    I live in Tustin, next to Orange CA. Those pictures weren’t taken in Orange CA. Trust me it’s not the green here.

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  12. TimM

    One question!!!!
    Why would you not at least jack it up and put it on blocks??? Get it out of the weather???? It’s a jaguar for petes sake!!!

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  13. W E Coyle

    As a side issue, I have attended Pebble Beach car week for over forty years and have seldom seen a restored or driver E Type among the street driven exotics.
    Makes me wonder what people actually do with these beauties when they are returned to driver quality. They are either too precious or too unreliable to make the trip to Monterey.

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  14. 408interceptor

    I wonder how many people tried buying this car when it was still nice only to be told it’s not for sale. There’s an eccentric artist car collector in Germany named Michael Frolich who would love to have this in his outdoor exhibit.

  15. John C Gates

    IMHO…run…don’t walk away…what a shame…

  16. bog

    I’m a stickler for details, and this car is being sold by a DEALER in Orange CA. Possibly FOR the family, but oddly nothing on the GalleryJunction.Com site actually lists this particular car. Therefore, I agree with “Danger Dan” and believe this car never left Louisiana when the son inherited it. Real Jaguars like jungles and love to swim, car Jaguars have no business in that climate. The photos prove that. This is just sad. Perhaps an Englishman will make enough of a reasonable offer and bring it back home for restoration.

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  17. Billieg

    In 1970 I got back from Nam and bought a 1969 428 Cobra Jet Mach I. While I was waiting for them to bring it out I saw a 1964 convertible XE jag in the back lot. I asked about it and the salesman said it doesn’t run and I could have it for $1,000. I bought it too. It was in great shape. A new battery and starter got it running but the brakes were shot. I took it to a Jag dealer and said “Put new brakes on all 4 wheels along with hoses and fluid. When I went to pick it up the bill was $1,600….. I asked what a tuneup costs and they said $700. I drove it home and sold it for $2,000. Sure wish I had it today……

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