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Restored in 2015: 1970 Plymouth Fury III

The Fury III was Plymouth’s equivalent of the Chevrolet Impala and the Ford Galaxie 500. But as was the case with other Chrysler products, it typically came in third place in sales behind the other two. This 1970 edition was restored in 2015 and is in great condition today, perhaps only needing a new home and some TLC. Located in Lehi, Utah, this Mopar beauty is available here on eBay where the current bidding has lifted to $12,850.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Chevrolet had the Biscayne, Bel Air, Impala, and Caprice to represent their full-size cars from bottom to top. At Plymouth, there was Fury I, Fury II, Fury III, and VIP as a model-for-model match. The fifth generation debuted in 1969 with “Fuselage Look” styling that would carry the autos through 1973. Fury III was the most popular of the quartet in 1970, selling 226,318 cars across all body styles. Of those, 21,373 were 2-door hardtops like this one whose sales were far below that of the Impala Sport Coupe.

As the story goes, this Fury III was purchased new and driven only about 40,000 miles when the owner’s wife passed away. At that point, it went into storage until 2015 when it was brought out for restoration. The seller’s description implies this was a rotisserie-like process, with everything taken apart and either repaired or replaced. Both the 318 cubic inch V8 and TorqueFlite automatic transmission were rebuilt. There’s even a bulge in the hood suggesting something more potent lies within. Since then, the car has only been driven 1,000 miles, including a recent 300-mile road trip where it performed well.

According to the seller, the dark green paint is still flawless (but it’s only been eight years) and the interior is almost as good except for one blemish on the driver’s seat. The vehicle will come with a book of receipts and other information, including a magazine article that it was featured in, apparently after the restoration. Another car has caught the seller’s eye, so this Plymouth must go to make room for it. For those of you who like 1970s full-size cars, this looks like a nice alternative to an Impala or Galaxie 500.


  1. Avatar photo Zen

    Nice looking, and rare because most of these rotted away, but it’s only a 318 with no A/C and doesn’t even have power brakes. I’d pass unless I lived in a cold climate.

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    • Avatar photo Scott Mills

      I do live in a cold climate…MAINE..and I don’t think I would buy it mostly because it only has a 318ci. I’ve owned a few Mopars beginning with a ’73 Chrysler New Yorker that had a 440ci 4 barrel, a ’70 Duster with a ’68 318ci (340 heads) 4 barrel 4 speed and a ’74 Cuda 360ci Auto on the column. Unless I had a 440ci to dump in it I’m passing.

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      • Avatar photo Luke

        Probably done all that work and forgot to replace the heater core

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    • Avatar photo Karrpilot

      Restored and the heater hoses are plumbed together? Define Restored….

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    • Avatar photo John

      It’s called 2-55 back in the day.
      2 windows down doing 55.

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    • Avatar photo Sixone

      I might not have even noticed the brake booster missing! But yeah, it’s a stripper, no doubt. Back when 125 bucks for power brakes was a “lot” of money. At least it’s got power steering because that was an option too!

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  2. Avatar photo jason hirtle

    how much $ fore the car .

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  3. Avatar photo Mike McCleese

    Looks like a nice cruiser. I am sure it is a nice driver. Those big Mopars rode smooth, like floating on a cloud.

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  4. Avatar photo Larry S.

    Note: F.Y.I.>>> On each side of the engine you see those squarish openings with dots around them. What’s missing are black rubberish flexible covers with those “X” ish-looking push-in clips that hold the covers in. They had slots in them to fit around upper suspension parts–and were there to stop inner fender water slosh from entering the engine compartment. I worked at Chrysler Windsor where we built these and had to inspect them to ensure they were there. Somebody forgot them when this car was restored. Without those covers makes a mess of the engine and underhood. Thanks!

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    • Avatar photo TO

      Looks like those covers should be relatively easy to fabricate

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    • Avatar photo Tman

      Yes, those covers absolutely worked! I found out how good they were when I drove into at least 12 inches of standing water about 100 ft long at 45 mph. It was like slamming on the brakes. The car ran fine but I stopped to see if there was water on the engine and to my surprise there was no water on the air cleaner or distributor.
      None of my friends believed me until I took them for a ride and to the same puddle.
      Truly a great design. Fords or Chevys would not have faired do well

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  5. Avatar photo denver smith

    I had a 73 Plymouth fury 3 with fender skirts 360 with air conditioner I sure miss that car it was basically my first car.

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  6. Avatar photo Srt8

    Knew of one like that in the early 80’s, same color, dual bulge hood, I believe it was a 383 car. Local guy bought it for $250 and promptly ran it in a demo derby. The car was clean but back then no one wanted them. Way too many big old Mopars suffered that same fate.

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    • Avatar photo srtguy

      I saved a ’71 Fury 1 ex-state patrol car from the demo derby for $300 in ’82…well the car was gone with 230K rust belt miles but at least I saved the 440/727

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  7. Avatar photo ClassicP

    These cars if you ever drove one the steering was like there was nothing there it was the ultimate power steering

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  8. Avatar photo Robert Atkinson, Jr.

    You could even buy these with a Slant-Six under the hood, but who would want to? The 318 is a little small for a car that probably weighs just under two (2) tons, but in the interest of originality, I’d probably keep it, unless the original numbers-matching motor is already gone. In that case, a crate Hemi or 440 makes more sense for something this big, at least a 383 for sure.

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  9. Avatar photo Travis Briley

    It looks like the heater hoses bypass the heater core.

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    • Avatar photo Robert Proulx

      Sharp eyes, i didn’t even notice at first

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  10. Avatar photo C Force

    The 318 just isn’t really enough motor for this full size boat,it lacks the low end torque that a 383 or 440 can deliver.These two engines should of been the only choices.keep the 318 for the A body cars.

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    • Avatar photo TehAgent

      Its plenty. These arent race cars, and the 1970 318 was reasonably comparable to the modern Vortec 350 found under the hood of 4500lb Suburbans. Youre looking at about 230hp and 340ft lbs for the 1970 318 vs the 250hp and 330 ft lbs of the 96 Vortec. The torque curve is nice and flat too; it gets its full 340 foot pounds at a low low 1600 rpm.

      Thats more than enough to move around comfortably even in modern traffic.

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  11. Avatar photo Robert Proulx

    This is very nice, although i’m more partial to the four doors i’d love this one. Thanks Travis for the heater hose bypass i didn’t see that one coming. If the core is still available its an easy fix. I see manual brakes so converting to power is a safety thing i’d do and go to front disc’s if it’s drums on all four. Thums up for the restoration.

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  12. Avatar photo Kent

    More 318 blasting. The 318 is a fine engine and makes plenty of low end torque. Yes, the Fury is a large heavy automobile. These things were available with a 225 slant 6, not the Fury III however. The 318 was the base engine for the Fury III. I think it’s a fine car, put dual exhaust on it, an Edelbrock Performer intake and a 600 CFM Edelbrock Performer AVS electric choke carburetor and enjoy it. And there’s always Vintage Air and unless you plan on upgrading the brakes to Wildwood or Baer brakes, live with the manual brakes. They’ll haul this down just fine.

    Wish I was in the market for this, I’d bid on it.

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    • Avatar photo Tman

      I had a Blue 70 Fury 318 AC ps pb. It was the smoothest most comfortable riding car I ever owned. Did the dual exhaust 4 bbl carb headers thing and was more than satisfied with it. Best handling big car ever!
      Added a set of Gabriel Strider adjustable shocks and a set of Firestone Cavalino tires. They were a European designed tire I found slightly used at a tire shop. I couldn’t believe the grip they had wet or dry.
      Couldn’t find those tires again anywhere. This was back in 1976 when I got the car. Sold it in 1982. Best big car ever.

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    • Avatar photo Scott Mills

      You are absolutely correct 318 was and is a fine engine no doubt about it. I posted a comment earlier about the three mopars that I’ve owned in the past and just be on the 318 is not the right engine for that particular car

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      My neighbor taught me to drive when I was a kid and he had this same car with a 318 that he taught me to drive on and I think it had plenty of power to just drive around with. It’s not a drag race car but plenty of power and rode as good as a Cadillac. I just seen this 15 min ago and would have bought this car but im too late.

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  13. Avatar photo Harry

    We had two in our family a 70 and 73 both 4 doors. 70 was just like this 318 auto no air. Wicked hot in the summer time. Power was adequate but barely not sure what rear gear it had. Drove down the road nice. The finger tip power steering was one of Plymouths selling points. The 73 had the 400 2/b and was not a barn burner either. By 73 it was a detuned 383. It moved the car but that motor couldn’t breathe. Both drove and rode nice like a cloud as they say. If that car has no power brakes good luck cause they are handful to stop with there size. Its a nice car a little overpriced with no power brakes and no big block.

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  14. Avatar photo Trenton Wuchter

    My first car I learned to work on. It it green on green. My dad was a huge man and couldn’t get his hands in to change plugs. Adjust timing things like that. So being the days before child’s rights. In I went started a lifetime love of cars. And a lifetime love of Mopar. Don’t ever short a small block chrysler.

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  15. Avatar photo Fox Owner

    I had a Plymouth Fury III wagon, gold and probably black interior? Memory fails me. It had the luggage rack up top and I used to carry ladders and scaffolding on it, throw a compressor and tools in back. Think it was the 318 also. I can testify it had plenty of pull until it cracked the frame.

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  16. Avatar photo R. Kehrer

    A nice driver. I bought new a 1970 Sport Fury GT. It had the 440. Same color as this one.

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  17. Avatar photo 4 bbl

    I had one drove for three years 1974 to 1976. It had the 383 4 bbl police package with the dual point ignition. Ran very good and got 20 mpg. The rear end went first as it was heck on bias ply tires that came on it. Put a set of Daytona Radials and they would bite the road. Motor mounts went second. At a pegged out speedometer it got real light on the front end. Nothing fancy am radio no cruise control but if was a fine care for a 17 year old to go off to college.

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    • Avatar photo Robert Atkinson, Jr.

      Jake: [8:00] What’s this?
      Elwood: What?
      Jake: This car. This stupid car! Where’s the Cadillac?
      [Elwood doesn’t answer]
      Jake: The Caddy! Where’s the Caddy?
      Elwood: The what?
      Jake: The Cadillac we used to have. The Bluesmobile!
      Elwood: I traded it.
      Jake: You traded the Bluesmobile for this?
      Elwood: No, for a microphone.
      Jake: A microphone?
      Jake: Okay I can see that. What the hell is this?
      Elwood: This was a bargain. I picked it up at the Mount Prospect city police auction last spring. It’s an old Mount Prospect police car. They were practically giving ’em away.
      Jake: Well thank you, pal. The day I get outta prison, my own brother picks me up in a police car!
      Elwood: You don’t like it?
      Jake: No I don’t like it…
      Jake: Car’s got a lot of pickup
      Elwood: It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?
      (Jake tries to light his cigarette with the cigarette lighter and fails. Tosses the cigarette lighter out the window.)
      Jake: Fix the cigarette lighter

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  18. Avatar photo Bill Maceri

    These are good cars. For as far back as I can remember, my entire family drove Chryslers. My grandfather worked for Chrysler until 1958 when he retired. He liked the full-size Belvederes. My dad and uncle both drove Chryslers, except in 1968 my uncle bought a new Sport Fury, it was dark metallic blue with a black vinyl top, and lighter blue interior. It was a 2 door with that good-looking sport back roof. It had the 383 in it, and power brakes and steering. When I got older, I drove it a lot. It had plenty of power, and it was very good-looking. My only concern was the the power steering had so much power assist there was no road feel at all. In 1970p, I took driver training in high school. We had 4 of these. They were all white with blue vinyl interiors. I thought the 1970 Sport Fury with it’s hidden headlights and fuelsage styling, it was Plymouth’s best looking model year of all, and over the years Plymouth had some very good looking years. Driver Training met 3 days a week for an hour a day. I shared mine with 3 girls. I liked the way it drove and the steering had a much better feel to in. It had the 361 with power steering, brakes and air conditioning. It also had power door locks and power remote outside mirrors. I always felt bad for our driver training Plymouth, those girls were really hard on it. As far as this one goes, it seems odd to me to build a car that, a medium luxury car, without all the power options, and a small 318 cid V8 engine just seems wrong. This is a good car, but without the proper finishing, I would think it will always be a pass over. It will be nothing more than just transportation. With so many properly equipped cars out there, this one just can’t compete with them. When I was younger, I was taught to buy the best, especially cars. Otherwise it will never compete in well in the used car market. Those nice features will really matter for a used car. Why would anyone do that to a car like a Plymouth Fury. So sad.

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    • Avatar photo Tman

      Wow. You must have never owned anything with a 318.
      Chrysler put out a whole bunch of Darts,Valiants,Dusters, Cudas, Challengers, Fury1s 2s and 3s, Monacos, Pickups, Van’s and so on that got the job done with 318s.
      They’re not the most powerful engines ever made but the 2 1970 Furys I owned performed just fine on the highways and around town.
      Had a 67 D200 pickup with a 318. They had 20 less HP and it would carry a 12 ft camper and it was in need of more power but never failed to go over mountain passes.
      More power is nice to have but they were more than adequate

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  19. Avatar photo RalleyeRimRay Member

    My 1970 Fury convertible with a 318, 2 barrel, dual exhaust gets around town just fine. The BEST looking sofa on wheels !!

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    • Avatar photo Tman

      Best looking car ever made! I owned 2 70 blue hardtops. The first from 1976 to 82. Then was gifted another one exactly like it@ 1988. Both 318s. AC PS PB. The first one I did the 4bbl, dual exhaust thing.really woke it up.
      They had 27 gallon gas tanks

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  20. Avatar photo Scotty B

    I’ve always liked the big land yachts from the pentstar. Over the years I’ve owned a few. I had a 68 fury with the 318 and drove very well. It wasn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination but you could do some smokey burnouts with it . Just another car I should have kept.

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  21. Avatar photo andrehirtle

    had a 1978 Fury 400 6.6 L V-8 . looking fore to buy Fury $ I am in Kamloops.

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  22. Avatar photo Ed

    My dad had a 68 sports fury bought brand new. He loved it full size with bucket seats white with black interior. 318 always said he wished it had the 383 was one of his favorite cars though

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  23. Avatar photo Clint Owen

    I have a 69 sports fury for sale has a 360 magnum with fast fi new engine and trans drives great.needs a trunk pan and has some rot under rear bumper.new front floor pans, carpet head liner it needs paint 8k around Memphis tn

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