Revived Barn Find: 1967 Buick Riviera GS

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Buick expanded its lineup in 1963 to include a “personal luxury car,” the new Riviera. The car may have been cooked up in response to the success Ford was having with the Thunderbird once they added a back seat in 1958. The sporty edition of the Riviera was the Gran Sport, often shortened to just GS. This second-generation Riviera GS is from 1967, so the changes were few except for a switch in powerplants. We’re told this car was in a barn from 1999 to last year and it may only need some TLC. From the town of Ruskin in Florida, this Buick is available here on eBay where interested parties have bid it up to $7,600.

During 1966 and 1967, about one in eight Riviera’s carried the GS option. There were no differences under the hood when you checked the GS box, but the suspension did receive some tweaks and a posi-traction rear end was added to the mix. In 1966, the Rivera had the old “Nailhead” V8 while the ’67 editions got a 430 cubic inch “big block” eight-cylinder (which carried through 1969). We understand the seller’s car went into the garage before Y2K 1999 and didn’t come out until recently.

Over the past year, this Buick has made appearances at a few car shows. It’s not perfect, with little things being amiss in the interior that you could probably overlook for the time being. And if you live in a warmer client, you’ll want to figure out how to reconnect the car’s factory air conditioning. The photos provided don’t help assess the car’s overall condition, but the blue paint looks okay and the flip-up headlights are said to pop up and down as they’re supposed to.

Except for a single model year, the Riviera would remain in the Buick family through the balance of the 20th Century. But interest in the cars would decline over time, and they had been using front-wheel-drive for several years by then. I haven’t seen a solid-looking Riviera in some time, so the seller’s car would likely be a rare sight at next Saturday’s Cars & Coffee.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    It looks like a nice cruiser if the price doesn’t creep up too far. There is still money to be put into this car. An engine photo would have been nice.

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Looks like it has potential, can’t tell if there is damage to the grill, but could be fine just a bumper issue. Think these had that wonderful cast air cleaner, but with no engine pics and poor photos in general questions arise.

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  3. Steve

    Not all 67’s had that air cleaner. My friend had a 67 that we took to drag strip a few times and it did not have that air cleaner. Ran darn good for that size car. My 70 Toronado was faster at 15.07 but I had the exhaust unhooked at one exhaust manifold.

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    • Erik

      Only the 1967 Riviera models with the GS package came with the Star Wars air cleaner.

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  4. Joseph Phillips

    Pop-up headlights?

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    • Erik

      No, these are “pop-down headlights”.
      They revolve down, instead of up.

      1966-1967 were power operated, 1968-1969 were vacuum operated.

      This is how the lay in the engine bay:

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    • Erik

      Nope, they rotate down.
      So they don’t “pop-up” when you activate them.

      1966-1967 had power headlights
      1968-1969 came with vacuum operated headlights.

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  5. Robert

    Probably should have cleaned up the blue flakes of paint from the inner door jambs that he scraped off and left on the driveway before you took the pictures

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  6. Joe Haska

    This listing is interesting and it might e a good car. However it screams to me ” you better see this in person “. The vibe for me is you might be surprised and not in the best way!

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  7. Big C

    Always take those “for sale” pix after wetting her down real good. It brings out that “natural” sheen of the aging, tired paint.

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  8. Erik

    This car had a respray, the holes for the missing Riviera script at the driver’s side front of the bonnet are not there.

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  9. Erik

    “1967 Buick Riviera gs
    1967 Buick Riviera Coupe Blue RWD Automatic gs

    “It says GS in the description.
    But the GS emblems are missing on the lower front wings.

    For model year 1967 that would mean the Star Wars air cleaner.
    But there are no engine photos…..

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Of course not…because it probably looks worse than the outside of the car already does, lol.

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  10. Cliff Ballard

    Where are the GS Emblems?

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Probably somewhere on a real GS, along with the “Star Wars” air cleaner and the 3.42 Posi?

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  11. Michael Berkemeier

    This car is a horrible example and, most definitely NOT a GS…queue all of the uneducated whiners exclaiming “But it has bucket seats and a console!!!”, lol. This is a $1500 car, it looks like crap and will take tens of thousands to make right. Then you’ll still just have a base Riviera that is worth about $15,000…so, you may lose $40-60K, maybe more. Sounds like a great deal!

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