RHD JDM-Spec: 1970 Datsun Fairlady

Gray market cars remain one of my favorite types of vehicles to discover stateside, as they usually have an interesting story as to how they got here. Many of them also become ordinary, used vehicles as they migrate through their second and third owners, with those caretakers unaware as to what they are using for commuting duties. This right-hand drive Nissan 240Z would be hard to ignore even among non-car enthusiasts, and die-hard Z fans will easily recognize this as a genuine JDM Fairlady with many desirable parts still attached. Find it here on eBay for $37,750 or best offer.

The seller offers limited information as it pertains to a backstory, but does note that this Fairlady is loaded with desirable early production Z-car features: “Front ashtray console, closed JDM steering wheel, vertical defrost, vented hatch etc. Has the rare rally clock, competition wheel, factory 5-speed, and passenger footrest.” As I learned in my interactions with potential buyers for the collection of 240Z and 260Z cars we have for sale as Barn Finds Exclusives, enthusiasts salivate over these early production details. 

The interior looks presentable, though the seller does note the passenger-side floor will need to be replaced. Overall, rust is far from as bad as it could be, as Z-cars tend to rust with ease if left unattended. I’d love to know how many years this Fairlady has resided in California, as I’m sure the story is a fascinating one if it’s not just a recent import. The rally clock does not work but the seller notes that all other gauges and electronics work as they should. Carpeting is new and the seats are said to be in great shape.

While it looks quite rough, especially with that bump to the nose, the seller promises it’s more solid than you’d expect: “The body retains its original panels and is surprisingly rust free except for passenger floor and dog leg. It retains mostly original paint with natural patina. Frame and chassis are solid.” The only thing that’s missing from this listing is a story that explains how this Japanese-market 240Z made it to the U.S. with items like its fender mirror and trim still intact. The seller notes it comes with extensive documentation including its importation paperwork, so the next owner will have fun filling in the blanks while owning a car destined to appreciate.


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  1. Howard A Member

    I see no one wants to comment on this ridiculous ad. Proof positive, these folks in Cal. live in a different world than the rest of us. C’mon, this thing should look brand new for $37g’s. I’m on the lookout for a Z car, and this one is about as poor an example of a driving one I’ve seen. Just terrible, 240 or not. For some reason, these people with 240’s think they have the Holy Grail of Z cars, and they don’t. And RHD is a tough sell to Americans, unless you are a postal carrier. 99% don’t want it. Drop a digit off either end for the rest of us non-California folks, eh? Even if they did, RHD,,forget it.

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    • Richard Hughey

      Sour Grapes, you don’t buy one, you build one. My clock works.

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    • Ed Cain

      Factory 5 Spd.Wasn’t Offered on Any Z ,Till 76,I Believe,The 76.5 2+2 Spec.Edition Blk.Might Have Been the First.

      • Richard Hughey

        A serviceable 5 speed is becoming harder and harder to find. This one I bought in Santa Clara. I have the pictures of the tare down inspection. The only problem was that first gear was worn from shifting into 1st from reverse without stopping. The gear is available from Nissan but Toyota make an identical for one of their transmissions so I replaced it with a Toyota gear. If anyone needs a serviceable 5 speed I have a clean spare.

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      • Kirk Towner

        JDM Fairlady Zs have Factory Spd. Mine is a 1970 production.

      • Kirk Towner

        S30 Nissan Fairlady Zs have Factory 5 Spd. Mine is a 1970 production.

        This car is no barn find.
        A barn find is in excellent condition!

  2. robert semrad

    Are you aware of the definition of “fair market value”? These things are rare as hen’s teeth. You can afford it, so “forget it”.
    Fair market value : a price at which buyers and sellers with a reasonable knowledge of pertinent facts and not acting under any compulsion are willing to do business.

  3. Richard hughey

    Yeah, I’ma redneck bigot, my feet stink and I don’t love Jesus.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Help me out Richard, was that David Allan Coe? Thanks, Mike.

  4. Richard Hughey

    The reason they cost so much is because they are hard to find, if you want a nice one you have to either have the ability to build one or the money to buy one.

    • robert semrad

      Somehow, Richard, I think that’s strike 2 for Howard….maybe the government can supply him with one in perfect condition, ready to roll. Some people would even whine about that set up. lol

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