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Right Combo: 1966 Chevrolet Caprice


This old Chevy listed here on craigslist has the right combination for fun. It’s a “light” 2 door with a big V8, but with an ambitious asking price of $9,000. It’s an Arizona matching numbers car with factory air and very little rust, so maybe the price isn’t too far off. Then again, it’s a long way from Arizona in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Someone’s done a lot of cleanup work. The inside might be serviceable the way it is. The engine looks freshly cleaned and complete. One might assume it’s running and driving, but there’s no word on if it runs or even if the engine turns over.

left rear

The body looks straight with just a bit of rust on one quarter, but it could be hiding a lot bigger problems of course. The buyer will likely do wheels and perhaps lower it, update the suspension and brakes. I would drive it the way it is, hubcaps and all. But what would you do with it?


  1. GeeBee

    These cars were notorious trunk leakers. The quarter panel rust is probably from the inside out, and can easily be a lot worse than it looks.

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  2. Mike D

    that looks like a classy ride! Luxury with a little pep $9K sounds about right even if it does need a little work

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  3. Oldcarsarecool

    $9k doesn’t sound bad for a numbers matching big block car, even if it is the 325 horse version. It looks to be in pretty decent shape . . .

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  4. piper62j

    Here’s a tip about rust.. If you see a small hole on the outside, it’s the tip of the iceberg from all the rot on the inside.. Seller is not familiar with automotive body rot, so if anyone is hot for this car, inspect it yourself first..

    I’ve also found that the so called independent car appraisers/inspectors don’t have much knowledge about inspecting (in depth). They just don’t have the background, knowledge or experience on what to look for.. I had a 70 Mach 1 inspected for (back then) $130.. Everything was fine.. one comment on the report was a small exhaust manifold leak. So,, I bought the car.. That small exhaust leak was actually a piston slap in #5 cylinder.. “P’d” me off.. Had to open the engine up and perform unwanted surgery on it..

    Enough complaining.. Beware on these old cars with “small rust holes” in the ad.

    Other than that, this car is nice..It would make a great driver… I like it..

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  5. Rick

    Back in Spring of ’74 during my Junior year of High School, I had a 67 Caprice 396 325hp, except mine came with a factory 4 speed and posi, what a hot rod, just cause it was only 325 hp, don’t forget about all the torque of a big block, would totally smoke the tires and could easily and rapidly wind the speedo needle all the way around way past 120 to the 0 mph peg..And because it was a Caprice my insurance was a lot lower than if it had been an SS Impala (or GTO, or 442 etc.) my ins agent thought it was an old man’s car Caprice, didn’t know it was 4 speed, or even a 396 (he never asked) Anyhow, I think this is a lot of car for $9K and if as represented would not be a disappointment.

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  6. RON

    makes as much since to me as the almost always overpriced camaro’s chevelles,and monte carlos of the period. luxury and ride always takes a preference with me. and these cars have always mostly been cared for and not neen abused to heck before comming avalable

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  7. Roseland Pete

    $9k seems high to drive around a beater.

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    If it were a Chevelle, it would be $30k. Guessing these will follow along the same path

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  9. Chebby Staff

    Kinda forlorn looking, in ugly colors but the 396 makes it a keeper.

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  10. dave57210

    What a GREAT sleeper! The fun I could have with this one! (put 283 badges on it instead of the 396 badges!) Otherwise don’t change a thing! Enjoy!

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  11. RON

    Maybe Forlorn looking but it sure is fun to take one like this when you are 65-70 and make believers out of the little spoiled Punks that are running in and out of lanes and trying to intimidate everyone in Daddy’s Store bought Rice Burner with the 2 gallon Syrup Bucket exhaust hanging off the back overloading the right rear spring!! it sure makes for fun when the old gray headed man n the other lane in that antique super charged factory equipped Studebaker Lark embaresses him and his friends. When you slow down and let him catch up in see his face in total lock jaw it is worth it

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  12. Jason Houston

    Those stupid hub caps with black tires make the whole car look cheesy. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe any Caprice was ever sold new without wheel covers. Looks like another sleazy used-car lot with a “run whatcha brung” attitude about correctness.

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    • Ed P

      As a top of the line Chevy, full wheel covers and whitewalls would have been common. Two toning via a vinyl top was also common on Caprices. The ’66 Caprice is the best looking of this era IMHO.

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  13. gcsprayjr

    The AC compressor is missing and the system is open to the elements. It could be a fun car but is overpriced.

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  14. Silas

    With the unknown rust issue, this car has a $6,500-7,000. value. If the rust is truly only on the outside surface and there is some other goodie like very low mileage then maybe up to $8G. That said, I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying more than 5.

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  15. Charles H.

    I think one of the very first things I would do, would be to put a set of Corvette Rally Wheels, and a set B.F. Goodrich T/A’s, and just drive and enjoy!…..I think sometimes the Corvette Rally’s are all it takes to really set off the looks of these old Chevy’s, more than any other single thing you could do to them!

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  16. moosie Craig

    Factory air,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,compressor is in a box in the trunk, rust aspect needs to be investigated, otherwise a nice car,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’d rock it.

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  17. Gnrdude

    Land Yacht, Even With the BIG BLock it’s Gonna Handle like a B-52

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  18. John

    Nowadays, anything from the sixties with two doors and a big-block engine is nirvana. I’d restify this subtle critter with all the great modern stuff available and take to the streets with confidence.

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  19. charlie Member

    I want that probably white Chrysler hardtop in the background, a ’55 or ’56, maybe a 300 (A or B but I don’t think Chrysler lettered them until the ’57 300 C).

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  20. Peter R

    In the early ’70’s I had a ’67 Caprice 4 door in blue with a vinyl roof, whitewalls and full wheel covers. A real sleeper and did it move when I put the pedal to the metal.. I don’t know about the rust but I’d like to have a Chevy with this power again.

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  21. Mike

    Leave it alone and drive it. My parents had one of these and if I remember right it was a nice ride. Clean it up maybe repaint it, redo the interior and keep it for a cruiser. Or at least that is what I would do with it.

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  22. Anthony

    I should have jumped on this when I saw it on CL in AZ. It wasn’t 9 grand. Just change the wheels to some 15s and it will change the whole car. Caprice never came with those little hubcaps any way.

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  23. Bubba Smith

    So Anthony how much was it listed for originally? I think it would be a cool project/sleeper.

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